Is this the best out there?

Is this the best out there?

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What exactly are you asking?

black guy is pretty good. Bandana man has a very..."reddit" persona. I tried watching his videos but his personality is very grating.

what is the black guy holding?

oo nvm its thoreau

I won't watch them unless they like Wolfe-sama

Black philosophy man is pretty good.

Who is the nigger?

It's almost like he's parodying himself.

Say what you want but I like Cliff dammit


Thank you so much fampai. I'm so tired of all these cynical book reviewers

Cliff a shit.

If he wasn't so pretentious about everything thing he did then he'd be a lot more watchable.


who is the black guy?

this, i wanna check him out

the black ponderer

>check out channel
>penguin everywhere

The_Bookchemist is the best.

the qtest

Jesus fuck the lack of a jaw

the black guy is pretty good

Who is the black one?

I might start doing a book review channel. I think I'd be pretty good.

someone post the cute slightly androgynous girl booktuber


thanks, he seems allright

>tfw she's a remain voter

She was almost perfect

Well, she didn't seem very militant about it at least