How accurate is this?

How accurate is this?

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>Veeky Forums is a nigger

Accurate to a certain extent.

Why is Veeky Forums black

Why does this picture assume that everyone on Veeky Forums reads

I can't read

The most dangerous person doesn't think for themselves and only read books to form opinions.


people who "think for themselves" are usually stupid. Admire the individualism, but being stupid doesn't help that much.

Yep, that Kant dude had it all wrong.

Pol is unique in that it's the first instance in history of a mass ongoing performance of collective black magic on an unprecedented scale.
Lit is 90% pretentious 19 year olds who just finished Introduction to Literature at their community college.
Pol is way smarter and thought-provoking to be honest.

Accurate enough.

Yep and I guess that homeless man on the bus who said he needed to pee on us to reveal our true selves was on the same level as him.

But I guess there are more black people on /pol/ than on Veeky Forums.

But what if you're me and you didn't go to school and can't read

Nowhere near as accurate as this.

/pol/ is a group of people with no sense of how to filter quality information from trash information.

People like that can end up believing a lot of very weird things and bad ideas.


/pol/ is much more than the meme magic shit.

THIS is the reason why /pol/ is so important.

>Lit is 90% pretentious 19 year olds who just finished Introduction to Literature at their community college
I'd argue that there are more STEM students here than liberal arts undergrads, compensating for their lack of social relevance by pursuing a more intellectual hobby and that "pretentiousness" you're seeing is actually just typical blue-collar ball-busting disguised under a thin veil of academic jargon.

>t. compensating STEMfag

>implying the word "pretentious" doesn't have a definite meaning
You'd think Veeky Forums would use language correctly, but of course, after being here for a while, you'd know better.

Pretentious. As in pretend. As in acting like you're more than what you are.

STEM produces results that further progress. That, you can't pretend.

I guarantee you that a few at least on some level are perfectly capable of filtering but don't because they get a power trip from feeding lies to very impressionable and suggestible people.

for you

If you had to guess, what is the only book most /pol/ buffoons ever read?

/pol/ here.

Either Clinton Cash or The Clintons' War on Women.

i don't think you understood a word I said, boyo

stop posting

Pol has introduced me to more, and more interesting, books than lit ever has.

>reading anything other then the KFC menu
Pick one

Fags like this who think Veeky Forums is some kind of a foster home for their serious political or social cause are all cancer. This kind of shit is just as memey as a 14 year old stumbling onto this site and trying to turn it into an anarchist discussion forum or something.

Veeky Forums is just as capable of spreading misinformation as it is at spreading information. This site isn't some kind of fuckin Facts Deposit Box some shit, it's an anonymous imageboard where you can post your dick and call people faggots. Anyone who thinks otherwise should go outside/kill themselves/do something with their life/etc. etc.

>he doesn't know about /sg/
>or /cfg/

>Veeky Forums is just as capable of spreading misinformation as it is at spreading information

Maybe back in 2007
Now we can't even have raid threads anymore without everyone going NOT UR PERSONNEL ARMY like a bunch of stiffs

Remember a few weeks ago when CNN discovered /pol/ and called it a "white supremacist message board"? /pol/tards were acting contrite and complaining that they were misunderstood. They use the word "nigger" like a valley girl says like, they alternate between defending mass murder of Jews and acting like the Holocaust didn't happen, and then they're surprised and upset when people call them white supremacists. Fuck /pol/.

Still better than /b/ or /r9k/, though.

Fuck off, shitskin nigger kike.



That has nothing to do with spreading misinformation

Or maybe you're taking it too personal so you can't be objective.

>They use the word "nigger" like a valley girl says like (sic, assuming "like" would've been used with quotes to avoid dissonance)
Maybe using words isn't akin to "white supremacy" or "racism". Maybe I'm a spic and you're a nigger and those are words that have always been used in Veeky Forums with no malice, but with a playful tone. Maybe we're not into tone policing, while that doesn't make us white supremacists.

>hey alternate between defending mass murder of Jews and acting like the Holocaust didn't happen
Maybe there's a difference between agreeing with certain actions taken by Hitler, like asking jews to leave the country 2 years before he started shipping them to concentration (not death) camps, and believing that a few thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of jews that died of typhus were actually millions that died in gas chambers and were subsequently cremated against all possible logistics.

>and then they're surprised and upset when people call them white supremacists
Not surprised. It's quite a common tactic by the left used to delegitimize an opinion.

Upset though, because Alinsky tactics have heavily taken over the mediatic and political discourse.

So what is the asians are smart stereotype?

Contradictory statements on pol? It's almost like there's more than one person on this board. But hey, keep using that "they" word fag.

This kind of shit never fails to make me cringe. Anybody who seriously takes this website seriously needs to be institutionalized. Its a fucking anime website for Christ's sake.

Exactly that.

Go learn japanese and hang out at 2ch. Not all asians are smart. Not by far.

It's also not related to the subject, as it's not propaganda of the kind presented in that image unless a contrast is presented - for example, if you were comparing smart asians and retarded niggers to promote asian tutors in nigger neighborhoods or something, that'd be a propaganda tactic, because not all asians are smart, and the niggers have (and sadly don't listen to) Sowell.


>For example, graduation rates for African-American students range from 84 percent in Texas to 57 percent in both Nevada and Oregon.
>But, according to data from the ACT test, the percentage of African-American students who are college-ready in English, math, reading, and science ranges from 17 percent in Massachusetts to only 3 percent in Mississippi.
>3% in Mississippi

So really OP's picture got the races mixed up. I mean it's just sort of anecdotally obvious that blacks are more ignorant and stupid on average, and guess what, the facts support this. Apparently most black college students are in the bottom 20% of their class, and if it weren't for affirmative action quotas they wouldn't be there at all.

I'd say it's more realistic simply because the /pol/ack is screaming for absolutely no reason.

'Crippled America' since their demagogue frog faggot "wrote" it. I hate election season.

You know you're dealing with an outdated mind whenever you hear someone claim that Veeky Forums/the internet is not to be taken seriously.


As a STEM student, can confirm.

No one in public uses nigger and spic playfully, you fucking cuck. And agreeing with anything Hitler did besides building the autobahn makes you a moron.

>maybe you're taking it too personal so you can't be objective.

Helping establish animal rights?

What about his incredible charisma?

What if i like both boreds?

They didn't do that, Nazis just copied Britain's animal abuse laws and stuck on harsher sentences. Also Hitler had his dogs killed.

Probably something like 86%

Ideological nonsense

Even the most die-hard racist should be able to see that Hitler ruined his country through incompetence and corruption.

He should have been drawn and quartered for abandoning the 6th Army to their deaths at Stalingrad.

>Zeitzler recommended that Sixth Army immediately break out and withdraw from Stalingrad to the Don bend, where the broken front could be restored. Hitler instead threw a tantrum, overruled Zeitzler, and personally ordered the Sixth Army to stand fast around Stalingrad, where it was destroyed

>In a gesture of solidarity with the starving troops in Stalingrad, Zeitzler reduced his own rations to their level. Hitler was informed of these actions by Martin Bormann. After two weeks and the loss of some 26 pounds, Hitler ordered Zeitzler to stop the diet and return to normal rations.

Lots of failed STEMfags on this board for sure.

what are those?

redpill me on festering nigger diarrhea

Well, at least he was an equal-opportunity mass murderer.

Syria General and Clinton Foundation General as examples of /pol/ not being just shitposting, but involved in direct political action. Though there's more examples. We did C+=, a real, working feminist programming language and its interpreter, based on a definition of a feminist programming language by a real feminist, with /g/, half a year GG happened, for example. Needless to say, the language was supposed to lampoon this feminist's thesis, and boy was it effective.

But back to /sg/ and /cfg/, /pol/ has been actively involved in finding ISIS cells and getting Russia to bomb them (pic related) through /sg/. As for /cfg/, /pol/ is collecting and chronicling the biggest archive of evidence of corruption at the Clinton Foundation - an archive that has been and is still being heavily used by the media whenever they do a work on the Clinton Foundation. Of course, one of the main points of the thread is also to make a list of people related to the foundation, so you can know who not to trust.

So yeah, although /pol/ is mainly shitposting like the rest of Veeky Forums, it's to be taken seriously depending on the thread too.

wow, reddit can be so epic

Because without a victory there the war was lost, they needed Russia's oil fields. Probably easier for Zeitzler to say throw in the towel there because he wasn't on the docket to be hung at Nuremberg like the rest of of the leadership.

>We did C+=, a real, working feminist programming language

What the actual fuck, how do you create a "feminist" programming language, and how did we let it get to this level of retardation in the first place.

We can do some pretty cool stuff if we put our mind to it.

>how do you create a "feminist" programming language
By following the thesis of a feminist who theorized the language. We just programmed it.

>and how did we let it get to this level of retardation in the first place
It was mid/late december.

Yeah, but has /pol/ ever written a bestselling postmodernist classic? I thought not.

>the boipussy
Veeky Forums pls

Honestly /pol/ is often anti norm on Veeky Forums.they used to have a huge amount fedora tipping libertarians but when that became cool they rushed towards the fascist theocracy they like now

>Implying this website itself isn't a bestselling postmodernist classic

/pol/ is just Contrarian Memes: Politics Edition™. If you view it as anything more than that, you're a dumbass. It's a place to let out your edgiest political opinions just for shits and giggles. People who hate it take it too seriously.

/pol/ has always been 44% libertarian 44% authoritarian 2% butthurt commie troll.

I'm a libertarian. But although Paul would've been great and Trump is definitely not the best, against Hillary, Trump looks like a demigod.

That's 90%, not 100%, you dummie.


10% shills.

I used to be a Libertarian until my father got in a car accident. Without SSI and Medicaid he'd be dead. Ron Paul's solution was for us to go beg the church for help, or take him behind the barn and kill him.

Most Ron Paul supporters agreed it was the media's biased or non-existent coverage of Paul that cost him the campaign. Which is sort of funny since the media (sans PBS) are all private corporations who Paul would happily give even more power and less oversight to.

>implies blacks can read

Infortunately, there are even more recently, mostly because of the incoming elections.


That's not Ron Paul's stance.

Ron Paul used to work at a charity hospital in the '60s. You didn't have to go beg, you just went and they took care of you. But the government made it impossible for charity hospitals to function, so they are no more and now you're forced to have SSI. If you hadn't had SSI your dad would have been dead, yeah, but not if charity hospitals were allowed to work in the US like they used to.

First post best post as usual

Did you come up with this thought all by yourself? Cos it's fucking retarded

/pol/ is desu the funniest board

I'm a 19 year old psychology major who didn't take an intro to literature class :-)

That is not his stance. It's more complex than that.

His stance is that churches should be able to run charity hospitals in order for you to be able to go to the church for help.

Let me search a clip with him explaining that for you.

Here it is:

That's ok, this board is not for political discussion, hence me deleting my comment. I suggest you do the same.

>This board is not for political discussion

This is the truth.

You know you're dealing with a retarded millenial when someone claims that Veeky Forums is a legitimate platform for information.

fucking kek, good troll friendo

>/pol/ is all essentially one person
>all boards are essentially one person

Maybe you need to learn to filter better.

I read a lot of posts on a lot of boards on a lot of issues from a lot of people.
Most of them are garbage.
Even some that at first seem promising, or are maybe telling me what I want to hear, pandering to my own biases/weaknesses/blind spots help me to become better. Because I continuously analyze and re-analyze.
I go to their links, I check their sources.
I take nothing at face value and am always ready to find that things are not what they appeared. And often, that my previous ideas/notions were wrong.

I would argue that my time spent on /pol/ (like my time spent on many other things, places, people, hobbies, etc), have made me better in many ways.

If you buy that pic, you're likely closer to the one on the left.

I wouldn't even begin to lump everyone in such a place together. So to answer your question: terribly inaccurate.

That's good that you recognize that, but with the large influx of retards because of GamerGate, /pol/ has turned it into an unironic echochamber for edgy teenagers, and is now absolute fucking cancer to this entire website

Any uncensored forum for debate is a good source of information. The people all butthurt are almost always the ones who posted some fallacious opinion they held and got their ass ripped to shreds in debate. Then went crying to other boards and websites about how "ignorant" they all are "over there". Tell us what happened to you.

Nah, they'll leave. Lit is shitty too. The edgy teens are part of the fun. And besides, aren't we all a little edgy? See, you're taking it too seriously, as I said. You hate it because you actually give a shit about the level of discourse in this place. Since that's something you really can't control, I recommend you just take it as it comes and enjoy the retarded with the constructive. That's why we go on this site. Right?

>taking Veeky Forums seriously

There's about 10 pepes on the Veeky Forums catalog, and there was about 15 yesterday.

You would have to be an utter sheep or a kid to have your opinions shaped by a website where anybody is free to say just about they want without consequences. The opinions that you see on Veeky Forums, both right and left, are about as creditable as Wikipedia.

This is what bugs me, too, that they've pretended to be idiots and then they've attracted real idiots. And then it poisons the other boards.

nice inverted Satan btw

>Any uncensored forum for debate is a good source of information.
Not when the forum is populated by angsty social rejects who've spent their adolecenses in front of a computer screen, you fucking clown.

whoah there friendo, somebody's taking this place too seriously

>No one in public uses nigger and spic playfully

Guess you haven't been around Californians from LA then, I know two who do that, one white & one asian.

/pol/ discriminates against everyone equally so it's no big deal to call someone a nigger, a spic, a snownigger, gook, or whatever.

t. gommunis