How can we further improve the design of the soda can? Has it reached near perfect engineering?

How can we further improve the design of the soda can? Has it reached near perfect engineering?

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I would say yes.

thorium cans


Loud as fuck when you crack it, so when I drink 15 beers on Friday my roommates judge me.

Add a mechanism to release CO2 before opening the can and spraying sticky liquid everywhere.

Still can't seal them back up like a bottle without using an external cover. Still superior to a plastic bottle since plastic contaminates the drink and you end up ingesting it.

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Why does coke taste better out of a can?

>not drinking the whole can in one sitting

Do any adult males do this?

yeah cause you only drink 15

you know there's plastic lining every can, right?

Got me bro.

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If you mean as opposed to a plastic bottle, it's because the plastic bottle "breathes" and picks up volatiles from the air that fuck up the flavor.

Still tastes best from a fountain though.

Glass is best.

You shouldn't be drinking soda anyway.

I feel like monster's giant resealable cans are the best of the lot, very nice to be able to slowly drink one of these throughout a day. i'm surprised coke doesn't make a can like this.

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OP stated specifically, "SODA CAN" not "beer can".

kek Plastic or enamel. Not sure which one is worse and there's no real data on much of it.

All aluminum cans have a coating of epoxy plastic on the inside. Every single one of them

>it's because the plastic bottle "breathes"
gonna need a source on that

Reseable cans already exist:

biodegradable cans when

Aluminium is more toxic than plastic. The inside of the cans are laminated to prevent poisonous levels being reached, but a metallic taste can still be discerned from canned drinks.

can we make them resistant to gallium?

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He has no source. Anyone who uses a word with quotation marks like that is usually an idiot. They do it because they lack a large enough vocabulary to properly convey ideas and need to resort to approximations.

I love that sound. Nothing like dead quiet in the library and cracking one of those babies open. How else are you going to rub the fact you've got a soda/energy drink and everyone else doesn't in people's faces?

yes, for when it starts raining gallium, so annoying having the can melt in your hand

could we have a twist-off bottle cap on a can?

Carbon is more toxic than a light metal poisoning.


>adult males drinking carbonated sugar water

lmao lemme see them credentials u went to harvard bud?

>and everyone else doesn't
the third world is a dark place

Soda Cans are for a type -3 civilization of stupid apes, think about it

Cylinders are an inefficiently Homoerotic method of storing and transporting liquid. They make soda cans a Cylinder and argue for it on the basis of our Phallic and Patriarchal rule over society. i.e. - see gatorade bottles, skylines, obelisks, etc.

If they really wanted to actually made Soda Cans efficient for storage, transportation, and consumption, they would be squares. You can more easily transport a bunch of square cans, you can drink out of a square can, and store square cans easily, much better than round cans.

Round cans just fall all over the place, and they can roll everywhere because they're round. Most importantly however is obviously the psychological conditioning of the masses to consume the liquid of a phallic object, that is, the cylinder, or contemporary soda can.

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Square cans would be weak around the edges, requiring more metal to reinforce them and making manufacturing more complex. Don't forget that soda cans are sealed under high pressure.

Absolutely not. Glass isn't malleable, so if you try to drink a lot and fully cover the bottle with your lips, a vacuum forms on the inside and sucks the bottle to your lips. The fixed structure of the bottle also means that you can't chug the water because there has got to be some air entering it when the water flows out. This slows down the rate at which you can drink it. With plastic and aluminum, the containers are malleable enough that they will temporarily cave in on themselves when you're chugging, so your speed is much less limited than with glass bottles and you don't have to worry about a vacuum forming in the can/bottle.

One the subject of improving soda cans, having a second hole above the tab is an improvement. This allows air to flow in as you drink the soda which lets you chug that motherfucker even faster. Start stabbing holes in the top of your cans before beerio kart and you'll win every round.

you really want to think about dick whenever you drink from a bottle or can, huh?

Well anyways the solution is clear, if Soda Cans are inefficiently transported, and stored in a Phallic Can, if follows that a Vagina shaped Can would be the efficient solution - and i thought about it.

I drew up some plans, but the best solution I have so far are elbow macaroni shaped cans that bend at roughly 25 degree angle so that when 2 are stacked together they look like a metallic poontang, and the pop top is the clit, or where you drink out of. The design is also meant to maximize storage because you can stick an addition can between the two stacked vagina lip cans.

Also since these cans have a curvature bend of roughly 25 degrees, they don't roll away as easily.

In conclusion, the world of tomorrows beverage containers consists of consuming beverages out of vagina shaped containers where the pop tab is a clitorious , in tomorrows Feminist World Order

*it follows that a vagina shaped can is the solution

not at all, thats why I'm critical of cylinders in the application of contemporary engineering and favor shapes that resemble vaginas such as the crescent, the oval, and parallelogram

Thorium cans make more sense

>going on a pseudo-freudian "EVERYTIHNG IS DIKS XDXDXD" drivel just to justify how pissed off you are at your cans rolling off.
There are many way better reasons to make the can cylindrical:

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The first can I ever opened was some sort og fruit drink sold at my elementary school
I took a minute to figure out the mechanism and proceeded to somehow slice my finger wide open
I bled all over the place. And every time I open a can I think about it

That may be true, but my point is that reality and existence is arbitrary in construction. I could easily as argue that vagina lip shaped cans are better, especially under a Matriarchal Feminist World Order, but thats not the contemporary case. I am only pointing out that only under a Patriarchal Phallic world order would controllers of society force everyone to symbolically drink out of a penis. Wouldn't you rather drink pepsi or coke out of a vagina ?

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but squares are masculine you dolt, and are also weaker structures

I would rather the manufacturers of toxic sludge drinks who push it to children and the mentally feeble receive death penalties for the burden they've passed onto us all to pay for fraudulent, allopathic "medicine".

this is why i argued for interlocking crescent or interlocking banana shaped cans.

holding a cube wouldnt be as ergonomic you gay faggot

imagine being so uneducated you think aluminium cans are literally just aluminium.