One of the most important authors of our time

One of the most important authors of our time.

fug the commies, amiright guyze?

holy shit surplus value extractors BTFO

Great writer and thinker. A shame he retired.

I have no idea who is even targeted by that quote. The capitalist owners or the commies? Because it works just as well for both.

The thing about arguments like that is that they can easily be turned on their head. Why should a manager receive higher pay when he has little to no involvement in the actual production of goods or services, and probably only a partial idea of how said goods etc. are produced? The bosses are the actual parasites; anyone who's ever had a job realizes this.

If the shareholders disliked the manager then they'd fire him. If the managers were so bad then the company would be outcompeted by companies with no / less managers and then go out of business.

Oh, wait... you're going to ignore the above points and talk about, "The will to animal spirits inherent in the nature of dialectical materialist capital in..."

He would run circles around you in a debate

Response is p obvious in myriad contexts.

I deserve a share of what the mining company upstream from me makes because they fucked up my water. Not denying their work but they physically took health from my community. I will not live as long as I could becasue of that mining company.

only one example, millions more, that make this statement dumb. it's a common post-randian nothing that shouldn't even be tolerated. Of course other people's work needs to be moved around. You really think working for yourself is fulfilling and furthermore, ever not affecting someone else? Come on.

>the shareholders
And what did they work to create?

Agreed, employers should really consider how much of the company's earning they're personally responsible for and how much they're basically stealing from the laborers. I'm glad Sowell seems to be much more amicable towards Marxism than I would have been lead to believe.

If you don't understand why a manager or CEO receives a higher pay you have some serious learning to do.

They invested their money so that the company could expand.

But the shareholders are the pension funds of the workers

Welcome to the mixed economy, dipshit

Inheritance should be abolished

>the shareholders invested money in the company

Yeah, the first ones.

it depends on the enterprise we're discussing. If it's a cooperative, then it's self-evident and I'm sure you'd have no issue with that. Otherwise, they invested personal capital, at a risk, which can make the enterprise more productive and/or profitable and in turn generate higher returns for all workers. I'm not saying it's always like this, nor that I'm against tighter regulations around the means of production and the profits of its applied labour, but no, they are not all on the same level. The workers at the bottom wouldn't have had their raises if it weren't for the shareholders' investments. I can't believe I had to type this.

>he fell for the "in capitalism everyone earns according to how hard they work" meme

That's one way to remove incentive.

And everyone after the first ones.


>we should only factor in "hard work" when it comes to wages

>we shouldn't

t. wagecuck

There is more than "hard work" you absolute mong.

Why do so many brands of the left deny how incentives work? Why do they not accept that you can't universalise an incentive model based on muh ethics, without having the resulting economy descend into social unrest and murder? I'm all for regulating capitalism and its abuses, syndicalising the means of production to a certain degree, but why are commies so inflexibly retarded and proud?

t. Has a sub-middle school understanding of the stock market

t. the one doesnt understand why shareholders would earn money

So when Broker B buys stock from Broker A, the original investor, how much goes to the company?

Jesus Christ, if one of the bastions of the modern american right can only critique socialism by repeating it's main belief, but pretending it's somehow capitalist, maybe it's the time to quit.
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The amount the stock was first sold for.

Yeah because I don't go to work everyday or anything.

>when you don't work at all but still earn money through rent which entitles you to what other people work for because they have to live somewhere
das it mane

>when you make an investment towards passive income that pays off thanks to the free market


No, the company already got that from the first guy. They would have had it whether or not the transaction between A and B occurred. So what does B do for the company?