Sam Harris - Comes out as a Race Realist officially

PUBLISHED TODAY, A Neuroscientist and top intellectual joins the Race Realism team. The wave of realists has begun.

Human “general intelligence” is a scientifically valid concept.
IQ tests do a pretty good job of measuring it.
A person’s IQ is highly predictive of his/her success in life.
Mean IQ differs across populations (blacks < whites < Asians).
It isn’t known to what degree differences in IQ are genetically determined, but it seems safe to say that genes play a role (and also safe to say that environment does too).

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Alert, Sam Harris, Neuroscientist has published

Mean IQ differs across populations (blacks < whites < Asians).

brave and stunning

>Sam Harris

>>>/reddit/ is that way faggot.

Why the homophobia?

Sam Harris has a large following and is a neuroscientist. Hence an important figure in bringing balance back to the discussion. If he can say it, more people will be able to.

white people do not seem smarter to me in general than black people

Maybe you haven't met enough black people

what's the tl;dr?

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Which upscale New England suburb do you hail from, friend?

>Comes out as a Race Realist officially

All he did was interview Charles Murray, you lying sack of shit. Or do you have no reading comprehension whatsoever?

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Sam Harris is surprisingly good on the Race and IQ issue.

His podcast with Charles Murray:

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I have always disliked Sam Harris and I refuse to give him clicks even when he is right.

I don't get it, this picture of a community in particular period of its economic development trajectory that all communities go through after exposure to industrialization implies what?

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This board, is a dangerous and scary place at least for people who don't want to burn in hell for decades.

>it's afraid.jpg

>This board, is a dangerous and scary place at least for people who don't want to burn in hell for decades.
What do you mean?

>classic maga reality denial

...a deeply rational and careful scholar who is quite obviously motivated by an ethical concern about inequality in our society.
This is not a person who was in favor of discrimination, whatever the difference in average IQ is across groups.
You know nothing about a person's intelligence on the basis of his or her skin color, that is just a fact.
There is much more variance among individuals in any racial group than there is between groups, so besides being unethical and politically imprudent, it is totally irrational to treat people as anything other than individuals.
-Sam Harris

get out of philly

are you retarded?

One Asian Communist government/economy overcomes two Capitalist economies/Democratic governments created by White people, carried out by two different races.


>It isn’t known to what degree differences in IQ are genetically determined, but it seems safe to say that genes play a role (and also safe to say that environment does too).

Literally no biologist will disagree with this statement. This doesn't place you into the camp of being a race realist. Can you /pol/tards not post something that completely contradicts what you're saying in your opening pasta?


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>Literally no biologist will disagree with this statement.
Plenty do, look at a survey of expert opinion on it

No, I just don't respect his intellect. Ezra Klein is a hack too. Why should I care these two are beating each other up? Fuck em.

shitty cop out imo

You can't make the claim that one group is predisposed to one thing and the other to another, and simultaneously that we should treat individuals within these two groups equally. There is this concept called probability you know, you can't just throw that away.

He's saying don't use stuff that we haven't even really gotten into the deep nitty gritty as justification for abuse/discrimination. Since said abuse/assholishness can be used to cause a catch-22 to further entrench disadvantage and disparity as seen in the past. That is underfunded and undersupported something>it's failing>what do we do>it's bound to fail/they aren't worth it>let it fail>something is dysfunctional and fails to perform it's purpose>repeat.

guess that's why Harris is famous and you are a racist shitposter

We should create a /pseudosci/

Also leads to "Frieza" scenarios where the IDEA of the legendary super saiyan whether he existed, exists or can exist drives one to the point of various negative states of emotion of various intensity that drives one (or governments) to consciously or unconsciously hinder said group even if you clearly are on top of things (which can cause problems to develop in the short or long Term).

Try living in a place that refuses to fund education because they didn't think it was worth the money to spend on you due to trumped up reasons.

>shitposter has spoken

What i am trying to get at is that what he believes (the immutable IQ differences between races) is an intellectual framework for the justification of discrimination.

Saying discrimination is bad does you no good when you are an advocate of the framework it's based up on.

>hiroshima happens
>"let's fix this by denying atoms exist"

>race is defined by skin color!

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That a Reddit science man is saying this is part of why I’ve been posting threads critical of intelligence supremacism and pointing out the evolutionary advantage of being a retard in certain climates and social contexts. You’ve seen what normalfags did to antiracism. You want to see how they ruin racism? It’s on the way.

>t. Amerimutt who thinks he's white

They are. They do far better in school, academically commanding careers and IQ tests

If differences between individuals are known to be due to environment and genetics , why wouldn't your null hypothesis be that differences between groups are also due to both environment and genetics?

Environmentalists have no answer for this. They want to assert that their dogma , that differences in average Iq between groups are entirely due to environment , should be taken as the null hypothesis when there is 0 reason to do that.

Someone try to justify this to me.

Maybe he comes from Eastern Europe. There's plenty of dumb, aggressive white people here.

He is correct.

T. Never met a black person

You absolute bad arse for linking this, cheers user.

>/pol/ tards interpret things in way that confirms thier beliefs
>sam harris said a thing and that means niggers should be sytematically murdered
Okay man

T. No exposed to enough poor white people.

>sam harris is woke and into sci so we right
>climate cahnge is a myth, why believe sci?

There has never been any scientific evidence for race. Race started with the Spainard when they invaded the native-americans. They made the concept of race up.

There has never been proof for race gene. If one understand the scientific fact, you'll see that words like white race, black race, and native-american race are words that don't make any sense.

Alas, I think if people knew this fact, they'll still continue to go on their ways with racial bias such as marry within their own group or deny a black guy a job.

Trump is The Genius of the Carparkians

it’s as cringey as the idiots who claim geographical superiority, yet don’t even fucking realize humans began in africa. they literally say that that’s a lie and their entire lineage comes from europe.... before they came to america

Low IQ posts

Ever since humans invented writing they have noticed that people from other places look different from them. As for nigger inferiority, the earliest sources are probably from the arabs, not the spaniards.

Of course there is no race gene. There are practically no phenotypical traits which are expressed due to only one gene. But there are thousands of genes which appear in certain proportions in some races and not in others. And by identifying these genes you can determine a person's racial makeup down to small percentages. That's how 23andme works.

We all evolved from apes too, does that mean that other apes are as smart as humans? Heck why stop there, we all evolved from single cell organisms: I guess we should practice affirmative action so that more bacteria are CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

>Ever since humans invented writing they have noticed that people from other places look different from them. As for nigger inferiority, the earliest sources are probably from the arabs, not the spaniards

Not really, the Romans and Greeks traded with Ethiopia(then called Axum). The Axumites even invaded the Arab peninsula. The Axumites were a large civilization and one of the first nations to become Christian when King Ezana converted around 300AD. Proto-arabs were just tribalistic niggers, I can't imagine them thinking "we be more advance n shiet den da axumites."

Axumites were also proto-arabs. Their homeland was in yemen.

Nope, Axumites came from Dmt. They traded with the Sabeans but didn't come from them. And genetically there is an isolated East African gene that every Ethiopian has, neither nilotic nor arab. Nice try though.

From a statistical perspective, that's not easy to test, and likely won't offer results with that null

What you don't get is that nobody denies that there are regional differences in IQ, it is that the differences within any arbitrary group (be it nation, race, religious group or any other form of identity) is much bigger than the difference between these groups. Take for example "whites". If you take all "whites", and compare them with all "blacks", the whites will perform better on average. However, if you look closer into the group of whites, you will se that the variety within that group is even bigger, than between blacks and whites. For example, Serbs have an IQ of 89, while Swedes have an IQ of 105. Thats a solid 16 IQ difference between white peoples. Meanwhile the difference between blacks and whites is 97 IQ points for whites, and 90 IQ points for blacks. So only a difference of 7 IQ points. Now you can also again divide one single group of whites into more groups. Germans overall have an average IQ of 102. However, eastern germans are at 96, while Bavarians are at 99, and citizens from the city-state of Hamburg are at 105. So even within one single group of whites, the variety is 9, bigger than between blacks and whites. Now you can go even further, and single out different groups for example in Hamburg. One neighbourhood will do better, than the other. And now you can go one step further, and watch at the individual level, and you will see that within one very high-performing neighbourhood, there can still be single brainlets.

Point is, average IQs simply don't mean that much. The correlation to economic success is only there because of Africa. If you take that out of the dataset, there is no correlation at all. Koreans perform much better on IQ tests, than greeks, but they have similar economic success. Sweden, the country with the highest average IQ in europe, is not the one with the highest performing economy. Serbia, the country with the lowest average IQ in europe, is not the one with the worst economic performance.


Not that fellow but from what I can infer the thrust of their post is "There is more variation within a single racial group than between any two racial groups"
eg. white to blacks vs. swedes to serbs

That's not true at all.
Black people have obvious issues with thinking.

I'd agree with you if you were comparing Whites and Latinos, or if you were comparing Whites and Muslims, but it's obvious that black people are, on average, on a lower mental level than any other race.

The black IQ is between 65-70, not 90. If you're going to use Lynn's low estimates for Balkan countries it's only fair you use Lynn's estimates for black IQ

But it's known that Lynn specifically low-balled black countries exclusively.

Me neither, I don't understand why everyone thinks this

There are very obvious environmental factors for IQ development in Africa. Blacks that are raised in developed nations perform around 90 on IQ tests.

>Blacks that are roughly a 1/4 European perform at around 85 on IQ tests
>Blacks from Africa perform at 75

I don't like this "One drop = black" mentality.
Blacks in America are obviously multi-racial.

The reason for the IQ discrepancy you named in germany is that highly educated people (education of course correlating with IQ) leave eastern germany to make more money in the west and in the cities and therefor doesnt really have anything to do with regional genetics

90 IQ points for blacks seems rather high too considering from what I know american blacks have an average IQ of 85 and those had some level of mixing done

IQ definitely correletes to success on the individual level so one should assume it would on the national level too.
The reason it isnt showing clearly is because there are too many factors to consider

IQ is different among races

IQ is a predictor of success in life

Your cause and effect are flipped


You need to go to Houston and talk to the Black people over there.

Their hands are slow, and their brains are too.

It's ALMOST mental retardation.
I have a mother that's 30% black, and she can't hold information in her head like me and my father. She's very insightful and intelligent because she's a human being, but she can't keep up when it comes to finer jokes that require thought, etc, and she tends to interpret things very literally.

She's slower, but she's not stupid, and I can easily see how someone would attribute this to "no difference" if they had a bias toward seeing the world in one way.

I'm not talking about blacks in the US. Great Britain and France have large black communities, too. Blacks in the UK score around 90 on IQ tests:

(see table 4, those are CAT scores, so IQ scores would be 2-4 points lower)

Says the negro

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>The negro

I'll have you know I am a pure European.

28% is negligible

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In the US black and white populations aren't very integrated, and the blacks who are integrated into non-black areas seem to act differently that the blacks who live in majority black cities/states. Also, there seems to be this thing in the black community that looks down on or tries to shame blacks who have integrated well, or been successful.

>lynn wuz raycis n sheeit.

There are also obvious development factors in the Balkans.

There are no diseases and famines that hinder the brain development of children. So no, there aren't.

Yes, they had this little thing called a civil war in the 90s... and they still outscore black americans who are 20% west european...

There were no famines and diseases during the war.

There was certainly malnutrition and psychological trauma, not talk about disrupted education. Do african americans suffer from starvation and disease?

Sam got baited by a slimy slippery troll:

1) Vox under Ezra publishes cleverly disguised smear article.

2) Sam says, ok let's talk about this, and stop calling me a racist or race realist please, that's just libellous.

3) Ezra changes some of the article, tweets that Harris is dangerous and Murray a racist

4) (this is basicly where the emails start)

Ezra: "yeah totally let's talk, fairness and communication are great!"

Sam: "Ok, you dishonest slut, I see what you're doin. I'm not gonna talk to you if you don't admit that article and your tweets are shitty. You'll just use the time to dodge questions again and politely incinuate for 2 hours that I'm a racist and a nazi for brownie points. Admit your shittery first, so we can actually talk honestly."

Ezra: "Oh my, why you mad? Let's just talk!"

Sam: "Fuck off".

Ezra is putting on a coy smile & playing dumb, while he gets his deputy editors to do the dirty work of slandering Sam as a pseudoscientific racialist.

Stop tryin to get you's by lying my dude, he says like thirty times that he doesn't want to even be associated with this race realist shit. Stop being desperate.

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African americans were bred by slaveholders for 300 years. They are not a normal african population. If you want to talk about africans IQ, you need to look at the actual africans.

>African americans were bred by slaveholders for 300 years.
[Citation needed]

They weren't selectively bred like dogs, that's a complete fantasy.

>look at the actual africans
They're way worse than african americans.

but it doesn't explain why success is frowned upon.

They should all be capable of it, but they're not. It's the fox and the grapes.

No one wants to be poor.

You're right they weren't selectively bred, but they were raped.

>They're way worse than african americans.

see All the Blacks in the UK came only after the war, they have virtually zero white admixture. They are "pure" blacks.

>They weren't selectively bred like dogs, that's a complete fantasy.


White admixture increased their IQ

They are pure blacks, but they are blacks that are the smartest in all of Africa.

They learned that a better life awaited them in a first world nation. They engineered a plan to escape from Africa, and they successfully executed that plan and attained citizenship in the UK.

They're very intelligent.
Black immigrants that came from hell are the smartest black people you'll ever meet.

..Merkel? That you?

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Sam Harris rules.


Sam lashes out at Trump for how he handles media. Could learn a thing or two.

The best defense is a good ?

>he thinks these tests actually work

So the alt right thinks hes "thier guy" now despite all the times they have called him a moron. Cool.

>They weren't selectively bred like dogs, I live in a complete fantasy land.

>school choice has less than 1% of impact on exam results
libtards on suicide watch

>Also, there seems to be this thing in the black community that looks down on or tries to shame blacks who have integrated well, or been successful.

People misinterpret that hard and don't understand the historical context (or see some cases where it is justifued). Watch him that kith episode about hank and his football issue with his ankle and you'll see what I am talking about.

This is sp obvious but that fact it nerds to be pointed out is sad for Veeky Forums

The differences and gaps are staying the same regardless of social programs or time passing. Not to mention black countries themselves.

The genetic gap can't be solved without genetic solutions.

Black African Iq is growing user. Why do people think that development and gains in human capital some how doesn't effect africans despite it taking hold in every single other continent that experienced industrialisation.