I have a question. Why isn't this a real thing?

I have a question. Why isn't this a real thing?

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Because it makes zero sense.

Why not? it looks cool to me.

At some point a game just gets overly complex (inb4 hurr brainlet) with no appreciable gain in pleasure. Ever play Warhammer? A 1000 point game is fun. A 10,000 point game is just a slog.

You can't cover a sphere with just squares. You'd have to throw a few pentagons to fill some spots.

I really don't think it would be that much more complex than standard chess.
Would still be fine, doesn't have to be all squares.

I agree about the size of the game, but would you have the same complaint if a standard chess board was projected onto a sphere?

>what is infinite chess
check and mate in [math]\omega^{2}[/math] turns


because a plane is not homeomorphic to a sphere

Because this is.
Paco sako is the future of chess

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Had a look at their site, it looks cool but also a bit contrived. Is the gameplay actually interesting?

visual image of what leval trumps plating at

It sounds like a really boring game.

You are asking the wrong question.

Pentagonal Chess board.

but the extended complex numbers are homeomorphic to the reimann sphere

i looked at the site as well. i was in chess clubs as a kid but lost interest. this looks like it could hold my interest intensely though.

It is, it's called regimental chess.

Yes, it is surprisingly fun for the creation of a hipster.

This game is more fun to play against people of lower skill, as pieces remain on the board. So, there is always the possibility of a comeback if you lose your guard.

That is, more interesting than playing chess against noobs.

>He dosn`t play Taikyoku Shogi
Brainlet detected

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Oh wait, there is no concept of taking at all, just combining. I was confused for a bit but it sounds pretty cool then.

Yeah, you can play online in


AI is idiot, but I sometimes hang around you can also join the pacosako team on lichess

But the sphere though =(

>(inb4 hurr brainlet)

Well, you are the one who said it.

You can make a game board like that, OP. Just use velcro.

>enter chess thread
>"god this shit is boring"

Okay, now poke yourself in the eye.


You would not be able to play chess an a sphere. Grids to not map to spheres.

Fun fact: the game tetrisphere is actually played on a torus. The game just presents it like a sphere when you play.

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