Last read book

>last read book

>current reading book

>will to read book

wew lad

>Walden/Pride and Prejudice

>The Perks of Being a Wallflower (it has a soft place in my heart user)

>I have a copy of Fahrenheit 451, started to read it and thought it was trash. I am going to the used bookstore soon and finding hot deals, user, maybe Joyce or Pynchon

Last and First Man

The story of O

No idea, probably The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The village of stepanchikovo


Plutarch's Lives

The conscience of Zeno


I´m undecided, either The Plague or Dead Souls. I might want something "lighter" after Demons, so i could go with The Plague. I read The Myth of Sisyphus before Zeno too

>Catcher in the Rye (seriously! Never read it at school and just never got round to it, suspected it was overhyped... I was wrong).

>Crime and Punishment

>Kokoro or The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea

>A Game of Thrones

>A Clash of Kings

>The rest of A Song if Ice and Fire

>Gravity's Rainbow

>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Dead souls is probably lighter. It's a very funny book.

Gravity's Rainbow
Rest of the Greek plays

>the Metamorphosis

>Absalom, Absalom


Any recs?

>the third policeman
>dont know. taking suggestions. maybe faulkner


>The Iliad.
>Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
>The Master and Margarita or Demons.

>The King in Yellow
>the LoA volume of Ambrose Bierce
>I dunno, maybe Ulysses or Gravity's Rainbow or The Book of the New Sun

read The Sound and the Fury and then Absalom Absalom immediately afterwards

>Collected Tales of Gogol, P&V translation
>Mrs Dalloway
>probably Torrents of Spring

I don't have enough time right now to shill for Bierce on Veeky Forums very much but he absolutely deserves it

Last book:
>picture of dorian gray
>infinite jest
Want to Read:
>the prince

>Heart of Darkness
>Moby Dick

>devil in the white city
>spot tests in inorganic analysis sixth edition
>Something on the bicameral mind haven't decided yet

The Vegetarian

Invisible Cities

Mason & Dixon, although if I finish Invisible Cities before finals are over which I probably will I'll read The Trail b/c I don't want to start something long during finals

i'm on demons too, book buddies!

i breezed through his other books this one seems slower, i've been putting it off and i am in between a bunch of other books at the moment. how are you liking it, also.




>Last read
Chapterhouse Dune

>Currently reading
Swann's Way
On War

>Will read
Civil Wars: A History In Ideas
The Illuminatus! Trilogy

le morte d'arthur
latro in the mist
myths from mesopotamia

>Mishima, Spring Snow
>Lem, Philosophy of Chance
>Shakespeare's Sonnets

How is Le Morte d'Arthur? I plan to read that soon.

White noise


> Infinite Jest

> Moby Dick

> The Sound and the Fury

how far into IJ are you? i just finished and i loved ever second of it

>The Stars My Destination
>The Demolished man

Also been reading some Robert Anton Wilson and Chic cicero on the side because I'm starting to become interested in the occult. Will probably read the secret teachings of all ages after the Demolished man, it's been on my bookshelf for a while and it'll keep me occupied with peripheral reading for ages.

>No longer human
>Moby Dick

>of mice and men in high school

>Island in the Stream
Will Read
>Der Prozeß


> How Mumbo-jumbo Conquered the World
> Your Face Tomorrow
> The Essential Writings of Jonathan Swift

>master and commander
>don quixote

> Anthem

>The Brothers Karamazov

>The Sheltering Sky

>Animal Farm
>Infinite Jest
>Lof Der Zotheid (Desiderius Erasmus)

>The Death of the West

>A Storm of Swords

>The Deep State

>Les Miserables
>Some book on the history of Prussia
>Maybe will start la comédie humaine series from Balzac or read another non fiction book.

>Death's End
>Children of Dune
>Too Like the Lightning

Last read: after the quake
Reading: The Castle
Next: Not sure. Suggestions?

>The Iliad
>The Odyssey
I am having a damn good time.


Man's World

Histoire de la violence

>>last read book
white noise, was ok
>>current reading book
six four. im getting more out of this than white noise
>>will to read book
probably the beach or blood meridian




Thinking of checking out Temptation to Exist

>last read book
Notes from the Underground
>current reading book
Righteous Indignation
>will to read book

>>last read book
American Psycho
>>current reading book
>>will to read book
Pride and Prejudice

How Veeky Forums am I?

>The strange case of Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde

>The crying of lot 49
(French schools don't give use that many books to read in english besides 1984)

>Slaughterhouse V

>Game of Thorns by Doug Wead

>Collected Works of Flannery O'Connor

>Unbearable Lightness of Being

did you watch the show beforehand or is it all new to you?

>all these people reading infinite jest
nice. maybe someday ill meet someone else who's read it as well.

>infinite jest

>brief interviews with hideous men

>oblivion, consider the lobster, pale king

>Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
>Nausea by John Paul Sarte
>None. I just finished school and I'm exhausted

Sons and Lovers

The Thing on the DoorstepWe Can Build you

>The man in the high castle
>Inherent vice
>Fall of giants

>Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
it really isn't a meme? You promise?

I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Thompson is one of those writers who basically takes stream of consciousness and gets it ripped on acid. He's capable of moments of incredible beauty, but he's not really for everyone.

Give it a try, see if you like him.


> Phaerdus
> Symposium
> Meno

>The Odyssey

>The Aeneid

>The Blade Itself

>The Stranger
>El Tunel
>Thus spoke Zarathustra

>Cat's Cradle
>Blood Meridian
>Crime and Punishment and Debt: The First 5000 Years

Nice rare Ciri

>The Golden Compass
>The Fall

battle royale
simon vs the homo sapiens agenda
sin noticias de gurb


>Hillbilly Elegy

>The Crying of Lot 49

gonna be a comfy summer

How is the Village of Stepanchikovo been meaning to get it for ages.


>the plague

>moby dick or metamorphosis

>Disertación sobre las telarañas, Hugo Hiriart

>Quince poetas del mundo náhuatl, Miguel León-Portilla


The scar by mieville
The Fitz and Fool series

>I, Claudius
>A Clockwork Orange
>The Master and Margarita or Great Expectations.

>Child of God
>Atlas Shrugged/The Instructions
>Probably JR. I am not sure.

> Antichrist
> First as Tragedy, Then as Farce
> Demons


>The Corrections

>House of Leaves

>Mrs Dalloway

>Tom Jones

>Don Quixote

The Sickness Unto Death

I Chose Liberty and House of Chains

I have to finally read Thus Spoke Zarathustra so probably that

A Tolkien Bestiary

The Bible (Yeah it'll take me awhile)
A collection of Chinese and Japanese Myths

I don't know, a biography of Margret Thatcher?

a room of one's own

Labyrinths by Borges, and a supposedly fun thing I'll never do again

Probably brief interviews with hideous men or consider the lobster, whatever arrives first. Then probably IJ

The Count Of Monte Cristo


No idea.

philip k dick - the simulacra
nell dunn - poor cow
the stories of breece d'j pancake
cordwainer smith - the rediscovery of man

>A brilliant collection of essays by Borges.

>Currently dipping into the Bible every now and then. I'm also reading The Road, it's the first Mccarthy novel that I've read. Rather enjoying it so far.

>Undecided currently. I've been accumulating mythology books recently and am opting between Scottish or Japanese.

Also out of interest, has anyone read James Joyce's Exiles? Picked up a copy for less than a pound the other day.

Nice, I started reading "Agamemnon" this morning. Moving on to Sophocles & Euripides after I finish the trilogy

The Plague

Closing Time

A Canticle for Leibowitz

>three essays on the theory of sexuality
> the special theory of relativity
>?? not sure what you mean?

>Igor A. Goncarov - Oblomov
>MDC - Don Chisciotte
>Bernard Mandeville - the fable of the bees (not sure desu)

>Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

>Anatomy of Melancholy / Nostromo

>Down and Out in Paris & London

>notes from underground
>learn Ancient Greek
>Iliad in original Greek

It's actually not very hard to learn, im kinda surprised.

>the winshaw legacy

>the brief wondrous life of oscar wao

>the tunnel

>Decline and Fall
>want to read some more DFW, maybe i'll check out The Pale King

>Europe Central

>Women and Men

>probably going to pick up As I Lay Dying, but I'm not sure

How's The Anatomy of Melancholy? I'm thinking about starting it soon. It's been taunting me from my shelf for a few weeks now.

It is Dostoevsky lite.
It's funny and has the same type of scandal scenes seen in his more important books. You can also see prototypes of future characters.
It's not as good as his major books, but it is still enjoyable (and better than most critics have made it seem imo). I recommend it to anyone that has read the major books and wants more Dostoevsky.
It's in the same league as the double and the gambler.

Anna Karenin and shadow rising Wheel of time
Kane and Abel
Next wheel of time book

I work in a security controlled zone so I am not allowed any phones or tablets. So I have to read hard covers at work and ebooks at home.

Great prose. Some parts are "boring" though. It's not for everyone. I really enjoy reading it.

>the death of ivan ilyich

>language and reality (flusser); the first philosophers

>infinite jest

Past: el psicoanálisis ¡que timo!

Now: 5/3/1

Future: Them

>In Our Time
>probably Catcher in the Rye

the emperor's soul
thinking fast and slow
godel escher bach

Working my way through the complete works of Aristophanes

>The Frogs
>The Clouds
The Wasps

Try reading Euripedes Electra once you're doing with the trilogy - it's fascinating to see how different his take on it is to Aeschylus