Any books about the merits of isolation bros

any books about the merits of isolation bros

What is an isolation bro?

Go outside user

it's when you're incel and you hate your purposeless failure of a life but you have a fat dude who understands your soul and who griefs CS with you every night so you don't even care

i start uni in a month, i can wait. i feel as though there is something to be gained. im not completely isolated, either. i go to the gym and talk there.

My diary desu senpai.


I locked myself in my house for years user and I had a mental break-down. No matter how introverted you are, human beings aren't made for isolation and loneliness. It will ruin you.
Make sure to be active when you get to uni and engage in clubs, etc. Break the trend. DO NOT cling unto it.

What uni are you going to and what are you studying?

>Hasn't learned to live in solitude and not lonliness.
Base Consciousness.

That's what you think at first...

Fuck off you fucking normies.

Your ego is the enemy. Kill the Ego, attain higher consciousness, Enlightenment, and become a Bodhi. What is a man who wants nothing?

going to st johns college santa fe

studying great bookz


Only you can answer that.

dam deep af

Always like to hear how anons are doing, best of luck there man

thanks dude, im really looking forward to it.

a faggot.

>What is a man who wants nothing?
A corpse.

Rly make syou think

>santa fe

All girls should have dark skin.

Robinson Crusoe

smoke weed lift heavy weights

anything by rousseau, specifically reveries of the solitary walker