"am I ME? or am I the amalgamation of others? Is there any true self...

"am I ME? or am I the amalgamation of others? Is there any true self? Or are we as a society just one giant organization?"

What books will answer this question

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read gombrowicz and What about Me?: the struggle for identity in a market-based society

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Capital, Vol. III

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Any piece in particular?

That is you

James Joyce had a profound grasp on this, the national identity as a group of one person living together, something Ireland understood best because they didn't let in Jews then. In that way local Catholicism became a route of discovering God through society with its own people the step ladder. This is the notion Pynchon's use of humans as yo-yos took inspiration from in one way or another. From this paradox is a plaything, a giddy knot equating hedonism with transcendence, violence with patience, metrical rationality something to throw out the window, your brother a dispensable umbrella and your best friend a crutch along the evolutionary leapfrog in orgasmic and never-ending human elasticity and impulse. It's the idea we're all this Aquarius bugger between the history page's lines and by lending ourselves as the vehicle of absorption to the other we absolve individual difference by forgetting the parameters we exist in which is kind of Wittgenstein's shtick I think. This is also why people were once happy to live in their own shit. They thought it was there own. Perhaps on another continent at another time it truly was. To even consider what's beyond you implicates an alien conscious. Avoiding this was a challenge Czech citizens faced with Russian preoccupation, something Roger Poole writes well about in his book Towards Deep Subjectivity on the topic of foreign psychological space. In this sense alien conscious is a product of genetic entropy and interracial breeding, even the imminence of its possibility reacting with epigenetic activations.

The protestant work ethic on the other hand is the solitary commitment to individuation as to invoke yourself as the country when yours has gone to shit. The problem with going full Joyce is you inevitably exchange DNA with an alien identity which quickly churns shit and supplants your collective soul with an unstable randomness which is what leaves us to be our "unique :~)" selves. Pepe for instance would be the logical conclusion of treating randomness as a real item (which it never was). Autism is the affliction of this over-complexity of personality which in essence really is just brain damage. The other side of the coin is that autists gain a huge vantage point in realizing these problems because it's foremost their own.

Every person can be thought of as an aspect of the world at large, some of which apart of a person without form, like Japan. One of us could even be god, but it's probably not you statistically speaking.

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life - Erving Goffman
The Social Construction of Reality - Berger and Luckmann

Both very good sociological works that really tackle the issue of how we go about constructing our sense of self in the social world. There are plenty of other writings on the topic and of course you can trace the ideas back to their phenomenologist roots in philosophy, but I think these two books are very good at getting the ideas across in as few of pages as possible.

Freud and Lacan

Then the post-structuralists


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Process and Reality, by Alfred North Whitehead

Pretty sure Hegel wrote about this

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Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous

It's time for you to read what Buddha had to say about it.

youre both. you sacrifice yourself to fit in with the group i think. we all have to find the balance between sacrificing too much or to little.

Thanks for the all the replies guys.

>Is there any true self
This is actually quite easy to answer.
Think back of yourself when you were 10-15 years old.
Can you relate to that person? Probably not. If yes, likely on a very small level of basic memories and desires. But you are clearly not that person anymore. Hence, by all means, your 15 year old self had died long time ago, and was replaced by you. No "true self" was preserved. In 20 years, your current self will be dead, replaced by another person.

Is Ouspensky much different from Gurdjieff?

You're a combination of everything you've ever experienced exponentially decreasing as you get older. Society is filled with fucking retards if you want to be in it and remain intact you have to be a psychopath with boundaries.