What does it mean when a coins all time low is higher than it's all time high?

what does it mean when a coins all time low is higher than it's all time high?

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very bullish

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It means either their dollar value or their satoshi value is at an all time low.

My guess is satoshi value is all time low while dollar value is all time high due to BTC's rise.


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how do i find the satoshi value of a non alt?

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It means its been around for longer than a nanosecond

all time low when the price of the asset is inthe deepest point on its history, all time high the oposite, maybe i was rude but this is Veeky Forums get used to it, your question was waaay to basic but if this help try to Do Your Own Research before posting in a hostile argentan anime image board specially with such basic things. thats all m8

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"non alt" means bitcoin.

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ok i thought it also was ethereum, bitcoin cash and other forks

No. There's Bitcoin, then there's altcoins.

Every altcoin has a satoshi value pegged to it which you can find either through exchange BTC/COIN pairings or through many of the portfolio tracking apps available such as blockfolio or delta.

totally possible user. because coins are counted in btc and usd or eth and usd for example. hence a coin to be at all time low in BTC but still all time high in USD at the same moment, when btc has a big run and the coin is newish

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