Milo Is apparently starting a new publishing company to spite Simon & Schuster

“I am going to take not just all of their best authors but all of the best authors of all of the conservative imprints in this country and launch my own imprint called Dangerous Books. We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of… We’re going to be going live in the next seven days.”


If he pulls it off fair play to him. I can respect people who succeed in their business ventures regardless of my opinion of them. Personally I dont really like him but I see why other people do

No one cares.

Do you think getting published by them will be a death sentence to an aspiring author>


I think he's stupid and I think it will fail but the world definitely needs publishers who are less afraid of public backlash and will publish good stuff regardless of whether it's PC.

If you didn't care, why bother posting?

You are just pretending right? I doubt that you are 13 and still commenting on YouTube.

>inb4 I know you are but what am I

Well he might offer an avenue for people who otherwise wouldn't get published to actually publish their work.

Although I think getting yourself published under whatever imprint he goes for will be a viral load for your career.

I was curious to see what would happen when his book got pulled. He doesn't seem like the sort of person to let things go. I might read his book if he does self publish it but I probably won't like what he has to say. He interests me because of how easily he pisses everyone off and that he isn't keen on double standards on the far left but he says some of the most backwards shit too. I guess its his right to do so just like its my right to disagree with him.

His aim is not to publish "good stuff." You can clearly see he's only focused on publishing the ridiculous shit nobody else wants to publish because it is vapid, groundless troll bait.

His 15 minutes are over.

>in B4 reported. Have fun with the internet police bucko.

>everything I don't like is hate speech

I don't like him but I'm pretty sure what he writes makes more sense and is more important than whatever ideological shit you consume

Hey. Fat moron. He explicitly says in the OP quotation that he's not out to publish things of merit.

It's not "hate speech," but it sure as shit isn't diamonds, either.

Guarantee those "dangerous books" will be classical liberal alt-lite shit written in an edgy manner

Getting published is a death sentence to any aspiring author fullstop.

>"I am going to take not just all of their best authors but all of the best authors of all of the conservative imprints in this country"

I wasn't too far from my prediction. Nice try though you almost avoided looking like an idiot.

Why did you post such an inane reply to an already substanceless comment? Was it supposed to be clever? What are you doing on Veeky Forums anyway? What are you even reading?

Myself, your intellectual superior? I am enjoying my third cocktail while reading rich and fulfilling contemporary literature.

>all of the best authors of all of the conservative imprints in this country

Who did he mean by this?

Sorry for being such a brainlet, I bow down to your superiority. What would a smart person such as yourself recommend for literature?

>We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of

richard spencer, sam hyde and alex jones

>richard spencer
I don't think the FBI would let one of their agents publish a book whilst undercover.

So he's going to get Sowell to write about economics, then? Or Ayaay Hirsi Ali on Islam? Somehow I doubt it.

Attention Whore Seeks Attention: Full Story at 11

Hahaha what publisher publishes things "of merit"?
He'll publish provocative stuff from one side, everyone else publishes provocative stuff from the other side (or from the middle, about how their vagina is poopy and whatever else is selling at the moment).

I'd read Sammie if it didn't get me blacklisted

go to bed Sinead Mccarthy

>He's not going to publish pop-economics or Maajid Nawaz's less intelligent, more female counterpart
>Hahaha what publisher publishes things "of merit"?
>Why shouldn't we sink to everyone else's shitty standards?
Gee whiz I wonder why contemporary conservatism is shit

Wouldn't it only help his case if he was an undercover FBI agent?

Welp, get ready for 500+ pages of Cernovich ranting about cucks and gorillas

Reading sammie will more likely give you schizophrenia.
The alpha-male who bagged a below-average latina/pinoy, damn let me take advice from him.

I mean I agree and I also wouldn't even call him conservative, but it's a legitimate issue that even good conservative stuff like Camp of Saints finds no publisher and, when it does, gets no attention. That's why I say I approve of his intentions in general.

Go read up on how many undercover cops get outed from Anarchist groups because they've quoted Proudhon or Bakunin.

>good conservative stuff
>Camp of Saints
Pick one.

Out of all the conservative partners, Cernovich actually has one of the better. She's not so horrible.
Sam's videos do that, yes, but his writing is actually extremely clear and straight-forward.

They call him Cernovich because he's got 13TeV of pure masculine energy, and the libcucks can't handle it
I thought that Camp of Saints was well received by people right of center throughout the west

What's your criticism? It's a fantastic description of what's going on in Europe right now and the fact someone foresaw all that decades earlier only makes it better.


It was well-received in general in France, but in Germany people tried to keep it down as much as possible and it needed a right-wing publisher (despite the book not being right-wing, really).

>but it's a legitimate issue that even good finds no publisher
People like to pretend this isn't a issue but when popular conservative figures like Peter Hitchens have trouble finding a publisher something has gone very wrong.

It's a propaganda tract, not a novel. Everyone on Raspail's ideological "side" is treated sympathetically, everyone he dislikes (particularly the Pope character) is a sinister caricature, and the prose is beyond purple.

Well obviously he's going to write an alt-right book, not whatever you think he's pretending to be.
>conservative partners
If that's one of the better that's pretty sad, I thought macho posturing was supposed to get you attractive women.
I don't see how his writing would be that much different from when he gets serious on his videos.

>We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of
No he's not. He's going to recite generic rightist talking points like "immigrants bad, tradition good". Anything actually controversial or intellectually interesting, like a Moldbug or Nick Land, will be given a wide berth.

The dangerous faggot is back!

>not whatever you think he's pretending to be.
I mean not whatever you think he's pretending not to be.

Satire or just cringe?


Wasn't that pretty much debunked bullshit?

Sorry, gay pedo.

gay jewish pedo

1) Just having a message doesn't turn art into propaganda, you wouldn't complain about Dostoyevski
2) It definitely is purple prose and it's also satirical but that's the same for similar works like Ellis or Huxley and in both cases people manage to disregard or enjoy that and look at the message
3) Again, the prophetic nature is admirable

She's nothing amazing but her body is way above average and she has a friendly face. Nothing to attack someone over at least.

There are some bits where he explains his political views, I find them very good.

Welcome to character assassination 101

Sons & Lovers
Waiting for the Barbarians

Were good

>t. oblivious

self-hating gay jewish pedo

Quit describing yourself

lmao sounds like you have a dog in this fight did you buy his gorilla book

So the right is for self-hating gay jewish pedos?

Nevermind, I already was told not to do the I know you are, but what am I. I am a brainlet.

>rebellion is contradictory to quality

No I've actually never heard or read a single word from him, I avoid people like that. I still see the memes and partners of a bunch of people (and she kind of looks like shoeonhead).

There'll definitely be a deluge of that kind of material, especially at the start, but I expect things to even out more as the focus becomes more about being profitable and less about being a nuisance. I imagine there are a decent number of politically-minded people with serious writing intentions who would rather have their name associated with Milo than be put through the censorship of shitheel publishers

IDK why I got triggered by a couple shitposts.

"Every" is not a sieve. It's all-inclusive and disregards quality.

Where do you think the exclusion between the good writers and the dissident shitposters are? "Porque no los dos" seems to be Milo's goal.

I don't see why he doesn't just go to another publisher? I mean, when Nabokov couldn't get Lolita published stateside, he went to France, and subsequently provided his own translations.

I think Milo is biting off more than he can chew here.

"Porque" means because. "Por qué" means why.

>I think Milo is biting off more than he can chew here.
Yes and no. He definitely won't build anything great but if I see the r/donald types who throw their money at these pseudoconservative ecelebs, I have no doubts that he'll make a profit. I've been on /pol/ for a long time and pretty much everyone hates on people like Milo but there's a universe on reddit, youtube and twitter that just sustains these people no matter what dumb shit they do

porque eres un faggot

it's not as good as donleavy v olympia.

i'm surprised Veeky Forums hasn't sent in its novel(s).

In the short term yes, he may make a profit, but any of his fellow "conservative" ecelebs are all trumpeting the same note. There's hardly a variation between Southern, Watson and alike; unless he can find an outlier that says something vaguely different. Even so their respective books will be put through the grinder (I mean have you seen Southerns? Just absolute tripe. I've read better 3 year uni student essays more persuasive) and will hardly make a ripple.

Ann Coulter still gets her works published, why not go to hers? Shes said some fairly nutty things, yet has no trouble shelling out book after book.

I avoid them all like the plague, I read that Southern is literally recycling /pol/ posts and I believe it because she does it on her Twitter too. (To be fair, she's like 23 or something and some of her publicity stunts are useful)

But like I said, there seems to be a lot of reddit type guys who finance all this stuff. I mean I agree with most of their views and still would never sit through any of their hundreds of videos but it's a successful market.

In the end, no one really needs anyone writing about this stuff. It's all preaching to the choir anyway. But I'm glad people finance their jobs so other people don't feel like they're alone with their opinion.

Faggot kike.

I wonder if it would be possible to get in on this on a pseudonym and make a buck? Just write some vitriol about fuck boomers or whatever, right?

Why did he make a custom tshirt and take a picture of himself wearing that tshirt of a publishing company that dumped him?

Is he a crybaby?

>Where do you think the exclusion between the good writers and the dissident shitposters are?

Presumes there are good writers who would want to be published by him.

>Is he a crybaby?
Most definitely. On the other hand, it does need balls to do the things he does and to take that amount of abuse and public opposition so I won't judge, really

The small buck you'll make isn't really worth getting doxxed and having to deal with all that shit. You're either in it completely or you keep your mouth shut like everyone else.

The whole thing reeks of gimmick and failure. His statement in OP's post sounds like he's going to publish armchair conservative writer manifestos. Advertising yourself as "dangerous" and "hellraising" just sounds like edgy teenager shit. Nobody will take them seriously. They will publish at best lowbrow popcorn conservatism.

Well yes.. but the popcorn version of anything sells better. He'll fuck it up somehow though, publishing isn't that easy and it's an already-saturated market of fairly poor customers.

So, Veeky Forums: "You're getting laid! He's getting laid. We're all getting laid!"

and, lit: "Why are we still debating this vapid, groundless troll bait from Milo's press again?"


I guess. He did dig himself into this hole with the whole persona he took.

I bet you right now that you could shit out some poorly thought out regurgitated shitposts from /pol/ and get some third rate book deal that sours your name in the literary world for a quick 10k. He's not looking for the best, he's looking for people like EmptyHero who want to profit off of outrage culture.