You should consider buying this

You should consider buying this

or this


Literally all in


Serious question.

Why is it that anyone outside of Veeky Forums looks down on this coin. I seriously cant tell if its a shitcoin and people are just making the same fucking joke about this coin being worthwhile, or if its truly a great pick. I know in writing this I am even less likely to get a true/honest response. But hell, I figured I might try.

Good man!

Serious Answer

Buy some ROPE

Cant find ROPE on CMC, its it a new ICO? I feel like I am always missing out on these great coins. Prolly just go hang myself.

I'm a morally good guy. I don't want you to lose your money, because if you've been lurking for at least a year you'll know link being worth buying is a snowballed meme.

but if you're newfaggy enough to go along with the hive--because if you actually DYOR you'd know there's nothing to this, just like REQ--it means that you are literally putting your money outside your car window and people like me are going to come and take it at the soonest opportunity

realize what site you're on. People look down on it because it's /our/ coin. Most social media sites are retarded echo chambers that just circle jerk each other. So of course they'll discover VEN, ICX etc AFTER they mooned because the loudest and dumbest will pronounce how right they were. Veeky Forums is a cesspool of autism where its just constant stream of consciousness with an average IQ of 4 but with a wide distribution. If you can think critically then you'll find some gems here.

Now that’s a meme I haven’t heard in a long time

I appreciate the response. In your opinion, do you consider Link one of those gems?

Link is a long term hold. Eventually someone will solve the oracle problem, I'm betting link will not be the first or best

Th-thanks user. I guess I'll sell now.

What exactly is the oracle problem? Forgive my newness. I dont mind long term holding something, but id like for it to be worthwhile.

I'm not gonna spoon feed you user. Read the white paper, do some further research on Sergey, consider the the potential impact a project can have and come to your own conclusions. Think critically

This isn't fucking reddit no one will forgive your newfagness. Literally google the oracle problem

I sometimes wonder if people from reddit come here to post and switch on their massive faggot mode and continue to post shitposts like yours.

An oracle in the crypto sense would be something/one who interfaces real world data with smart contracts or blockchains. Ideally we'd like this to be done trustless and decentralised and that's what chainlink aims to do.

You're literally never going to make it you incredibly daft retard. Even if you understood the oracle problem or read the whitepaper your dumbass would fucking sell the moment you see 5 digits on blockfolio. Fuck off back to the hole you came from you dipshit

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