Ever fucked? what's the deal?

ever fucked? what's the deal?

Keep it lit related folks. Pic related, it's a book that has a bit of sex in it.

What the fuck are you even saying.

I think it's very clear. if you're having trouble just reread the post until your reading comprehension skills finally kick in

>have you ever had sex?
>keep it Veeky Forums-related


Sex has been written about since the dawn of literature. If you were educated you might know this

um yeah

I've had five sex partners.

The first was a boy around my age, maybe 17 or 18 at the time. I had just turned 20 and something in me snapped and I met up with him off of Craigslist. I went down on him. He had a nice dick.

The second time was a guy who catcalled me off the street. I was out of it and wandering around town on a Friday night alone and was trying to say hi to a cat in the street. He called me over and asked me if I wanted to go to a party and I guess I said yes. It was a queer party and a little awkward, but nice. He took me to his room later and was rough with me.

The third time was with a nerdy boy with glasses and curly hair. My friend had told me he had a crush on me, and I guess I was a bit of a shameless flirt - subtle, but shameless. He pushed me against a wall and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He invited himself into my apartment and sprawled out on my tiny twin bed until there was no room for me.


It kinda sucks after your first when everything is new

Then you spend the rest of your life both desperately wanting sex and getting a bit of pleasure from it with no long term satisfaction, because thanks to shitty biological imperatives, being satisfied with your life means you wouldn't mate more, so it can't fucking happen

The fourth was my now girlfriend. She was the second person I came out to as trans - the first was my friend and roommate who dealt with it but pretended it never happened. She put a crown of flowers on my head and made me wear her pink pants. When she took a picture, I was actually smiling. We have sex maybe once or twice a week. Last night we had PIV for the first time in ages and it was pretty good.

The fifth was a girl with rainbow hair who smoked rainbow cigarettes. She was in an open relationship and left a copy of The Ethical Slut on her dresser. This was probably the straightest sex I ever had, right before I started hormones. She said I made her cum. I ended up crying in her bed.

Oh, and literature and stuff. Yeah.

It doesn't matter if we all die

i like you. write about these things.

No and I only care about keeping normies from finding out, not actually losing my virginity. Sex I can take or leave

Thanks friend. I try to write sex and gender into my work because it's such an undeniably important aspect of life in my experience, but there's definitely an element of it verging on exhibitionism that I try to navigate.

You're on the right track, my friend

Don't ever do it, it isn't worth it, even though you'll think it is every time

read this.

>trans writer
nobody will ever read ur shit, sorry bro. just telling the harsh truth.

Oh yeah, I know the system is fucked. I write for myself mostly and figure I'll try publishing if it happens and not worry about it otherwise. I'm busy being a science slave anyway. Academia is a black hole and I want out.

I keep coming back to a guy incapable of love I've been having on and off fetishistic sexual relations with since we were both 14. I am living in a Mishima novel.


Do tell. I think fetish is lovely its intimacy.

Primarily bondage. I also like to tickle him while he is bound. I can't tell you how turned on I am by the instant reaction of pained laughter and squirming, knowing that I'm causing it with the constant, electric stimulus caused by sliding and raking my nails along sensitive areas.

You're lucky that you found someone to share that kind of intimacy with, even if it might never be the kind of relationship you want. My fetish is kind of obscure (hypnosis) so it's hard for me to even find people who are into it, much less someone I'd be compatible with.

Thank you. I hope you find someone user. Was it Kaa?

Misty acting like a Seel made me feel funny :s

I have had 1 sexual partner, I was much better than her


I was a fat neckbeard for much of my life which left me with poorly-honed social skills even after I cleaned up. On two separate occasions girls have called me cute and I think insinuated that they wanted to fuck, but I got too nervous and left their presence. It was especially overwhelming when the second girl correctly inferred my virginity.

Now I am working on getting Veeky Forums and maximizing my sex appeal. Can't wait to reject the advances of whores and Stacys and save myself for a qt patricianess who likes good lit and anime.