Blood Meridian

So I just started reading Blood Meridian, and i'm really enjoying it so far (about halfway through). I love the dialogue, the gruesome imagery, and it's nice to be challenged by a writing style i'm not used to. Plus it's just fun to read a western, makes me feel like a badass

But, is it necessary to know spanish to truly get this book? The further and further I read the more spanish and I encounter and I barely know any of the language. I forced myself to use a google translator to get through one of the chapters and while it took me forever I honestly felt like I got more out of it knowing what they were saying (It was the scene with the tarot card reading if anybody was wondering)

I was also wondering what you guys think about a film adaptation of this book. I think it could be incredible if a director had the balls to do it

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I love this book

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Hey, OP. If you're new here, just a heads up: since last year there's been an increase in shitposting for Cormac McCarthy threads. I'm not sure why: Cormac McCarthy is genuinely a fantastic author and most people who have read his works here do enjoy him. However, you always get the corncob posters repeating the same pasta over and over.

I read Blood Meridian last year and loved it, although it wasn't easy to enjoy. The pacing can be a challenge to overcome at times, despite how beautiful the scenery is described. The prose is gorgeous (I especially loved that intense description of the comanches racing towards for a brutal fight) I loved the dialogue too, the gruesome imagery is disturbing but the book does well to highlight the ugliness of the Comanches as well as the Glanton gang. Nobody is the "good guy" in this book.

I don't believe Spanish is essential to following the book, but it can't hurt to have an online translator or an app to help with the Spanish dialogue. I personally read it without that, but I suppose the next time I read the book I should have a translator available (same goes for The Border Trilogy, a lot of Spanish in that too).

I think a film adaptation would be difficult, but it seems Cormac McCarthy is open to the idea. He's said himself it'd be challenging but not impossible. I believe Ridley Scott tried but gave up, hence us getting The Counsellor instead. I think the depiction of violence as well as the novel's ambiguity would be difficult to depict. The violence because censors wouldn't be happy about baby's getting crushed and ambiguity in prose is difficult to translate onto the screen visually in an accessible manner.

What other McCarthy books have you read so far, OP?

Yes it's a fantastic book OP, one of my favorites. I can't speak a lick of spanish and I still feel like I got most of what there was to get in the book. Just plowed through Child of God today too and it's my second favorite of McCarthy's works.

Child of God is phenomenal.

HBO,Netflix, etc have no standards and practices they need to adhere to.
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I've been reading sutree and it's a great book even though I'd still rank blood meridian above it for now.
Are his earlier novels good? Outer dark sounds fascinating.

Not sure how it works in the US but in the UK everything needs to be run by the BBFC, even if it is through a streaming service.

IMO Outer Dark really manages to create a genuine sense of despair and hopelessness. It's pretty short but it's definitely worth reading.

great thread so far

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This one was truly depraved. I don't think I've ever read or will ever read something quite like Child of God. As brutal as it is beautiful.

Is this the one where a dude looks for his inbred son in the forest or some shit?

ah, blood meridian, monseiur?

ya might as well post the rest, tortillabro

Great book, the great mystery I can't get is why the Judge takes an interest in main character. As for a movie, no studio will do it right. The roughness, the taking scalps, missing children, or just to get the ugliness of the judge's posse. HBO could make it.

Would you watch a Blood Meridian anime film adaptation?

This is the only book to ever bring me to tears. You've gotta read Suttree next.

Suttree was fucking hilarious, and way better that BM.

God I hope they fucking don't.