He doesn't read books from finish to start

>he doesn't read books from finish to start

>read sparknotes for all the 'classic' literature
>use the time I saved up to read actually enjoyable genre fiction

>You're afraid to be holier-than-thou because you have acrophobia and those heights are scary.

I usually read the last page first

>he assumes everyone here is male

Makes sense considering the frog posting.

introduction/foreword is pointless, don't expect me to read that shit

>save up enough good boy points to go to the library
>library has no books about tendies

>girls don't like frogs

>he doesn't read a series out of order

There's no amount of kissing that can turn you frogs into princes. You're just the poisonous type.

>sparknote "the classics"
>read zany pomo romps in the time i save
>take classes in "the classics"
>be most engaged student w/o wasting my time reading the texts

not even memeing. i enjoy the discussion of literature but who wants to waste their time reading Dickens' or Dostoyevsky's dry rambling asses when there's punny picaresque postmodernism to peruse???

I girl can't change me... but the gym can

What if I'm looking for a frog princess?

Veeky Forums pls go

your barbaric ways are not welcome in this bastion of intellect

>implying only men can be frogposters

Sometimes I read the first and last word of the book to see if they link up together.

It's like you haven't even read the metamorphosis

Civilize the mind and make savage the body.

I'm sleep deprived. Had to read that sentence twice to find a flaw.

Being both Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums means becoming the best you possibly can be. Your body is the only possession you will have from your first breath to the last, so you should take care of it and maximize its potential.

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