Is it true, Veeky Forums?

Is it true, Veeky Forums?

Favorite french literature thread.

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Moi, je sais pas.

>Favorite french literature
The Quran.

Can't go wrong with him.

How can Germanfags ever recover?

In the full quote he goes on to identify the many regions of France and celebrate their individual cultures, but you're a monolingual, economically illiterate brainlet from /pol/, so you didn't know that.

>Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy between 2004 and 2008. In 2007, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French economic growth headed by Jacques Attali.[5] Macron paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008,[11] and left to work as an investment banker at a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque.[12]

Really jogs the old noggin'.

>muh diversity over true national french history
whatever you want to tell yourself.

He's right, there are no French philosophers.

There are French cultures but there is no one French culture. Just like there are a variety of English accents but no singular English accent.

>I'll take poorly-translated quotes out of context over actually taking into account what he said

>true national french history

The regions he talks about have history that goes back 1000 years, french nationalism is what, 200 years old?

>really wanted to study french for a while
>feel like it's useless now that France is a so to be a mudslime paradise

"Our culture can no longer wall itself away from other cultures, as if under voluntary house arrest. We would not have the multiplicity of cultures, this amazing French cultural richness, which exists, by seeking to deny parts of it. French culture doesn’t exist in and of itself; there is no such thing as a single French culture. There is culture in France and it is diverse and multiple. And I will not exclude from this culture, certain authors or musicians or artists, on the pretext that they supposedly come from elsewhere."

OP btfo. French immigrants are part of France's culture at its core. Quit being a bigot.

For people who shitpost about MUH HRE so much, /pol/lacks have a really poor grasp on the story of nationalism.

No, French culture is the invented culture of Paris forced on every region and person within it's state in a form of civic nationalism. Just look at how their language works with the Academe Francais

You're not wrong, but the language remark is retarded. No language is homogeneous and a common norm determined by a central authority is an ubiquitous system.

In the case of France they did use it to wipe out mutually unintelligible languages like Occitan, which goes farther than most standardization efforts

If there is no French culture then is no French nation. Macron is only being true his authentic rootless cosmopolitan beliefs, to him there is no French Nation, only the human race

That's literally not what he said, you've already been shown wrong earlier in the thread.

>No language is homogeneous and a common norm determined by a central authority is an ubiquitous system

This is debatable. There's no central authority determining English, as is evident by the fact that it's very spelling differs from country to country (A walk across the Canadian-American border will change color to colour for example).

France's style of having their language interwoven with a political/historical institution is (as far as I know) completely unique to their country, and says a lot about the national character of France as a whole.

English wasn't elevated to replace Irish, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Manx?

That wasn't part of a decided language to export the language but the side effects of English political dominance over nearby polities. The central government of France explicitly enforced the use of the French language

He is literally saying anything and anyone can be French, it belongs to everyone and no one. Why would you be surprised a tool of the global financial liberal elite would mirror their ideology?

I suggest you study the history of celtics languages in the British Isles if you seriously think that

I thought /pol/fags hated spooks

like there is no English equivalent of the Académie Française and much less of an attempt to wipe out other dialects of the same language.

Nobody cares about context when you have the President of a UNIFIED SOVEREIGN COUNTRY decry national unity. Especially when said sovereign country was the cultural capital of the world for hundreds of years. It's disgusting.

The quote is literally translated wrong, he said "there is no one French culture"

The effect is still the same, it's the same retarded anti-rhetoric as
>"durr America is a nation of immigrants"
>t. Candidate for Leadership of Federal Government
Celebrating the historical contributions of the tribes that became France is fine, but don't spite the very centralized culture you are trying to become the leader of
Imagine Julius Caesar saying "there is no one Rome"

The uniform prohibition of Gaelic in schools is widely recorded, Breton children smacked for not speaking French was the same for Irish children speaking the tongue of their parents. Neither languages would be the state of near death if this wasn't the case

He's not spiting it, just trying to avoid looking at the past through the present. And neither of those examples are something that would be bad.

The regulation concept isn't unique. French just stand out because for quite some time they were on a mission to completely wipe out local languages like Breton, Provencal, Elsässisch etc.

But it wasn't part of policy that literally existed to spread the language. French remains a much more centralized and regulated language than English

So which is the French culture? Breton, Corsican, Gascon, Provencal, Orleans? Do ex-colonial states that identify as French count? Where do we draw the line here and deny people their cultural heritage? I thought you /pol/tard were all about right to heritage.

>can't read French
>"this is literally what he said"
You're on the wrong board, sweetheart.

>He is literally saying anything and anyone can be French, it belongs to everyone and no one
And that's wrong. But by all means let him keep allowing sandniggers who actively desire to devalue and supplant his apparently nonexistent culture to flood his living space.

He said "French culture" is not defined by French people but also non-french. If this is not advocating for Globalisation of the nation then otherwise he is saying France has no definable culture at all, it's a McDonalds

nah, they're the most spooked

Yes it's true. Culture is just a social construct, and so does not actually exist.

If prohibition of a specific language in education and government across the entire state doesn't constitute a widespread policy, then neither did it exist in France

>He said "French culture" is not defined by French people but also non-french.
[citation needed]

The French also did it with the other langurs d'oïl and fully wiped put regional identities as well as languages

deconstruct this
*grabs crotch*

It's not going to be very pleasant for you, user. Like most pomo works.

>And I will not exclude from this culture, certain authors or musicians or artists, on the pretext that they supposedly come from elsewhere."

In this manner it is also imperialist, he is also claiming the achievements of self identified Algerians for his registered Global subsidiary France™. Culture for him is not a living organism but a commodity to be packaged and sold on the international market

Is the martyrdom of the Bataclan bombers just as French as Joan of Arc?

This thread is an impressive work of bait and counterbait.

Saved and printed.

this is the same tactic that the left uses to attack the idea of race
>lol race doesn't exist because you can always fracture it down to smaller and smaller categories, you're not asian, you're mongolian!
>lmao chemicals don't exist because you can always fracture them down into their constituent atoms!
>lmao elements don't even real, BRO, it's all subatomic particles DUMBASS
>PRANKED! get d-e-c-0-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-e-d n00bz!

the point is that there is a natural boundary formed at a natural level of resolution. French subcultures within France are more similar to each other than they are to sub-cultures within, say, Laos, therefore it is rational to categorize them together in one National category. It's useful and sensible.

>terrorism is simply a fact of life in France now :^)

Seriously? He's one of the worst writers that human history has ever remembered

Sure, why not. Why do ethnic French hold say over what defines being "French"? A Syrian refugee can be just as French as a Norman diary farmer

Those are all french subcultures. Subcategories of the larger French national identity. lrn2SetTheory

>poltard: the post
How do you people so utterly lack self-awareness? Do you not see that your whole post is literally just cookie-cutter poltardian autism supported by a personal creative interpretation of a quote? You may well be right in your opinion, but at least try to fucking analyze things critically instead looking to confirm your presuppositions.

>what is genetic ancestry

>he prints and flies threads by year/board

just imagining that is hilarious

>attacking a boogeyman instead of the thrust of the post


Can I ask, do you seriously believe Macron would put the interests of the French people above the whims of the global market?

It was precisely a critique of the post, illiterate brainlet. This post is literally one giant presupposed position.

Actually, some French subcultures have more in common with Welsh and Spanish cultures. Also, Asian and French aren't comparable. He didn't say there was no one European.

>the whims of the global market
>le evil zionist corporatism boogey
Try again. This time pretend to be slightly less retarded.

Boy I am surely loving all this literature discussion, god forbid this place actually had real moderation

This has nothing to do with Jews, I'm talking about more Hollonde/sarkozy style Neoliberalism. Or is that a boogyman too?

>A Syrian refugee can be just as French as a Norman diary farmer

Le Pen and Melenchon should have cooperated to drive out the liberals desu desu

back to /pol/

>actually some people have penises but they act like women, therefore biological sex isn't real


Why do you think they didn't have France's best interests at heart? Lack of success of their policies doesn't mean there was no positive intention behind them.

Please take this shit to /pol/ where you can spazz out all nice and contained

Saged and reported :^)

So culture doesn't matter, only the nation huh? I wonder how the Breton nationalists would feel about that.

pure coincidence, i'm sure

Culture isn't binary or even discrete. Fuck off back to pol with your edgy greentext and false analogies.

Everything in context. You are taking a limit case and applying it as a rule to the general population. That is ridiculous and deliberately obfuscatory.

>be disgruntled economically illiterate autist
>hurr durr corporatist neoliberals working for (((them)))
>DAE bankers are evil xDD
It's hard to argue with people who aren't old enough to get a mortgage, let alone to understand macroeconomics.

Is the twin-gendered demonkin triggered?
oh nooo
that sucks

Best of the year make it to a leatherbound tome.

Thank you for unveiling yourself. Genuine socialists I can respect, liberals on the hand can barely conceal their resentment of obstacles to their glorious unfettered market. So no, I don't believe Sarkozy or Hollonde cared for the week being of the French people anymore than I think Reagen or Thatcher did for theirs

>makes a fallacious edgelord simile
>b-but you're taking limit cases

yeah, there are no other cases in France. they all agree being French means living within its borders and all want to be identified as such.

Are you actually 12? Try /pol/ or /b/.

when I first saw the quote you're referring to i felt like vomiting

I'm showing a pattern of fallacious reasoning that neoliberals and their useful idiots consistently engage in

>liberal = libertarian
>Reagonomics and Thatcherisms were bad mkay
>keeps talking arguing about people whose name he can't spell
Veeky Forums or /pol/? Go back there.

There is no French people, there is only capital and the individual

i'm violatin' ur safe space bucko
communists aren't people

You're not showing anything but babby-tier understanding of politics and economics while fighting against straw men you yourself conjure up.

I'm surprised to see an earnest liberal here desu, still sad though

No offense but if you believe that the highest class of politicians, no matter if left or right, care more about the well-being of the nation than power; or that bankers are not "evil" (as in, would condemn a family to unjustified poverty if it meant a higher commission), you really have no place calling anyone stupid or naive.

Also, all the people in this thread trying to deconstruct or interpret Macron in a way that isn't supposed to sound globalist and appealing to Muslim voters is fucking hilarious. Yes you can break it all down in ways it cannot be proven wrong, but don't act like you don't know why he said what he said.

>the EU isn't pushing an open borders policy by importing millions of 30yr old "child refugees"
>the SJW left isn't attempting to disenfranchise traditional masculinity

Why do /pol/tards complain so much about France becoming more African?
You might personally not like it, but you cannot say that it would be objectively worse.

Well, now theres gonna be a Rape culture.

>the EU isn't pushing an open borders policy by importing millions of 30yr old "child refugees"
The EU had an open border policy way before refugee crisis started and failed to come up with a solution yet.
>the SJW left isn't attempting to disenfranchise traditional masculinity
Should have just started with that, so that I wouldn't bother to reply to a retard. Your internet/college "hot topics" aren't a problem in real world.

>you cannot say that constant terrorist attacks are better than relative peace

>France is too French, it needs more internal conflict

Terrorism is new normal

Not that guy, but:
>The EU had an open border policy way before refugee crisis started and failed to come up with a solution yet.
That's plain wrong, you're confusing inner-European with outer-European borders. Merkel even admitted to breaking the rules (e.g. Dublin).

>Your internet/college "hot topics" aren't a problem in real world
If you think identity politics are no real-world issue and have no impact on current elections, you disqualify yourself from any discussion. Even the Clinton campaign admitted afterwards that that was their mistake.

>people sometimes act immorally
>those after power/money do it more often
>that means they're all inhuman incarnations of evil and always act immorally
Excellent analysis.
>es you can break it all down in ways it cannot be proven wrong, but don't act like you don't know why he said what he said.
'Yes you can have another point of view, but don't pretend like mine is the only true one wink wink nudge nudge'. Powerful stuff, my dude.

Could you be more of a shill?

>muh terrorism
If you want to stop terrorism you need to improve social programs and help integrate the immigrants. We need to all learn from each other and exchange cultural knowledge.
Stopping immigrants from entering the country is not a solution, because we're all humans. How would you feel if they hated you for your skin color?
Also the more immigrants mix with the local population, the less racism and less divisions between people.