Posting this to make the leftist jannies go apeshit

Posting this to make the leftist jannies go apeshit

Why do you guys like her so much?
Pic related: actually good author

Damn she was ugly

>rands depiction of utopia was communism
>bankers and engineers as literal pig farmers


for you

Values can never be objective.
They can be personal when you are strong, or shared by a group if you are herd.
No woman ever came up with interesting philosofical frameworks. They are shaped to raise children, not to conquer. That is the reason.


Why would the truth be edgy? Or is that a word for things that hurt your feefees?

>obligatory rand containment thread

thanks buddy

Babbies Stirner.

>They are shaped to raise children

Not yours I bet

>Values can never be objective.
there are some values that it is always good to hold though, if by good you mean good for the person holding them
>Socrates will say what justice really is and show that people who are truly and fully just thereby lead a better, happier life than any unjust person could.
from the foreword in my copy of the republic
>leftist stringbean advocating political violence

Ayn Rand? More like underaged and b&. Come back when you've finished high school.

come back after you worked a day in your life cuk.

come back after you cared for someone you nihilistic fuck

> working is virtuous

Corporate cuck

I am very angry

Oh god, the cringe is overpowering.

im informing the mods that far right extremist thread exists.

Go back to /pol/ drumpf supporter racist


Is that Orson Welles?