Libertarian Literature Thread

Who pays for the roads?

FUCK who pays for the road, I just want my mom to stop paying taxes so she can buy me pricier tendies.

The roads, or The roads?

UGH there's no such thing as society!

hayek isn't an ancap

Why is peasant speaking when my road is not being made?

get a job so you can buy top shelf tendies without relying on your mom

The road to serfdom

Is that supposed to be ancaps? Because the central pillar to the argument of anarchy is that society exists and it flourishes out of natural order.

I just bought this book in Spanish, ill read it as soon as i finish meditations.
Hopefully its as good as its hyped to be

why are most libertarians so selfish?
why can the community not build the roads togehter? right-libertarianism should be about community, responsibility, a sense of citizenship, and of helping neighbor from the good of one's heart. we should reject government and communistic power structure because we are better than them and can bring peace and order through rationality and love, not because all order is evil and it is the destiny of man to help only himself.

if noone else will, i'll build the roads. okay? someone has to. it could be a beautiful world.

If you like really dry books about economics then you will love it. I do not understand why libertarians love hayek and friedman so much when they both supported the idea of having a negative income tax.

>it could be
You have too much faith in other people. As soon as you start building the road they will try and take your tools and sell them for drugs. Half way through building your road they will start tearing it up from the beginning as you work so that when you finish you will have only part of a road and then they will kill you. Mostly for making them feel guilty that they didn't think of building the road and partly because you building the road is an implicit judgement against thier lack of roads. Humanity will always hate most those who try the hardest.

but this is not true. look at small town america. look at rural europe. remember last time one of your neighbors asked you for help. mankind is self interested but not so selfish and lazy as people often claim. work feels good. helping others feels good. we have biological reward systems for these things.

he lives the dreAM

I aint a libertarian, im just looking to understand economics with a wider yet deeper perception

I was talking in general terms.

Hayek was in favor of universal healthcare, basic income, inheritance taxes and unemployment benefits. He was also against corporate personhood and intellectual property. In short, completely antithetical to the corporate/Koch hijacked retardedness that is modern American """"""""""libertarianism"""""""""".

I live in "rural Europe". We hate each other and we actively sabotage one another. Sure, it's all barely hidden under the flimsy lacquer of folksy courtesy, for the naive eye. My neighbour's dog has killed four or five cats so far. They weren't even my cats, but I allowed them in my yard and even feed them sometimes because I enjoyed they presence. Then someone else--though the neighbour probably suspects me--tried to poison that brute and almost succeeded. That stupid beast weighs exactly 100 kg--I heard him brag--that is more that me. Maybe the would be mutt-assassin got the dosage wrong. One day, I can feel it in my bones, I'm going to just grab my hatchet and go over. Such things have happened before, resulting in the occasional maiming and death, though the trend seems to be toward killing one's own family rather than one's neighbours.

Sorry for the blog post, just felt the need to vent after I started snorting and guffawing after reading about the idyllic rural Europe in your head.

The regional private military will pay a road building company to build roads from NAP protection rent. It will increase your rent but you will be free to use the road.

Holy shit that pic is hilarious.

>Being this naive.
Sounds more like it.

Just read Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom, as well as Free to Choose. I've got Road to Serfdom and Wealth of Nations, which should I read next? Or should I read some Marx just so my views don't go unchallenged?

Can confirm. The isolation of a bigger city where you don't know your neighbours is weird, but if you know your neighbours, there inevitably is outright war with at least 30% of them.

Road to Serfdom will be more similar to what you've already read, Wealth of Nations is a dense book of actual economics, and much of it is not very interesting. For me, the Wealth of Nations is mostly interesting in how circumspect Smith is to what would become laissez faire capitalism, contrary to how he's presented today.

If you want to read to Marx, I'd recommend against Capital for similar reasons; dense, outdated, and probably just wrong. Then again, I'm not a Marxist, so who cares what I think? Instead I'd recommend his earlier works; the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 and the German Ideology, which are more directly social and political than economic.

Thanks for the Marx recommendation; Capital is exactly what I own that I have yet to read. I was definitely more interested in his ideas on Historical Materialism than specifically communist ideals of society, figured Capital just had most of his ideas. I'll also probably go with Road to Serfdom as well; I've definitely enjoyed Friedman so far, and Id love something more similar. I'll save Wealth of Nations for later

If you want an-cap then David Friedman (Milton's son) The Machinery of Freedom is the way to go.

I've always been interested in Anarcho Capitalism, even if I disagree with it. Does Machinery of Freedom go into specifics as to how private police, courts, etc could be run, or is it just moral statements against coercion? I guess, is it more on the consequential side, or deontological?

>live in a small village in Switzerland
>everyone loves each other, we all gather on Sunday in the central piazza just to enjoy our presence and are very aware of the struggles of certain citizen of ours, who we support dearly (this includes taking collectively care of old lonely people and disabled fellows, and helping economically, by giving them shelter and food, other less fortunate ones)

It sounds like the universe dealt you a very shit hand. Collective peace, decency and morality can be achieved in these small communities, and it can be done for centuries too.

Cities were a mistake, but civilization wasn't.