How likely is it that we will see females engineered to have both male and female reproductive systems in our lifetime?

How likely is it that we will see females engineered to have both male and female reproductive systems in our lifetime?

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pretty likely in ur dreams, gayboi

It isn't gay, they are females that just happen to also have the ability to impregnate other females. Why would we restrict fatherhood to half the population? It's the same argument for making artificial wombs and not relying only on females to carry children.

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Are you sure you understand how biology works friend?

Why can't we take a female and add the male reproductive system in addition to her native reproductive system?

Making fetishes real

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Because then she's not a she.

Look if you want a chick with a dick that's fine man I don't give a fuck what gets you hard but the second she has a dick she's not a she.

Out of all the genetic engineering stuff that people say will happen, the most probably is amazon/giantess women. It's the simplest to do and the easiest, just make the women really tall and the men small. WAY easier than any furry or hermaphrodite/futa shit, and way more attractive.

Yeah attractive to submissive men, so a tiny minority of people with dicks.

More likely you'll get genetically modified bimbos, male and female as stand in cocks and fucksleeves.

I don't care about what you call them, this is a language or social question, it's biology. The fact remains that it is a female that has been given the male reproductive system in addition to her female reproductive system, so I would consider that still to be a female. Maybe if the individual is genetically modified pre-birth we can consider a new word for this hermaphrodite creature, but I think female is fine.

>I would consider

Yeah no one cares, they're intersex mate, by definition they're no longer female.

>he doesn't want to bang amazon women
Dude are you gay?
Plus you just engineer the women to prefer "cuteness" as a sexual qualifier so they will love the cute small males. It'll be like rabbits or moles, where the females are larger than the males, possible even make them herbivores, cooperative rather than competitive, etc.
Honestly I can't think of any drawbacks to this design for the future environment humans will live in. Many mammal species' that live in no-scarcity environments are like this, and we're entering a no-scarcity environment. Why not design the species to be like that then?

A female is born, and then post birth is modified to have a male reproductive system. I guess that is intersex, but who cares? Are you going to call them xee or xir or something? I don't care about language, it isn't important.

Why nobody invented a way to increase the Penis size using CRISPR.
I want a huge Penis (no Homo).

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Reminder that you can easily watch biological females, but you choose to jack off to dicks.

You’re gay. Just admit it. It’s current year and being gay doesn’t have a stigma.

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I masturbate to both vaginas and penises. I want to impregnate a female, but I have a penis fetish. I don't care about social labels and language, I am a monkey that wants to fuck and reproduce.

why are people so obsessed with pointing out that it's gay? we know that it's gay. nobody cares.
discuss the question at hand instead


>A female is born, and then post birth is modified to have a male reproductive system. I guess that is intersex, but who cares

>Needing to have this complex scenario planned out so you can sleep tonight knowing you’re not gay
>The absolute state of this fetish

I’m so, so happy whatever psychological trauma I suffered in life gave me a black bimbo fetish and not shemales

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>Penis fetish
I’ll let you slide and call you bisexual.

I do not care about social labels or language. Maybe you are the gay one since all you can think about is whether something is gay or not? I am secure enough in my sexuality to not fear ostracism from low IQ normalfags.

Are traps gay?

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This concept is dumb. Giantess is the future this guy is completely right about everything.

Humans are social animals so ostracizing is a very rational fear

I do not care. I am an autistic alpha, I do not care what the betas think.

Why not both? Are you gay?

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I don't like dicks because I'm not gay.

That’s genuinely good, user. Best way to find out is try to have sex with a tranny. I watched shemale porn and tried real sex, but it was so gross I had to stop. Real dicks are much worse than porn dicks

I don't want to fuck a man. I want to cum inside and make babies.

You can’t do that with dicks

That is why I made this thread so someone with a better understanding of biological engineering might give me hope.

I'm from a bio background so maybe I can give you some things to think about an explore further. I don't know the answer but I have strong doubts it'll happen.

So embryos come to this point where they're in a bipotential phase, ready to go male or female based on internal cues. You have the Wolffian Duct as a precursor to male parts, and the Mullerian Duct as precursor to female parts. You use apoptosis to get rid of the one you're not using.

Apoptosis is an important developmental tool that lets you get something that actually works. Like, it's the same mechanism that turns your hand from indistinct blob-things into something with digits; you kill the cells in the gaps between where your fingers develop.

Sometimes to get things to work, you have to kill off other things. If you want male reproductive capacity, I think your body might antagonize the full development female reproduction, so really getting both and having them be fully operable seems unlikely. As far as I know, intersexed people aren't exactly what we call hermaphrodites; like they might have characteristics of both sexes but aren't equally capable in bother departments.

Basically I think what you want requires some really heavy duty genetic manipulation wouldnt become possible until we find ways to intervene with numerous steps of development in very precise ways, which, I dunno, seems really far off from now.

god I wish that were me

Why is bi-sexuality compared to homosexuality uncommon among men?

I guess the best we can hope for these days is taking the reproductive system from a male and transplanting it in/on a female.

>bio engineered gentle amazonian waifus that are attracted to cute, submissive men
user stop, the longing is going to kill me

It's much closer than you think user, no need to long for much longer! (haha)

Amazon women aren't an impossibility at all though, it's just size

Is it? I'm bisexual

I was referring to
>How likely is it that we will see females engineered to have both male and female reproductive systems in our lifetime?

You seem preoccupied with your large women, user.

I don't deny it, amazon/giantess women is my fetish and it's hot as hell, and we could start to seriously do it in like 3 years. I can't wait to make a subspecies of herbivore humans with amazon women and tiny men. It would be so CUTE

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It's not going to happen, there's no point and it's probably not possible.

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should engineer a third main catagory of gender, where you grow up without one and then your body changes into male or female according to the sex youre most attracted to, wouldnt that be interesting

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Why not a threesome?
with a female waifu & a concubine trap?

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>Genetically Engineered Catgirls for Domestic Ownership

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Been watching knights of sidonia? Lol

How 'bout replacing men with futas with nuts way up in 'em as if they were ovaries?

>knights of sidonia

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sandwich theorem?

[math]{\displaystyle g(x)\leq f(x)\leq h(x)}[/math]

[math]{\displaystyle \lim _{x\to a}g(x)=\lim _{x\to a}h(x)=L.}[/math]

[math]\implies {\displaystyle \lim _{x\to a}f(x)=L.}[/math]

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Reminder that tsumugi is the canon waifu, and she's also best girl