Cancer cured, what's next?

Cancer cured, what's next?

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*Smokes a victorious cigarette*

>vaccines are cures now

Well shit

space travel preferably

Close enough.
I wonder if antivaxxers will doom their kids to a life with cancer risk, assuming the vaccine will actually work on humans. At least then they won't fuck everyone else over too with contagious diseases.

"cancer" is not a disease. Its a collection of hundreds of diseases that all operate differently.

>Jan 31 2018
>literally not even picked up by dailymail
This definitely is nothing.

Ask me how I know you didn't read the article.

>t. didn't read the OA

Nice. Hope they learn how to use this without triggering autoimmune diseases.

>t. didn't read the OA

" that is unlikely to cause the adverse side effects often seen with bodywide immune stimulation"

That could change radically after testing with millions.
Thalidomide was seen as harmless in the beginning too.

Fully automated luxury gay space communism.

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>what's next?

Aging itself.

>tfw millennials (and Gen Zs) trying to be cynical in the face of so much progress

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Gamma knife radiosurgery

>hurr durr thalidomide was fine at first huur
Leave this thread.

>tfw you get thrown into a group of shitty people because or your age.

That's ageism or something!

>i have no argument

I require a drug that wipes the last hour from people's memories for uh ... rape ... er, I mean for reasons. Yeah, for reasons.

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bullshit. if that was true. the whole media would spam the shit out of that news for money

>an...and people said we would never be able to fly!!!


>he thinks the media makes money from reporting things

>he thinks we fly just like Orville did

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they did alot more than just that though, they made the immune system kill any and all kinds of cancer cells