Chainlink COIN

Guys, i've spent my afternoon working on a design much like the bitcoin copper coin, I wanted us to have an actual nice design for the chainlink coin,
i've posted it on reddit please thumb up guys!

also i'd like to share the PSD with you guys if someone is interested, and wants to make the other side of the coin

do you guys like it?

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way too busy. First edition should just be the chainlink logo...and go 99.99% silver

the purpose of this, is so we can press this coin on copper! as a medal or a coin

Is that Latin? What does it say?

Very nice user. Sergey will take note of this

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Looks like shit which is appropriate for a shit coin. Gj.

"multis unum uinculum" - Latin for "one link for the many"
pluribus unum twist


this was inspired by these

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I'm with these cunts, back to the drawing board OP

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fake and gay

it's not fake marine, it's a real stinky linky

Link is a token, not a coin. Please market sell and kys.

actually i provided the PSD on reddit, so if other marines feel the need to improve feel free! we need to work on this as a community, you can load the PSD and change the text if you want

Made a better one for you stinkies

show plz

Way too much going on. Make it more clean.

I think it's pretty neat OP. Great job on the design.

Remove the latin and the chainlink to the right.
also make it a complete circle by removing the lower part.
Then insert: In Sergey We Trust going 180 degrees from left to right in the outer circle

i was thinking some user could actually put on his face on the other side (the one at sxsw where he was with a faggot biztard), and actually write in sergey we trust, funny because had same idea.

i visited the oracle of delphi two thousand years ago and they told me that i should just follow the smell of the stinky stanky linkies

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