NOt to say we're sexist but the females are sortof asking for it aren't they with a claim to equality

NOt to say we're sexist but the females are sortof asking for it aren't they with a claim to equality.
Meanwhile this babe ruining yahoo despite a $36 Billion free budget-upgrade, and the Theranos disaster, not one woman has ever started a tech-company and never has a woman ceo yet proven to be useful in such a responcible position.
Am i missing anything here or are women just unequiped and incompetent relative to males in cilicon valley?

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>Am i missing anything here or are women just unequiped and incompetent relative to males in cilicon valley?

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yes user, females are worthless pig trash, move along no need to make this thread every single day
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Anyway i'm looking for structural arguments not sexist namecalling. As a female myself i won't stand for that

yes user, men are just better at everything and you are the best alpha on this board
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>as a female myself

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There were 3 arguments in his post chromosomes checked

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Why was she bad for yahoo then?

>Be on user board
>"Hey I'm FEMALE"
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White women are just stupid

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Equality is a meme. If things are truly equal then you need to be able to beat men at their own game, and in any literal or figurative battle of the sexes women are going to get trashed if men compete with them the way they do other men, and it's not going to be remotely close. There's a reason these women are only coming out now that the savages are subjugated and air conditioning is installed. Not to say that it's impossible for them to be good leaders, but they'll be few and far between, even with people frothing at the mouth begging for a Steve Jobs type of woman, which is how Theranos in particular was able to pop off like it did. Everyone is obsessed with image over competence and seemingly convinced that societal change is only a matter of marketing.

How about the florida feminism bridge.

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I think Modumetal is run by a competent CEO

exception to the rule.

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>iz it just me or are woman stoopid and iresponcible?
why this thread even exists? statistical data explains it all

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>males are more competitive
>females are not stupid enough to work 70 hours a week
>also, they're generally not as interested in tech as men, so there are less of them even at the start of the race
>also, if you've ever met an ultra geek you'd know they're basically robots and working with them is no fun, especially if youre female

pretty autistic woman though

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Successful women are the ones who never get any credit. This shows with everything, games, movies business etc. If you are good at what you do there is equality and you are actually treated as an equal. Its only when they throw a bitch fit they get attention specifically for being a woman, like that Anita bitch and her youtube scam. I have known many hard working women, they just work hard, that is it. Nothing else .

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Mayer was worse than incompetent. She was complicit in the destruction of Yahoo and was an elaborate plant by Google.
Companies could care less about “equality” unless they can use it to their advantage. What we may see is more conservative corporations acknowledging this wave of feminism by way of PR, but internally produce it as a means of ideological corporate espionage to destroy companies which unironically accept ideals such as “equality”. Women are just a pawn in this game and will be used for profit.

Greed knows no bounds.


Yes, NEETS are like women but without their beauty, grace, role in procreation and pussy.

Marissa would be an exception to that rule, you'd agreed if she wasn't yahoo ceo and had remained at google.

Yet, she went to head yahoo nd nonetheless it did not really work out.

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>women just unequiped and incompetent

they stopped doing anything they were good at and are shit at being men their attempts to be men when they are not will cause civilisation to stagnate and possible economic collapse, see HP and Yahoo

Her new role

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YI she stopped staff from telecommuting because she believed in people 'being in the office for facetime'. Yahoo died.

It's a man

>Meyer destroyed Yahoo
>not google, no siree

The reason they make separate lists for women is to produce some sense of their relevance not being entirely overshadowed by all male contribution.
It's also why she so famously was Google's 1st "female employee"