How do you find a girlfriend with gr8 taste in music and books?

How do you find a girlfriend with gr8 taste in music and books?

Would you rather have a gilfriend with that ass or an ugly gilfriend with patrician tastes?

But she has bad taste in music. Only has good to very good ass. Ratty hair. Point elbows etc

That ass pls

I'd like to know where I can find a GF in general.

Most women I talk to cringe, and say fuck off if I approach them.

ugly girl desu

Go back in time about 20 years

right?! look at those pointy elbows

You'd get bored quickly user; give up

You hang out with like-minded people and hope you get lucky.

But you should also understand that "opposites attract" is a thing for a reason, you don't always have to have the exact same taste in art as your gf. I love my girlfriend very much but I'll be the first to make fun of her music taste, and she doesn't really read.

>tfw mine has both

i like flat ass and flat chest, and patrician girls usually have both.

Patrician girls don't exist. Women only read YA and E.L James.

Also most really pretty girls have ugly feet.

do share, user

yeah, but literature is a dead art. there are girls with patrician taste in motion pictures and photography.

I met a very cute, educated girl on train/bus while going to work.

>That's when she found out she was the broom of the system.

>motion pictures and photography.
Yeah if r/movies's top 100 films and modern "independent" films like me, earl, and the dying girl constitute patrician taste.

If they'd have the same personality except when it came to taste in books I'd prefer the hot one. If I don't have have any information about either's personality I'd take the bookworm.

You don't find them

I always thought having a girl with a 5/10 face would suck, but the ass makes everything better.

Stop shitposting and go outside.

baka not worth it desu senpai

I have that, She's also a freak in bed. Life is pretty good occasionally.

that ass isn't even that good.

>Drawing mandalas
>Unusual hair color
>Unusual haircuts
>Defines herself as hormonal

Rome has fallen, these are the end times.

post the best ass you've seen.


Why is it that nearly all well read women have masochistic/submissive fetishes? I haven't met one that wasn't into choking, hitting, abuse, BDSM, etc.

Great butt, doubt it is the best you've seen.

Because most women are into that shit to some extend.

grill here

I don't actually read, but I shitpost on Veeky Forums a lot and i know all of your dank memes and patrician tastes.
who'll take me?

Have got tested for cooties?

no but that's part of the gamble

Ya. Hit me up.

You're not for me then.

>doesn't actually read but shitposts all the same.

Well, finally we're getting gender equality on Veeky Forums, lads.

ugly with that ass and patrician tastes ?

I'm glad I'm doing my part

Speak for yourself, shitposter.

>user writes, shitposting.

why do you need a girlfriend that has great taste in music and books? i mean, sure, in theory that sounds best...

although, you can have an amazing relationship with someone you have nothing in common with. i don't even mean bf/gf type relationship. your friends can be a polar opposite of you.

personally i find those types of relationships more interesting. why would i want a carbon copy of myself? you can learn new things and visit different perspectives on things.

i don't judge anyone. i grew up lower-middle class and i skateboard but i would totally fuck a preppy bratty little bitch if we got along well

people who don't read are bores, that's why

You Dont ..... they lie and prey interest in such but are ultimately Succubus ..

this is naive bullshit from a younger guy. chemistry is far more important and the one deciding factor as to whether or not you find the other person a "bore". taste in lit doesn't even come close in comparison. it's only an after thought at best next to chemistry.

absolutely having to find a well read girl is a meme for pretentious pseudos who fetishize the literary life too much. find a nice girl who cooks and swallows and has good chemistry with you.



>solutely having to find a well read girl is a meme for pretentious pseudos who fetishize the literary life too much.
this so much, amen.

But user, you can't find a girl that you have chemistry with if you don't talk to women.

Fucking orson Welles fat.

You're trolling right? She's not fat at all, she's just got a fat ass.

why the triggered response?

was it the pseudo line that riled you?

What are you talking about?

thought you were bugging out on me. sorry bro half asleep.

haha I got the reference!

>mfw plebeians think thats an ass

My potential girlfriend has two published novels at a young age and spectatualr taste. She's the only young woman I've met that studies philosophy in her freetime. She has a good body but a hideous face and a very soft quiet voice, but dating an ugly woman may lower my reputation in my secret society that considers beauty a virtue and dictates that we love our life in a way that conforms to an asthetic. I guess it's kind of a fact of life that most attractive women are not very interesting because their lives are fulfilled as is.