I can't take this cultural marxism bullshit anymore

I can't take this cultural marxism bullshit anymore

New semester:
Class on unreliable narrators - we have to read some Freud first
Class on modernist writing - among the readings are Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf
Class on antebellum American literature - one of the texts is The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass; an American Slave

Seriously, are they even try to hide it anymore?

That modernist class will be good fun, user.

le meme

>Class on modernist writing - among the readings are Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf
Studying two prominent modernist writers in a modernism class, who would have guessed..

Lack of diversity sucks, doesn't it?

Read the OP, moron. It's the forced diversity that's run rampant to fit liberal ideology

I fail to see the problem here, frogposter.

>modernist authors in modernist class
>ONE black author in class on antebellum literature

oh the horror

>cultural marxism
Could we stop with the Goebbels rhetoric already? There must be a better term for the bullshit that's going in academia today.

>cultural marxism

>he fell for the /pol/ meme

That's how I know you're a brainwashed college kid who doesn't reflect on the world around you
It's real. See the OP for proof

It's your fault for taking one of these courses, what the heck did you expect?

How the fuck was I supposed to know that we'd read women in a modernist writing class? Or nonwhties in antebellum (i.e. slave times) America class? Or Freud in a class on unreliable narration?

It beggars belief how much the SJWs have taken control


It's hilarious how you guys accuse liberals for their selection bias while you play their cards even harder jfc kys

Made me kek. What's really driven me away from the "alt-right" is their victim complex while they hate the left for the same thing. Virginia Woolf is great. Read what you want on your own time don't whine about it. You'd probably never read that stuff on your own so just enjoy it

>he fell for the '/pol/ is just satire guis I sware xD' meme


>Seriously, are they even try to hide it anymore?

Did they ever? It's been like this for ages. "The Closing of the American Mind" came out in 1987. William Buckley was complaining about college sjwery in the 1950s. "Buckley also states in the book that Yale was denying its students any sense of individualism by making them embrace the ideas of liberalism."

Although to be fair I can't think of any writer more annoyingly modernist than Gertrude Stein. In my opinion Woolf is second only to Joyce in actually good modernist writing. If you're literally a misogynist and you get triggered at the mention of female authors I don't know how you're going to survive college. You should go to one of those schools where the girls have to wear dresses and everyone calls each other "Sir" or "Miss." Sounds like a place for /pol/ if there ever was one.

If it isn't that just makes it worse

Lamenting literature will get you nowhere.