What exactly makes the modern Olympics so terrible?

What exactly makes the modern Olympics so terrible?

Women and nonwhites are allowed to compete

>women and nonwhites are allowed to show superiority to white men

Go to a Black Lives Matters meeting, nu-male cuck

>Hitler and his boys pull up to the Olympics
>Aryan supremacy, hell yeah gonna spank some inferior races and establish dominance
>Get absolutely blown the fuck out by everyone they hate
lmao Hitler on suicide watch

no pankration

Germany won the most Gold medals at that event, cuck
Take the redpill


you trumpkin blumpkin boys mad as fuck

>if he doesn't suck black cocks he must be a trump supporter
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>he doesn't worship the God Emperor

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The belief that the ancient games were somehow better

I'm more of an anarchist, so i just like to watch the world burn

All the fanfare and the facade of "muh global community" we adopt.

>women...are allowed to how superiority to...men
this bait is hardly worth the (You)

Needs more nudity, oil, and drunkenness.


The races aren't equal and nationalism is true.

I'm not morally equal to a third world athlete. I'm better. They aren't even properly human

No chariot racing

t. Hiero

yeah man you still have that inherent biological superiority to cling to, your life isn't worthless.

there's no pankration

corporations desu

dubdubs confirm

Legitimises doping by letting Russia compete.

No showing America's superiority though winning chariot racings.

t. Alcibiades

Explain how the modern ones are better.

They have to wear clothes and women are allowed for one

disappoints me that the "well-read" chan is so racist. i wonder what the point of literature is to unempathetic creatures in the first place

will laugh from the sidelines on Judgement Day

Oh right it's so hard to think of american dopes.

Literally anywhere that's not Sweden or Norway there's a good chance is doping.

The modern Olympics is shit because it's a dick waving competition between Russia, China and America. Nobody likes these countries,and between being bigger than other places, cheating consistently, and forcing people to do loads of sport they will obviously always dominate and it's fucking dull.

Which fucking board do you people think you're on? Go back to fit or sp or whatever.