Will humanity ever produce something more efficient at storing energy?

Will humanity ever produce something more efficient at storing energy?

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Hopefully Goodenough gets even better.

Why is this the only person on the planet that can into battery technology?



Because he's the only one Goodenough, obviously.

Hydrocarbons are much more efficient.

Honestly this is what bugs me with modern "science" sometimes.

>claim something will revolutionary change a subfield
>back it up with theoretical, mental acrobatics
>put lots of scitations and references by other universities and their high elders
>publish and collect grants

Why not show a working prototype first, discribe the theory afterwards, then have it published once it hits enough attention and interest?

Do scientists collectively ignore youtube for the sake of professionalism?

I think it has less to do with scientists than the scientific publication industry.

Also money, if they don't get their name and product idea out there then they can never fund it. Besides scientists are not accountants and waste money like my ex-wife.

With fusion energy power distribution will become more important than power storage.

>chemical potential energy
>efficient stored energy

Don't make me laugh, user.

>born John Bannister Goodenough
>Johnny B. Goodenough

>why dont you develop something when you have no money?

Antimatter. But I'm not really sure you want that in your smartphone.

wow this is fake as fuck

Humanity has gone from being hunter-gatherers to where we are now in 10,000 years, m8. Unless humans go extinct some time in the near future, it's stupid to think that our technology level for energy storage will remain stagnant for the rest of eternity.

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human intellect is declining, not increasing

Machine intelligence and gene editing are advancing.

That is his name; Goodenough was key in the invention of the lithium ion batteries used everywhere today. His parents were from Germany, so they probably had some guttural kraut-speak name that they changed to a word that Americans would be good enough at pronouncing.


lio battrys are already quite effecient compared to old methods like lead acid but every battrry type has its purpose that is more effecient like agm and gel batteries

Wow It's fucking nonsense