Chant with me Veeky Forumsness bros

Chant with me Veeky Forumsness bros.







only alt coin I feel comfortable sleeping on. No stop loss kind needed of rationale


Enigma feels like investing in Google or Apple in their early days. Feels good maybe

Do you think it has the potential to reach $100?

Enigma for the win!

Yup. Just don't know when.

Blockchain agnostic protocol that will get recognition in two phases - when masternodes announcements are out, and when mainnet is live and demonstrates utility with high profile partnerships.

Two stages of entry - before MN announcement (to gamble on getting a MN node) and second one is pre mainnet high profile parternship annoucements

Shut the fuck up, morons, we need to accumulate more.

Got my 25k Enigma, real comfy here for a chance of being a MN in the first wave

Damn bro, I have 72 and I bought at $5.36. please kill me.

only got 200 how much do I need to make it

Congrats in advance, bro. Just hodl with your iron hands.

Sitting at 1k ENG. It's my proudest stack

At least 10k, I think.

The number of Engima required to be a MN is dynamic, set by the devs themselves. The more transactions/sec on the network as we scale, the more MN's are required.

So don't be surprised in the future when only couple of hundred or even less is required, when we need like 100k MN or more to scale with the network to provide the secret contracts and multiple party computations.

what does ENG do?


Bought 875 at 2.40, feels good man I basically have all my crypto investment money in this and sometimes I regret not leaving it in eth but I know I just have to hodl but it's tough sometimes.

Can someone explain to me why the Catalyst trading bot is complete ass? I set it on RSI 30-70 and it just buys and sells at completely random times, like the RSI has no fucking bearing on the buying or selling. The Catalyst code itself seems fine, its like the TA-LIB function is completely fucked.

Bitcoin has a chance by study to hit 55k this year... Put that in Satoshi standards for Enigma...

Enigma hit what? 50k Satoshi max on an alt pump when basically released?

Couple of stages can happen this year for Enigma, specially with the secret contracts in place when the hearing today was talking about security in data and no mention of Enigma.

I personally think Enigma can hit near 500k Satoshi... If bitcoin is at 55k... That's 280 bucks...


Most don't understand the need for Enigma yet, and how MPC /secret contracts are a must in order for blockchain technology to become mainstream for so many sectors (trillion dollar industries combined).

When the big name partnerships start adopting it, peeps will start to search up on the tl;dr and understand the need for such a blockchain agnostic solution. My only gripe right now are the devs are leaving this as a sleeper for now, no marketing/pr hires, with one recent 'Strategic partnership' hire only.

This, just let me get to 2k eng and then you can shill the fuck out of it

Pump pump pump

But Komodo already exists for private smart contracts. Im not saying enigma can’t be a successful competitor, but it’s silly to think it’s a completely new thing that no one understands

DYOR, blockchain agnosticism is real.

The Holy Trinity

Probably have about 70 percent of my portfolio in enigma, and 20 percent in XLM and 10 percent in LINK cuz I figured hey what if the autists are right got everything very cheap the question is should I sell my XLM and LINK so that I could have about 1500 enigma?

Hold the XLM for now (or trade out to other profitable short term hype coins), ENG isn't going anywhere for the short term besides sideways.

Appreciate it user, care to share any other short term hypecoins? What do you think of 0x?

DBC will hit binance soon and repeat RPX's success with high probability. May not be fully priced in though, so DYOR

Wow very interesting will definitely look more into broanon thanks for the tip

Comfiest of holds…very excited for what the next two years will have in store for me

Holy shit that's my exact portfolio just scaled up

No one knows, hence the name

you and i will make it

You must be new. The Enigma protocol is the only thing that's important; the "token" is useless. Take this from someone who bought at 1.50 and sold at over $5 before this month long dip.

Why RLC and LINK?

Thanks user I'm jelly of those numbers tho I have 1230 link 1500 xlm 875 eng and 80 omg

got the same port as well lol

Top moon potential portfolio

Someone didn't read the whitepaper


Is RLC, LINK, ENG really the holy trinity like that other user said? RLC seems to have a really good team as well.

Original portfolio poster here - thanks! Just reached my all time high this’s to the next few years!

You're going to make it user

It's all very exciting

RLC is a shit hold it'll either lose you money or force you to hold it forever. RLC is super long.