I got 11k USD

I just got 11k USD and I want a quick pump...I'm day trading this for my uncle and then once I flip it to 20k or so i'm gonna put it all in link...

I realize link is just gonna bleed out its ass for a little while so i'm not even gonna bother and put the rest to my stack...already down 50% on link...

So what can I do for a quick flip??

Nano hype still going on?

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I don't give a fuck now shill me on a quick pump for me to make some cash on? QSP? RCL, NANO? SUB?


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PIVX is over-sold, you might set exit point at 5% over the next few days. I never hold a trade for more than 7%, stay cautious and stay in the black.

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I know link...but it's not gonna go anywhere for a while...i want short term moon missions

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> "i wanna quick pump Veeky Forums"
> 2 months into a bear market


Looks like a slow bleed out to me rather than a panic though... hate those slow bleeds, they usually take forever to bounce, if they even do. Might wait for a real panic, or until it goes to 30k~ sat, looks like that's where the market cycle resets.

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Yes, I missed a bounce back a couple of days ago. You could buy at current price and wait for +5%, I think we'll see that within a week, or wait for a nice looking dip to buy in. Whatever, it's a good prospect, I've swing trading half my stack between pivx, rdn and Lisk. Got a loss on Lisk now but still holding looking for a better exit point.

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NANO REQ and LINK are pretty much linked in what percent they rise and fall each day. With the exception of Sergey's talks this month, the price fluctuations of each other has been a carbon copy.

I know because I hold both these three and try to swing trade them and it's never possible. This makes me believe they'll moon concurently, especially LINK and REQ which are tied to each other by functionality.

Req may moon a bit faster than the other two tho, cause main net is about to drop and it's cheap AF right now.

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