Tell me what you guys get, I got 150. I just want to see what I measure to...

Tell me what you guys get, I got 150. I just want to see what I measure to. I doubt it is anything realistic cause I don't think I would get that high in an actual one but yeah.

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OP here, I just took a few more online tests and they all say I have >140.

They can't be real right? It just has to be brainlets making these quizzes too easy.

I just got a 160 and I skipped a few because I'm pretty tired.

All tests except from MENSA or a Psychologists are memetests. I frequently hit the ceiling on most of them

This is the only online test worth a damn thing. Most people report that its result was very close to that of their real test.

Yep, this test is a joke as I'm pretty sure I don't have a 190 IQ

I got tested a 135 once, and this one just gave me a 200 score.

170. 20 questions, 10 points to be earned from each one. That's not how it works. Got 133 on the norway one

I wrote the official MENSA test with a supervisor and got 136+. On this one I got 170 which is WAY to high for me. I'm pretty clever but I'm not smarter than Hawking.

Using my superior IQ, I see there were 20 questions and 200 points so each question was worth 10 points and thus I fucked up 4 times. I wonder where.

Anyways, OP is a brainlet.

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I refuse to believe Buffett's IQ is anything less than 150. Investing, especially Buffett's style of value investing, is all about analyzing market information and finding patterns within the noise. How is a higher IQ not a huge advantage?

yeah, i'm gonna call bs

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come at me brainlets

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that's literally the first image to come up when you google iq test norway though

>me not being a brainlet
your test is wrong op

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>say "i dont know" to three of the tests
Yeah, na.

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>english vocabulary test
Guys, I'm stuck on this one.
It can't be shovel because shovels and spades are different, club and spade are different in a pack of cards and an oak is a tree and a needle is a thin pokey thing.

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Einstein never even took an IQ test... BS test.

Pretty easy test OP

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I'm honestly OK with this given I haven't had more than six hours of sleep at a time in the past four months

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You're over thinking it, I'm pretty sure they mean it to be shovel. None of the others make any sense at all

t. assmad brainlet

Did it a while ago but it's alright.

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