Why do people hold the enlightenment and French Revolution in such high regard?

Why do people hold the enlightenment and French Revolution in such high regard?

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They represent large leaps towards the Apocalypse.

because that's when the jews finally managed to smash christianity and open a path to ruling class


>why do liberals love liberalism so much?

It's easier to pretend to be equal when you kill those who dare be better.

Unironically this. The french revolution was the birth of liberalism. The monarchy in France could have easily been fixed without resulting to:
>muh liberty
>muh equality
>muh democracy

Nah, it's our own blunder. Its afterglow freed the Jewry from their ghettos. Pandora's box.

If you guys are America's youth, I fear for the future of your country

America's youth grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock.

>Jews dindu nuffin'
Yeah, expelled with extreme prejudice and injustice from 109 countries and locked up in Ghettoes in the rest of them.
Usury is a pyramid scheme. Blood libel is disgusting.

Whether the ideals of America are a Jewish consipracy or not, they're still the ideals of your nation, and a nation that doesn't believe in itself will crumble or fracture.

Stupid statement. Our future cant be ruined by the youth knowing that fascism is better than cancerous liberalism. How are we worse than the regular liberal, exactly?

A lot of people think the enlightenment was some "progressive" enterprise, they're not really familiar with it passed the name.

I enjoy telling liberals that Kant, the great titan of the Enlightenment died a virgin (like Newton), and once remarked of a black carpenter:
>"this fellow was quite black from head to foot, a clear proof that what he said was stupid.", that he published a hilariously racist treaty on the races and did so because he had deduced it was supremely immoral to ever tell a lie.

It's the same with the revolution really, Liberals want to claim this transformative episodes of civilization.

In the words of Bill Hicks, "START OVER, THE EXPERIMENT DIDN'T WORK!"

Cthulhu swims left, and left, and left...

>Bill Hicks

>he published a hilariously racist treaty on the races and did so because he had deduced it was supremely immoral to ever tell a lie.

lolll based kant

I honestly don't know if that was Bill Hicks or Alex Jones or if there's even a difference.

It was one of the first steps toward global communist utopia.

American Youth can't be edgy liberals anymore because that's the status quo, so now they have to be edgy facists and pseudo-christ cucks.

Give them time, let them experience real life outside of mommy and daddys house, then see how they really are.

Because they weren't there

>le their liberalism was so much better than ours xD
Le sigh. If we're anti liberal, why do you think we support
>le true liberalism

I have a friend who's a liberal and a racist, and we often call him out on his stupid beliefs. Fascists do not endorse.

You are bringing modern liberals in to the equation, and saying that classical liberals aren't bad because they're not as bad as modern liberals. No shit! Doesn't mean that they're better or even nearly as good as the fascists or monachists.

>so now they have to be edgy facists

>implying that people with scary political opinions are edge lords
Kys senpai

/pol/ is literally ALL edgelords. It's just all just reactionary dichotomy inducing shit.

man, shut the fuck up. what are you doing to save your country, let alone yourself? worry about your own damn backwater tribal coalition or whatever

I ain't American. I'm against 'Americanism' and most of its products. Be it capitalism or bolshevism.

Ok. Senpai. I will admit it right now. Pol is cancer, ok. This is coming from a nazi. Pol know nothing about politics, and are populists. Pol is what happens when you don't have a "mentor" to "brainwash" you of nazism. They don't like black people. They are "anti liberal" and anti socialist. They are the clich├ęs of nazis. If you only have pol to brainwash you, you get cancer beliefs.

If you wanna find a good mentor, find a nazi friend.

Very few people hold the enlightenment in high regard these days.

not all of them do, user.


"People" often means "other people" or "some people".

Patriarchy is in the wrong place.

pedant detected.