I became an avid reader like three months ago and I can't stop...

I became an avid reader like three months ago and I can't stop. I stopped watching tv and I don't spend much time on Veeky Forums anymore.
Here's how I did it.
>Remember the average person reads like zero books a year. If you read 5 pages a day, you are 5 pages above the average person

>Don't force yourself to read. Commit to read 5 pages a day. I swear after three days you'll feel like reading more and after a month or so you should be reading 50-100 pages a day for pleasure

>Read various books at the same time. When I grab a difficult book or one that makes me sleepy I grab another and switch. This should refresh your head. Keep them thematically different. I read economics and fiction.

>It isn't a race. Reading slowly won't make you sleepy that fast. Try to acknowledge what books are for you to read fast and which aren't.

>Buy the physical copies. When you get the books from your own money you'll feel the need to read them to avoid the feel of wasting your money.

>Start with books highly discussed here so you feel motivated to discuss.

Yesterday I read 5 pages

Today I'm reading 5 pages and 1 word

>It isn't a race.
True. So many people flick their way through a masterpiece like Fear and Loathing and then forget about it a week later.

My fav pasta

I really believe in that 5 pages mantra. The biggest obstacle for me is just opening the book. Once it's opened and I've begun reading, I just want to keep going.

how do I avoid distractions without drugs

why are there so many redditors nowadays?

Get yourself one of those cock jails with a lock and give the key to your mother, that way you will stop spanking it and will read more.

>stop masturbating
>stop watching television
>stop playing video games
>stop talking to all your friends
This is what I did and my reading has improved 10 fold.

>>It isn't a race

Can i keep friends? I only see them every other day.

>>stop masturbating
How would this help?

I hope you're being ironic, OP. If not, this is some Tumblr-tier autism

When i read like 15 pages an hour has passed
Why is the day so short i just want to read so much

I don't jerk off or watch tv but can't help checking social media every five minutes. I need to keep my data transfer on because my gf needs me often but then I feel a temptation to check facebook or Veeky Forums
I need more discipline

No you are addicted to your phone/social media

It doesn't. its a reddit meme.

remember--mind over matter.

thx for the tip, I'll try it. Returning back to law school after autistically dropping due to depression.

that's why I need to discipline myself to stop checking it every minute, what did you not understand

>that feel when one week of not fapping and the house is constantly tidy.

I love physical copies. Honestly, I find it so relaxing just sitting in the library or the park if it's nice out, just flicking through the pages. Just something about flicking the page and giving it that slight press to keep it down, makes my day.

However, I hate the fact that my local library has a small selection. I need to go to Amazon to buy books. Takes a while for them to come, and then, I get annoyed when the print is sub par.

I've never finished a full book on a Kindle or my phone. I just can't, It's not the same as reading a physical copy.

I wish, and hope, that someone invents a Kindle-esque digital reading device that allows me to pretend to flip pages or something, I dunno how it would work, I'm not a scientist

Digital books are so much easier though, I see why its so popular. If I don't have a book, you can have it for your reading pleasure within seconds. Just doesn't have the same 'feel' to it.

This might sound like bait, but it's great advice. If you really do not know what to do with your life, and you're in a rut that you keep falling into, whether it's a mental or a physical one, you've got to sever all pleasure. What's happening is you're unhappy with your life ideally, but content with either how you're living or being alive. For me, I felt like I was letting my mother down and in turn, letting myself down. Not knowing what to do, I thought of everything that was distracting me from being "productive". It came down to:
>Smoking Pot
>Playing Games
>Veeky Forums/social media

And what I did was give self a month of doing the opposite of all those:
>No porn/wanking it
>Eating Healthy
>Spending time with Family
>Self Educating

After 2 weeks I wasn't even worried about any of things I had given up. I missed my friends, but more as spending time with people I liked. I didn't miss what we did. I stayed clean and healthy for nearly a year until my friend invited me to his place out of town from where I live. It's about a 45 minute drive and we were celebrating his finally getting his own place. I thought what the hell and brought an 1/8 for the night since we used to always smoke together. On my way down, I got pulled over for a headlight out and ended up getting arrested for the pot. I paid my nail, and got out the night, but I couldn't get my car til Monday and I had work on Monday. Had to miss three days of work for my car, and three days for court. By the time I had been tried, I was voluntarily discharged (slightly better than being fired), had 1500$ in fines, and no way to pay my car and home bills. Before I even lost my job I left my girlfriend because I knew she'd try to stick with me through it and that I was not handling it well (depressed).

It's great to do all that shit, but it's so much more rewarding and fulfilling when you sacrifice as much as or more than you enjoy. And everyone has a vice they can not handle face to face and must avoid rather than moderate.

havent seen this shit in a minute

Holy shit ,the USA is fucked up. They basically destroyed your lifd for a little pot

Well, I'm not really here to argue that. I used to think so too. But now I just look at it like I knew I didn't have to smoke. I did it because I liked the ideas it gave me for music and stories, but I didn't need it. The point was that if you cut out the things you know you don't need, you're life can't get worse.


Download an app called cold turkey
Thank me later, fag

On Veeky Forums time I don't much spend.
Anymore, and watching I stopped tv.
And stop ago like three avid
Months. I can't. I became an reader.

I here did how it.

100 pleasure for -50 commit.
I swear a day to read pages 5.
With three after. Don't- force a reading
If after a day the pages 5 feel zero.
You'll average 5 pages or so a year.
The person above you should average it.
You read the books? Remember like the person reads.
Are pages like feel? Days reading more, a month.
And read to you. Be yourself.
Thematically refresh a difficult fiction.
Switch your head, I of sleepy head.
And economics read, keep another grab.
Them should this and I me makes that book.
The one time read, same books I grab.
Or when at the various books race.
Aren't which fast, you sleepy feel.
You'll money own, fast money slowly
And read your wasting feel to books.
The get when you are highly motivated.
You feel to discuss discussed books here.
So start- acknowledge reading isn't physical.
To try won't make the copies buy-
For what that you avoid from them
To read to your need.

You still didnt deserve all that just because you had pot, you just had bad luck, that cop is an asshole

As in food, water, shelter, transportation, family, career. Things that make you happy without trying to be. Anything that isn't a need that you use towards happiness is just you trying to be happy. You're not being happy. Videogames, TV, fast/snack food, sugary drinks, porn, browsing social media and image boards--none of it really makes you happy. It just feels good until you burn it out. And by the time you've burnt it out, you won't know what to turn to.

Cherry-on-top is that after processing my arresting officer told me that he was honestly sorry for busting me. He said he was just doing his job as the department needed an uptake of profitable arrests (misdemeanors and felonies). He said if it was any other time he would have just released me since I was nice and very compliant with everything and there was so little pot.

That's the only thing that still bugs me to this day. If I had a little more pull at that time or in that area, I would've tried to start something from the statement. No sense in dwelling though.

is this a spicy new meme?

Why did this end up becoming a meme?

Because it's good advice, like "Start with the Greeks"

>reading for pride
>various books at the same time
>BUYING books
>reading for social capital
actually fucking sad. You don't deserve literature, and it doesn't deserve you.

The thing that helped me most was reading several books at a time. I would get bored as fuck and not touch a book for a day or two. Now I just switch to another one. How many books should I read at a time. I'm doing two right now but is that ideal?

you guys are seriously new. this pasta's been around for literally years. almost since the beginning of Veeky Forums


I was very addicted to my phone and social media. Reading is actually what's helped me brake that addiction, I now always carry a book with me or my ereader instead of checking my phone I start reading in my book even if it's only a page or two. It's helped me a lot.

ITT: reddit idiots humiliating themselves in the face of one of the legendary Veeky Forums memes.

I agree with most of your post but you don't buy books? Do you use a Kindle/E-reader and torrent? I prefer to read an actual book -- especially if it's an important work to me. Idk maybe if I was struggling financially I'd break down and grab a used E-reader for that purpose.

>told me that he was honestly sorry for busting me. He said he was just doing his job as the department needed an uptake of profitable arrests
Too bad he wasn't sorry enough to not be a fucking cop working for a corrupt department. Or is common and well accepted in the USA for state departments to say "well, looks like we gotta arrest some people in order to make it look like people need us"?

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Hell yeah, it's very common for a day or two of the month where the cops patrol harder, pull people over more, and are encouraged to write more tickets since precincts need to make a certain amount of money or else risk budget cuts, job cuts, and less community support. It's not to make it look like we need them, it's to let us know they're always there.

>being THIS new that they fall for stale b8

These are true plebs, user. It takes me a long time to finish a long novel but when I finish one then a lot of details remain in m memory.

I usually reread stuff, some passages, while reading a new book. I wouldn't reccomend reading 2 books at a time. Read the newspaper.

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