Fuck you brainlets, official MENSA says I got 136+

Fuck you brainlets, official MENSA says I got 136+.

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Oops, it says 135+... Guess I am a brainlet after all :(


>Roine El-Habta

Yeah, my country is fucked, as soon as I get into an American University I'm out of this shithole.


From shithole to cesspit. Have fun.

I have a better idea.
Get an airship.
Rules the skies.
Rain down terror on the normie hordes.

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Well I'm currently living in Fisks├Ątra, pic related. It's horrid and I'm tired of getting beat up by afghans. At least America has good universities.

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Good idea! How much time does it take and how much does it cost to get an airship license?

cool now go and be a productive member of society i believe in you

I got 131 and I work 10 hours a day making 496 Euros a month in Grease

I actually passed the test but never signed up to be a member, I was too autistic to ever meet up or anything

Maybe that's why I'm only making minimum wage too.

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You'll have to pay for your Membership, why would you do that if you are poor? Mensa membership is for people who like to brag about their IQ, and thats totally it

It was 20 euros

How many Mensa members are grills? Could be worth it for the waifu prospects

OP here, didn't sign up either, too many fart smellers.

>not living in Solsidan

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>paying for someone to tell you you're smart
Your true IQ is subzero

I payed to find out IF I am smart. If I scored low I would have paid for someone to call me stupid.

Can't afford it. I will be moving to Lund in a few months to start studying theoretical physics and math at the uni there, hopefully there will be less afghans beating my face.

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>tired of getting beat up by afghans
You sound like a pussy.

1. Have you practiced the online test before taking the real one?

2. Are you actually getting beaten down by afghans? Randomly? /norrland/ here btw.

>i have to have a paper from a puzzle solving club to prove that im smart

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even the creator of mensa admitted hes disappointed that poor people are managing to pass their tests

1. Nope

2. It's happened twice, first time I confronted some guys about slapping a woman, one guy punched me right on the nose. Second time some guys beat me down and mugged me outside my door.

Dricker norrlands guld just nu btw.

syrian? and where from Syria habibe?

I'm not syrian, I'm Swedish. My country, Sweden, is fucked. The name on the paper is the person who corrected my test.

Yeah, and you really can learn to take those kinda tests too. I went from 128 to 138 just by practicing.

I think that's a really big issue.
If your score can change with practice, your score can plummet or rise on the basis of how you feel/your motivation when you take the thing.

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oh yeah definitely. If you put everything into it ofc you'll get a better score. I dunno I wouldn't take the scores too seriously. But ofc if you got 110 you're not gonna get over 130 out of nothing. Unless you were really slacking the first time

It's kind of like online FPS games

The guy that just wants to shoot the bad dude will get 1-2 kills, but the guy that is alert and actively thinking about enemy insertions and the map itself will chalk 10.

I don't think intelligence can be measured for this reason. You need to measure motivation, general welfare, and anxiety and average all of these things, and you can't get an accurate read-out unless someone takes the test multiple times, and when they take the test multiple times, they effectively soil any validity it had.

>american education

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I think you can be fairly certain if you put in all you have, sit in a quiet room without distractions. At least it's the best system we've got

Like it or not MIT is the best school in the world for physics.

But American University discriminate against whites with their affirmative action policy.

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135 is really low dude :( you can't get into a phd program let alone contribute meaningfully.

My friend IQ is 130, he is doing a phd program in a top uni.

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135+ Means HIGHER than 135, brainlet

So? I have perfect grades and recommendation letters from all my teachers and professors, I'll get in even if every card is stacked against me.

holy shit that is so photoshopped

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