What do you have to say about this, Veeky Forums?

What do you have to say about this, Veeky Forums?

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Trivially true

>wikipedia says so, therefore it must be true!

If that is true than an infinite universe means God exists

This is a boring thread. We have it daily and it always unequivocally devolves into wildburger posting. Stop it.

trivially false

number theory is for fuckin nerds desu

Anyone can edit that.

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>a convergent series equals it's limit

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An engineer wrote that. 0.999999999999999999 meters = 1 meter in real life and anyone who says otherwise is just trying too hard to be correct and/or funny.

Pure math wise, this guy has the right idea.

0.999... = 0.999...
10(0.999...) = 10(0.999...)
10(0.999...) = 9.999...
10(0.999...) = 9 + 0.999...
9(0.999...) = 9
0.999... = 1

>No one actually bothers to read the article which shows proofs

>what are equivalence classes of cauchy sequences

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What the fuck is this shit. Why would I want "cults", "infanticide", "preemptive penal organ harvesting", or "Sacred whores".

How is Matt. VII. xix "omnis arbor quae non facit fructum bonum exciditur et in ignem mittitur" relevant?

>retards can't accept not all reals have unique decimal representation

Don't bother, people arguing about this topic don't even know what a real number is.

prove that 10(0.999....)=9.999...

It's it's true, then you should be able to prove 0.999 = 1 in base 2 or in base 6 number systems. I suspect any proof wouldn't work in any number system other than base10.

sure thing

10(0.999...) = 10(9/10+9/100+9/1000+...) = 9+9/10+9/100... = 9.999...

and generally

it's always bugged the fuck out of me that the image isn't logarithmically scaled

it just goes to show that math can be a fraud, and we all know that
magical "logic tricks" that are not true, yet, "the proofs!" are "given"
>close enough for government work

>math can be a fraud
how is it fraudulent?

>calculus is evidence of God

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that first line should be