Genitaila thread

Veeky Forums describe your genitals

elegantly constructed and capable of attaining great depth.

Gnarled and small

What's more aesthetically appealing, a small penis or a big one?

Fast and furious



a medium sized one. just ask Goldilocks, after he's got what he really wanted from the three bears.

Golden man magnet
Weighty scepter fit for kings
Formidable girth

Deceptively small

Curved to the left from jerking it too much as a kid.

is this actually possible holy shit

post pic

Tuna can dick. Short and stubby.

lusty, unused, and disturbed


sometimes they work, am yet to figure out how and why

hairy, flabby, cute and smelly. a tad itchy at times, but scratching them is always a pleasure. Smelling the inner dendrums of my nails after i scratch their rust is also exuding. my dick is also dark and smelly, it's very soft and sensitive, slightly curved leftwards. It's thin as a sword and of average length, usefull for fucking --perhaps-- but unintimidating enough for it to be considered an adorable sight.

insatiable time vampires

property of the voluptuous

It's pretty cool but it bleeds every 21 days.

Me too. The curve is quite pronounced, but I doubt it's from masturbating. I feel kind of cheated, because it would stick out farther if it was straight. I've never measured it, mostly out of insecurity but also because to get an accurate measurement I would have to use a piece of string or other flexible material and then measure the string against a ruler. I never have the presence of mind to do that when I'm rubbing one out.


Mediocre looking and average length when erect. Kinda cute when flaccid, I guess.
No discernible talent.

Uninspiring in both length and girth but redeemed by clean coloration and a strong upward curve. The overall effect is one of quiet dignity.

Slightly above the average length, a little darker than the groin and beskinned.

Hairy rose petals.

A grotesque and obtrusive organ

I used to feel bad about 15 cm

At a glance, the most mundane cock you've ever seen. Fortunately for its bearer, he hasn't had to deal with the embarrassment of anyone inspecting it further. Around the top is the subtle marking of dryness afflicted only on the circumcised. The shaft, while largely mundane, with a too-large vein pulsing right down the middle, terminates in crude bumps that might be mistaken for a disease. In truth, it is just the deformity of a likewise deformed individual, condemned to be the only purveyor of an average but otherwise foul pecker.

why though, 15cm here but never ever felt bad about it

6/10, kek'd slightly

like an acorn and hot fruits dangling below, and then like a small coke can they sell now.

Idk, peer pressure I guess

The worm is happy, he is safe underneath the thick canopy he called home. It's warm and wet and dark there, the way he likes, and he feels content to flop around all day and all night.

But the worm has a dark secret, an awesome power he keeps hidden, only revealing himself to those predators foolish enough to seek him out. First he goes willingly, luring the beasts with cavernous mouths into a false sense of security, he lest his body become hard and his head rises up out above the canopy and reaches towards their salivating mouths before diving inside. They all pulse with excitement, thinking they secured their meal, too late they feel the poison he spits out.

The worm retreats into the dark places to slumber once more.


I want to say, "holy shit I love you user," but since it's a thread about genitalia I'll just say, best post of 2016. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite vids.

it is slightly above US/EU average though


wish it were a dick

3 veined, pink tipped, 2 to 6.5in a min