Could a bullet be developed that loses most if not all velocity after about 100 feet...

Could a bullet be developed that loses most if not all velocity after about 100 feet? I know there's some bullet materials that disintegrate when they hit a wall basically to prevent them from penetrating things.

Like it could kill to 100 feet and after that it just dies?

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Yes the technology is ready

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No, there is no material sentient enough to know when it's traveled 100 feet. On top of that, there is no material sentient enough to annihilate itself after it's traveled 100 feet.

Well couldn't we design a bullet shape that slows itself down rather quickly?

That would entail putting a parachute on the bullet. Or perhaps making the bullet have a thruster opposite the direction of travel out the barrel.

There have been artillery shells with fuses that explode in mid air for a long time. IIRC the US military has bullets with chips in them that do this.

make the bullets out of jello

>No, there is no material sentient enough to know when it's traveled 100 feet.

Depends on where you draw the line for what is and isn't a bullet. You could certainly launch a device that activates a thruster or opens a latch that increases drag after a set amount of time (think timed fuse) though.
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Just put a mecanism that automatically activates after x amount of rotation (just like the fuses on HE shells and stuff), and massively increases the drag, like a retarded bomb.

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make it out of 2 materials

1 outer coating that burns up at high velocity in controlled manner so at approximately 100 feet it the outer shell is all burned up

inner dense material, that burns up at high velocity extremely extremely rapidly so as soon as the outer shell is gone, the inner core self destructs

The three of you are actually Euro educated idiots. Please, tell me of a sentient material that disintegrates at 100 feet. I'm not talking about micro computers thay cause a bullet to airburst as that would defeat the purpose of a bullet that loses velocity. Fuck you three for taking dick harder than you took chemistry/physics classes.

Heat materials won't work. The bulley is already crazy hot before even leaving the barrel.

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American education everyone. You just need to desing a bullet that has very high air friction.
The problem is it might also get stuck in fleshy targets which is a big no no. It would also probally be expensive to make.

We already have this technology. It is mostly used for explosive rounds. It keeps them from blowing up too close to you and/or blows up the instant it senses that its entered through the opening of a window or door. You can simply set it to whatever distance you want. There's a couple different rifle systems that use this, some are not finished while others are discontinued for some reason even though they worked.

I'm curious. What rifle systems are those?


You could probably design the materials, shape, weight, etc. to drop off at a certain distance rather quickly (compared to most other bullets) but without some mechanism that alters the bullet it wouldn't be instant...even then, aside from actually directing the bullet downwards or reducing its velocity by some means or something, there aren't many ways to stop it. If you have something that 'shatters' it when triggered (by distance) the pieces would still travel quite a ways. It's hard to just stop all of it with no distance threshold. I guess you could go to great lengths with a specialised cartridge/bullet and all, but it would be far from a simple conventional bullet. It would be inferior, costly, error-prone, and fragile.

Yeah, penetration of air and penetration of people has a lot in common.

Reverse Gyro-jet, maybe? Fires like a regular gun, the rockets, facing forward, kick in after 100 feet to decelerate?

Would hate to get hit with one of those, though...

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Yes. Light materials. Aluminium bullets are used for these purposes.

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bird shot

We could do it, but it'd be pretty expensive compared to a regular bullet.

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With a sufficiently heavy bullet launched at a sufficiently slow speed, yeah

Didn't read enough. Just stick a firecracker fuse on the bullet and you're done

You'd basically have to get it to blow the bullet.

This is tricky to make for a bullet considering how much you have to work with.
Basically thisI'm from /k/

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I want it to be lethal through the first 100ft, I know there's foam/rubber/taser bullets

12-gauge target shells (for shooting skeet). At short range, the pellets are basically a pre-franged frangible bullet, but because they're so small, they lose speed quickly as they spread out and grab their own air. Not a bad home-defense round.

You could make a really good range-limited round if you built a small explosive charge into a frangible round, such that the fast-burning fuse is ignited when you fire the round.

Other way around, chum. It's a sufficiently light bullet launched at sufficiently high speed that's deadly at short range and loses it quickly in the air.

>Could a bullet be developed that loses most if not all velocity after about 100 feet?
Yeah it just has to be a very low density bullet with a very high drag shape.
i.e. lead (or even depleted uranium) is used because the density allows it to continue 'penetrating' though the wind resistance.

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It's also easy to make bullets with lead, especially in the musket days.

I should say, the trouble with 12-gauge target (or birdshot) is that it doesn't transition quickly from deadly to relatively harmless. It's a long, smooth curve between blowing a hole the size of a quarter through a person, wall, or whatever and just bouncing off your skin, with plenty of range where it's both unacceptably ineffectual against an opponent with a gun yet unacceptably harmful against a family member or neighbor.

Still, one of the better choices for devastating knockdown effect at in-home range, yet unlikely to kill anyone who's more than one room away.

Is there a better Stupid Ass Gun than the Gyro-Jet?

High Density and High Drag. Try researching tungsten if you live in a mining area they use tungsten all the time for equipment and you could get scraps.

>very high air friction
And it loses all sense of accuracy.

>American education everyone.
>very high air friction.

like shotguns in call of duty?

You could probably do something with a bullet's geometry that changes the drag coefficient in subsonic from what it is in supersonic. I don't know enough fluid dynamics to comment but maybe something that increases turbulence in subsonic is possible.

HAHA WTF Nr5 is that a real bullet?? What would that be good for? Penetrating 25 people in a row? Maybe it is what OP is asking for. A bullet burning up from friction after 100ft.

FN 5.7

That's a standard machine gun round.