So is ChainLink just DUDE WEED LMAO coin of crypto?

So is ChainLink just DUDE WEED LMAO coin of crypto?

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copy of this paper?


do you have a link to this paper? I have a friend working at a chain marijuana company in Colorado. He is in upper management. The company he works for is very integrated and manages everything from cultivation to sale. Still, they do buy from other cultivators and they sell to other retailers. I would love to make a presentation to his company regarding this.

Why does weed need to be on the blockchain? Internet of things? Wtf is this? Fakest paper if I've ever seen one

supply chain management, logistics is a massive industry that people take for granted. no wonder you dont even know what iot refers to.

Here's a link since OP is a retard

go to the reddit

>data in the supply chain must be securely transferred to the blockchain.
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pro tip, research and google the author of this paper. you will be more than surprised.

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How much Link do you think he's holding?

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can't find it, I'm not really a reddit user, please post the link here


You are absolutely a retard. Posting an image of a text file and refusing to link the original.
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the author is definatley a link marine and you can just imagine him chain smoking weed and writing this while all his mates lounge around, smoke weed and nod yea man

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A great paper... sort of bad for the end consumers but it's a cool application