Are the books in Morrowind worth reading?

Are the books in Morrowind worth reading?

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Yes, the Morrowind Complete Lore and:

should be considered supplementary readings to prepare you for C0da, which is essentially the pinnacle of the series.

sorry wrong link, I meant:

Yes. 36 lesons of Vivec, the real Barenziah, the Anuad, there's an Android app with all the books in Elder Scroll games for free to read them on the go.

is this the most Veeky Forums game?

no, that would be myst

Elder Scrolls is a lot like Tolkien where everything just becomes so much richer if you read up and fully give yourself to it. Its a lot of work but if you put in the hours you'll love it

I wonder if this is true. I've never bothered to read TES lore and, possibly as a result, find the Tamriel very dull.

The Vivec sermons are cool.

Morrowind in particular is easily the least dull land in fantasy settings I know.

Yeah, I've thought about trying it, but have heard it didnt age well.

Started the series with Oblivion.

TES lore has nothing, really nothing, to do with the games at all. They're almost separate entities. The only point where they intersected at all was the main plot of Morrowind, and barely at that, plus perhaps the odd bits made up so as to explain why each game has simple, unexotic exteriors instead of at all fitting the descriptions previously written for the corresponding provinces

The Overhaul gives it a rather fresh look.

It's definitely a clunker a this point, but certainly playable once you get used to it, just be sure to mod the shit out of it, especially the one that makes Cliff Racers non-hostile, seriously trust me on that one.

Vvanderfell was plenty exotic IMO.

Some are good, some are bad, and some are on the level of the average dime bag fantasy mag short.

It's a ton of lore for something done without crowdsourcing, and I can't say the quality is better than it would be if they just made a contest out of fan submissions.

>some are on the level of the average dime bag fantasy mag short.
That's most of them, but
>I can't say the quality is better than it would be if they just made a contest out of fan submissions.
have a look at the books included in the earlier versions of Tamriel Rebuilt, if you can find them, to be proven wrong.

I don't understand. Are you using that as an example of the developers' good writing or as an example of the fans' bad writing? And how representative is this if it's only present in certain versions?

I haven't played Tamriel Rebuilt, but I can tell you that the backer stories in Pillars of Eternity were absolute garbage.

I mean that the developer's writing is mostly mediocre, but that the fans' is much worse. Given that it was the biggest and most well-known modding project for Morrowind during at least its first few years, I'd say it's fairly representative. The worst stinkers must have been removed from it only around the time Skyrim came out.


Morrowind and Myst are the only two games I've come across that have in-game lore books that are actually well written (for video games) and worth taking the time to read them while playing.

The holy one returned at last, Vehk, golden with wisdom. His head found its body had been tenderly used. He mentioned this to Molag Bal, who told him that he should thank the Barons of Move Like This, 'For I have yet to learn how to refine my rapture. My love is accidentally shaped like a spear.'
So Vivec, who had a grain of Ayem's mercy, set about to teach Molag Bal in the ways of belly-magic. They took their spears out and compared them. Vivec bit new words onto the King of Rape's so that it might give more than ruin to the uninitiated. This has since become a forbidden ritual, though people still practice it in secret.
Here is why: The Velothi and demons and monsters that were watching all took out their own spears. There was much biting and the earth became wet. And this was the last laugh of Molag Bal:
'Watch as the earth shall crack, heavy with so much power, that should have been forever unalike!'
Then that stretch of badlands that had been the site of the marriage fragmented and threw fire. And a race that is no more but that was terrible at the time to behold came forth. Born of the biters, that is all they did, and they ran amok across the lands of Veloth and even to the shores of Red Mountain.
But Vivec made of his spear a more terrible thing, from a secret he had bitten off from the King of Rape. And so he sent Molag Bal tumbling into the crack of the biters and swore forever that he would not deem the King beautiful ever again.
Vivec wept as he slew all those around him with his terrible new spear. He named it MUATRA, which is Milk Taker, and even the Chimeri mystics knew his fury.

That doesn't answer my original statement however. If an official contest had been made, that would have provided incentive for good writers to care. As it is, good writers won't touch the stuff because they know it will be a waste of time. The alternative is to have a few hacks simulate the works of many different authors, when really we should just take the best stories from a bunch of authors, because that's actually what is being represented to begin with. It's harder to fake something than to do it for real.