How do I learn German?

How do I learn German?

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1. Take classes.
2. Read German.

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Go to Germany.

I was actually just at a farm backpacking and a German couple were there. a lot of words are similar to English. doesn't seem that hard.

dunno, I was born with it

Buy the Koran.

From Germans I think. But you didn't hear it from me.

They look something like this.

First learn the grammar, basics and stuff, then reading, listening and if is possible talk. Finally use it as much as you can cos phonetically is a pain.

Stupid language. Most Germans don't even like it.

Read what Mark Twain wrote about it.

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Fahr nach Deutschland, Brudi.

well. we don't think it sound beautiful but still think it has its merits.
although we have a smaller vocabulary than english our language is sometimes more precise. however in english you can get your point across more easily and effective.

>please leave.

That didn't work on Abdul, wont work on me.

The best example of your latter point in writing.

English writing typically focuses on the 'parts', at the expense of the whole. German is the opposite.

With English, you typically don't see the wood for the trees. With German, you typically don't see the trees for the wood.

>well. we don't think it sound beautiful but still think it has its merits.

Girls speaking German is actually pretty sexy. It sounds effeminate as fuck with guys, however. Frenchmen somehow more masculine than their German counterparts.

Go to the pirate bay. Write Michel Thomas and download the german course. This will give you a very solid base. After you go through it you should start working on your vocabulary or simultaneously on your vocabulary and grammar. To work on your vocabulary use the burning series site. It has a lot of dubbed german series, but the best way is to find a series that isn't dubbed and has subtitles instead. This truly is the best way to expand your vocabulary, so give it a shot.

If you decide to work on grammar and vocabulary at the same time, than all you need is a grammar book. You can find one in the German language reading pack, downloadable from the pirate bay or look for "german grammar" here As for vocabulary - you will learn it from doing exercises. I prefer using a grammar written in german, and not english. This may make some rules hard to grasp, but don't worry about that. Whenever you see something you don't understand google it for an english/a native language explanation. Btw you would already have a decent knowledge of the grammar from Michel Thomas. It's very important to go through his course, and be aware that the first 3 videos can be boring,(They are like 5 min each. Total number of videos is around 50 .) I am sure you would start loving him after the introduction. Wish I had that guy when I was learning the language.


It is. German grammar is much harder than English. The grammar also makes it a much harder language to master than English. Also once you move beyond a simple vocabulary all English sounding words vanish.

> It sounds effeminate as fuck with guys
>Frenchmen somehow more masculine than their German counterparts
You are probably the only person to ever live to hold that opinion.

Forgot to add I don't recommend Assimil, Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Pimsleur. Everything below that shite is top tier, so use it if you find something you like. Of course after you go through M.Thomas.


The trouble with German and French is that they're far too strict, being policed by various linguistic institutions/etc. L'Académie française, for example.

English is supremely organic and free, which is its blessing and its curse.

What does this mean? Strict? Free? And how does it relate to learning the language. L'academie allemande will give OP trouble for learning it?

Infinite Jest is 500 pages longer in German translation as is every other translated work

Also every language is beautiful if one knows how to utilise it. See Goethe for example

It means they have too many rules by which to abide, and still hold onto antiquated things that more successful languages have abandoned long ago: gendered nouns, etc.

And yes, L'Académie française/etc do actually 'police' the languages to which they pertain. You'll hardly be given trouble, but it's a cultural/peer pressure thing. The sort of linguistic creations/adaptations (new words/etc) that would be seen as innovative in English-speaking countries, are typically frowned upon in continental Europe.

H schenke - basic German grammar and workbook

Langenscheidt - basic German vocabulary

Use these two, when you're done with the 28 lessons from the basic grammar book, move to the intermediate.

Couple this with some duolingo and German movies and you're on your way.

Remember it's more important to practice daily however little than to study for hours one day then forget about it for a week.

So you were implying
The trouble with German and French is that they're hard
English is easy

Well, yes. Isn't it a good point? OP's question was about learning German, after all.

Pirate the book Sandberg's German for Reading

Lots of languages use gendered nouns, what does this have to do with organizations like the Académie Française ? You don't seem to know what you're talking about, especially when you talk about "successful languages".

I wish German and French were more strict. All the exceptions on the rules fuck me in the ass


Depends how archaic your lexicon is.

A lot of German words are similar to English words that have long fallen out of common use.

The grammar point is 100% though.

The grammar isn't that hard. Stop exaggerating.

Don't. Germany must be destroyed

Unless you're doing the shouting, angry German stereotype, yeah German sounds effeminate. French is surprisingly neutral if you avoid a nasally accent.

He's talking about how l'academie francaise will opt for more expanded franco sounding words than just incorporating a new word as a cognate. Italian simply uses il computer for computer, but French opts for l'ordinateur

link doesn't work famalam

Pay about $1,000 to the Goethe Institute somewhere in Germany to learn German and practice it everyday.

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At least post the german version

Thanks fellas.

I still dont get it

I have to say though, if you're learning German on your own, then you have to put yourself through the horrible 90's educational videos that they show in high school classes. This video (and channel have a bunch of them)

I for one learn best with memorization tools like songs. Check around youtube, I'm sure there are more than what I learnt in class. Make print outs of german stories and translate them into english. My teach gave us something to translate every other day. Find a good ass dictionary. You'll get there bud.

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Do like I did: start the German course on Duolingo, learn for a few weeks, get bored and never go to Duolingo again.

OP, listen here. I got you.

First, start off with minimal pairs. Find words that sound so similar in German that they're indistinguishable to non-native speakers. You can find lists of these online. Go to, download both words on mp3, then create a separate flashcard using anki for each. Once you do that for a while you'll start to become familiar with the phonology of German.

Now, go find a frequency list of the most used German words online and write down the top few hundred words that happen to be nouns or easily visualized verbs and adjectives. Download these off forvo, and create anki flashcards with the German word and MP3 on one side, and a picture (no English) depicting that word on the other.

After this, start using a more traditional method like duolingo or Pimsleur. Pick up a couple grammar books, and keep putting new words into anki. In order to learn shit like pronouns find examples sentences in your grammar books and use anki to create flashcards where your fill in the blank. After a vocabulary of about 4,000 or so words, you'll be reading Germany.

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Once you get to a reasonable level you find that most English words derive from the French.

>all these people not realizing OP could learn Germany for Switzerland or Liechtenstein

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