Does the soul exist? Evidence says yes

Robert Lanza M.D is on the edge of proving that the soul exists scientifically.

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>Dec 21, 2011
Looks like he didn't get anywhere.

Weird. It was dated this month on the google news feed.

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what is this picture even saying?

things on right good
things on left bad

Why would I want "sacred whores", "infanticide", "stress", "cults", "ISIS", "gassing the presentists", "0.999... != 1", "slavery formalization", "preemptive penal organ harvesting"

so you would be represented by the person on the left

I read that guy's book. He doesn't really prove much and takes the idea of quantum uncertainty a bit too literally but his ideas are at least interesting when viewed as philosophy. I think his strongest claim was that space and time have no concrete reality and are just concepts humans use to interpret the causal relationships we observe.

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>what is this picture even saying?
It's a corrupted version of the original similar picture which involved a regular Pepe extending his hand to a downtrodden Wojak.
The version of Pepe in that altered image was done by the user who made this weird /r9k/ forced meme (which he named "TeeHee," pic related) a couple years back. There was only this one guy who drew the character and he was the only one posting it and trying to get it to catch on. I don't know if the Pepe in that image is meant to be a reference to his original character or if he's just not varied much in how he draws.
That said I don't think he had an actual message in that picture. I think he just wanted to post his own retarded Pepe edit and just threw a bunch of topics together on both sides without trying to make either side mean anything overall.

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Did you know he wrote a second book? Check it out if you enjoyed the first one

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>Deepak Choopra
Dismissed. That brainlet makes me angry


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>him being wrong about thing X means he is wrong about everything

Threaded about two weeks ago.
Read the Psychology Today article.
Pseudo-intellectual bullshit by someone who wouldn't know a wave-function if he tripped over one.

I don't pretend to know psychology.
He shouldn't pretend he knows QM.

true, that's not evidence he's wrong about everything

he IS wrong about everything, though

Well, when someone claims to be a leading world-class mathematician but then claims 1+1=3 then that's enough evidence to at least doubt the original claim.

Tengri, the Khazarian blood cult, 1st millenium, and apparently carried on until today, often in secret : " a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world "
DMT - the Luciferians, the out of body experiences... some DMT users leave their bodies and view their passed out body as they float about the room, also the spirit demons give them knowledge they download from the "hyperspace"....

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Googled the guy. It looks like pseudo-science...
Is he famous ?

Dude what

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>endorsement from Deepak Chopra
I take back anything bad I ever said about cover endorsements. They are actually pretty informative.

>Robert Lanza M.D

“Robert Lanza is widely acknowledged as one of the fathers of the field of applied stem cell biology.”

– Mark S Blumenkranz, MD, MMS
HJ Smead Professor, Stanford University, and Trustee, Brown University


the topic is a soul
try to remember that

Another one that understands the laughable mess that modern physics is ... and tries to set a new standard

Does QM claim a soul exists, unwittingly ?
QM says when the Observer observes, the quanta takes form and locks in place the duality - or chirality, or opposite quanta

So are their instruments the fault, their method, or their claim that the Observers soul alters the equation and sets down the reality ?

>So are their instruments the fault, their method, or their claim that the Observers soul alters the equation and sets down the reality ?
It's a problem with the instruments and method, but it's an absolute mechanical problem that sort of naturally happens when you try to work with objects that small and fundamental. It's not something that can be solved as far as we know.

in other words the(your) answer doesn't fit with the hype and marketing and also the errant follow on theories and hypothesis ...

>the field is a mess

>Does QM claim a soul exists, unwittingly ?

>QM says when the Observer observes, the quanta takes form and locks in place the duality - or chirality, or opposite quanta
No, it doesn't say anything like this.

The human brain has been shown to use quantum mechanics to work. Doesn't prove a soul, but fascinating none the less.

Why do you keep posting this crap all over the place?
We aren't getting a superintelligence my guy, get over it.

No, it hasn't.
Penrose has SUGGESTED a mechanism.
That's all.
Zero "proof".

If you've evidence otherwise, citation please.

>We aren't getting a superintelligence
Do you have a single fact to back this up?

How is he wrong about everything?

Him being fat and not understanding nutrition has nothing to do with AI or Bayesian epistemology.

You're the one who has to prove we are, you're making the claim. Do you even study computer science and Artificial Intelligence, or do you just swallow the Kurzweil Moore's Law Law of accelerating returns less wrong shit that no one takes seriously in the industry?

>The human brain has been shown to use quantum mechanics to work.
>huur duuur, brain is made of matter and matter use quantum mechanics so brain must use quantum mechanics to work the way it does
Call us when you put an ounce of reasoning behind your arguments.

>Not science or math

You forget the reeeeee

It has been in the news a few times in the past year. I'm not a scientist nor do I really care if it is proven to be right or wrong over time.

soul is stored in the balls.

Kind of annoying when people say "evidence" when there really isn't any.

>Evidence says yes
Maybe if you posted that evidence I would agree

>clicks on google news feed

We've observed quantum behavior in molecules as large as buckyballs so I don't know why you'd think that quantum behavior doesn't have some influence over how the brain functions. If you accept the brain could evolve to use chemistry to operate why would you be so ideologically opposed to the idea the brain could use quantum mechanics to operate? It makes zero sense. Biological organisms use laws of physics and chemistry to function but suddenly quantum phenomena which govern physics and chemistry is a step too far?