Try to name a better bookshop

try to name a better bookshop

>protip; you can't

anyone been to pic related?

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what happens when it rains?

they flip up the gray things on the bottom?

Have you ever been to Dublin? It probably has more objectively perfect bookshops per square meter than any other city on the planet

nah but ive hung out here before

Cozy thread

> not going to Paris to buy your English books

why live?

Shakespeare and Co isn't even the best one

The Abbey bookshop in Paris is best for your monoglot needs

I'd bet that this is the most disappointing book store. Comfiest place in Detroit hands down but they never have what I want.

anyone know good bookstores in chicago? i can use google, but it's hard to get a great picture of selection from google

> Monoglot
French native in fact

>Abbey bookshop
I know this one but it has less charm. I buy on amazon anyway. Nothing justifies the +40% in prices those libraries have you paid.

I only shop in Amazon and oxfam
I did go to the hay festival last year though
I was gonna see Marlon Brando but he was sick it turns out

My favorite.

I'm more concerned about that cute girl in that picture

Their shit is cheap usually too beat up.
No Mast Books tho? It's 4 blocks away.


the best ones are all closing around me

pictured: formerly St. Mark's Bookshop in New York, to be replaced by a bank or some fucking salad place

Canberra's best.. Theres also two great second hand places, along with a bunch of bigger chains..

Forgot picture

Sybers books, Melbourne


I am gonna lick this delicious vagina


Doesn't look like it would be really waterproof

Alice's Bookshop was the best, but it is long gone now. =(

It was this cosy little place in the Churches centre in Belco.

The only book stores I've seen in the state I live is either Books A Million or Barnes & Noble.

Feels bad desu

Pity, was it new or second hand?

Butterfly, I'm drunk right now and want to put a left wing tripfag baby in you. How do you feel about that?

powells is pretty great in terms of size and selection, they can be a bit pricey but its literally like 5 stories of books

bookshops shouldn't exist in 2017

kys pleb

Never seriously considered being pregnant. It was always more about adopting or getting a GF inseminated. (Or just moving in as replacement/spare parent.) Past my prime though.




qt bookshops in every wynd

No I need you to bear the tragedy of our child while I am off fighting with the YPG. Please bear my proud warriors of anarcho-feminist communalism.

Also, read Twenty Days of Turin and Homo Zapiens. They were great books and I just read them recently.

Second hand.

It also stocked figurines and game accessories, also second hand in most cases. Maybe it's just my childhood talking, but I would always discover something fascinating or magical when I went in there.

Little second hand places usually have more charm and personality.

>>protip_semicolon_ you can't