ITT: STEM people you irrationally hate for no reason

ITT: STEM people you irrationally hate for no reason

God i fucking hate physics students.

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>God i fucking hate physics students.

Not a particular field, but any female """""engineer""""" or """""scientist""""""

literally every female in my major (math) wants to be a fucking middle school teacher


honestly this
shoutouts to white knights in engineering who incessantly orbit these cows, too. i can't decide who I hate more.

there are actually good women scientists


Biologist, geologist and every fields where you can be good if you have a good memory and a low IQ.
t. math student with bad memory

t. physics students
fuck off

*get good grades
actual successful researchers have high iqs as well as good memories in those fields

all biology/pre-med students

>Computer Scientists

you do realize that bad memory is overwhelmingly indicative of low IQ right

short term correlates with IQ to about r = 0.92, while long term is 0.87

>tfw my gf is an astrophysics major
>likes smart talk, but not too much with me since she likes that we pretty much can be idiots around each other
At least she's not aiming to be a school teacher, also she's pretty autistic. So It's nice.

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what if you have adhd?

>>Computer Scientists
why tho

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Category Theorists and Intuitionistic Logicians. Also the whole computer vision and security research communities

I hate C*vil Engineering majors. I had shitty experiences with them at my old school and by shitty experiences I mean I didn't talk to any of them because I literally have zero friends but I overheard them say a lot of stupid shit in my elementary math courses. Such as : "Yeah I'd major in math but you can literally only become a teacher." Or "The quiz was nothing like the textbook questions, in Calc the exam questions were straight from the book." Or (in reference to the same class) "This professor focuses way to much on theory just give me problems to solve." When in reality he would just show us some informal proofs to better help us understand a concept after doing a few example problems (this was only intro to differential equations btw). Maybe I just went to a shitty school.

>source: my ass

Yo fuck off

You act as though there aren't plenty of males who are in STEM degrees cause "muh smurt STEM".

no there arent

comp sci majors because:
They need to take a fucking shower, they all smell like shit. They tell people they watch anime, everyone knows you're a nerd from your shitty posture and acne. And please, PLEASE, stop thinking your smart. You're a monkey on a typewriter.


Because every time one of them get something wrong, we ALL suffer for it.

I irrationally hate business students who take """"""""analytics""""""""" classes and brag about it

Mathematicians and theoretical physicists because they have a 98% chance of being smug cunts about how obtuse their shit is and like to name-drop concepts and whatever.

Also CS and related fields because I don't give a shit about it but it's much more employable than what I'm doing.

Actually neither of these is "for no reason" but it's still irrational given that probably maybe it doesn't apply to most of them I hope.

Oh yeah and also a rational hate for engineering students who take babby's first introduction to thermodynamics and mechanics or whatever and then think they're basically physicists.

Actually, come to think of it I fucking hate everyone.

What about people with adhd? What if my short term memory is a 3.5/10 and my long term is 9/10 whats that mean?

holly shit I fell you

>>Computer Scientists
Agree, I hate us, too. I wish the meme would just die already, it came a long way in the wrong direction since computer scientists had to actually get a degree in mathematics.

>comp sci majors because:
>They need to take a fucking shower, they all smell like shit. They tell people they watch anime, everyone knows you're a nerd from your shitty posture and acne. And please, PLEASE, stop thinking your smart. You're a monkey on a typewriter.

w-why are you saying this, you baka ;_;

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you like autistic women? what

She can be a handful. She's good at what she does, numbers. And we have nice conversations when she has the energy for mental talk about random physics and astro stuff. Which I have a slight interest in as a person studying EE.
Not necessarily that I like autistic women. She did a good job at hiding it but I kinda fell for her before fully grasping how her brain worked.

She's weird with emotions, can't deal with them at times. Don't know man. It just works enough.

mechanical engineers
pajeet compsci students
we hate you too ugly

Have you considered that he is perhaps autistic too, or otherwise likewise socially awkward? That autists can't find love?


Not 'can't'.

Autists are literally incapable of feeling love.
Euthanasia is kindness.

Well, we have something a kin to love?
It might be the later for myself. At least I don't think I'm autistic. We have a lot logically planned out when it comes to the future. But, we do have a nice time together, we feel less hassled together.

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Take a shower.

I find that hard to believe.

Computer scientists

It's seems my success is a source of controversy

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>browsing through Veeky Forums
>see a thread mentioning physics majors
>"oh, I'm graduating in physics! :)"
>have no friends, already bragged to everyone in my family and people I know about how massive my fucking brain is until they were all sick of it
>know this is a new audience for my braggery because physics was mentioned (regardless of context)
>can't just post my shit for no reason though
>add the retarded comment "it's a source of controversy I guess :) haha, sorry!!"
>complete the captcha which requires me to select squares that have images of trucks
>fail once
>do another captcha that has me pick images of street signs
>hit post
>check back on this thread every minute to see if someone replies

would never apologize to the lesser folk for being better than them.
btw, i'm a PhD candidate. not a physics blundergrad

the CS majors who hang out in their society lounge (it's a tranny/videogame fest nonstop), most business majors, and "______ studies" majors.

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>actually brain dead
>autists aren't sociopaths
autistic people struggle with understanding emotions, not feeling them; their emotions/sensations are turned up to 11

Computer Scientists because they are all big, fat smelly weeaboos who think dicks are 'cute on ''girls'''

Fucking kek'd

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Anyone who tries to hassle me to join their stupid fucking club or organization when I'm on my way to a class/ anyone who participates in protests and blocks my path and the path of others when you have 10 minutes to book it across campus so you won't be late. I know they most likely are not STEM majors, but they seriously piss me off.

But yeah, to CS people: take a fucking shower.

>>complete the captcha which requires me to select squares that have images of trucks
>>fail once
>>do another captcha that has me pick images of street signs

I hate elitist pricks, so that's pretty much the majority of people in STEM. You can be good at what you do without insulting others or putting them down for not being as good as you. The best part is when you idiots assume that the only reason in the entire universe that someone could possibly oppose elitism is weakness. This faux strength disgusts me to no end. Someone who is truly strong wouldn't feel the need to attack others for no reason, especially those who are weaker than you.

i'm glad pipsqueak over here is gate-keeping for the One True Scottish strong man

I agree with this. There are people in both genders who are little shits about being in STEM but I get especially bothered by women who think they are somehow super special and breaking the glass ceiling and are full-on narcissists about it.

It's mainly why I hate engineers, though. I am sure physics students are similar but they are so much smaller a major than engineers. I hate engineers- they are not real scientists and their 'studies' consists of them sitting around and drilling practice problems and copying other people's homework so that they can cram it onto their cheat sheets for the coming exam. They retain nothing and they are, overall, very dull.

Why do you hate me, user? I am so passionate ab00t the biochemical arts.

I kinda hate bio majors, they’re so far and between tho. I’m a Physics major dating a culinary arts student doesn’t get more odd than that lmao

I once was working cashier at walmart and some quantom computer guy was bragging to me and told me my job was going to get eliminated by automation.

Man, wish I had a comeback pre-prepared for such an encounter.

Literally this. CS/Math major here, all of my CS classes are just learning to be a code monkey and are full of autistic fags who think they are geniuses because they can code in C++ and use Linux. I thought it was going to be theoretical CS when I picked my majors. I am v. dissapoint

kek m8


I also hate all physicists that aren't mathematical, particle, astro or theoretical physicists.

The reason I hate them is because I don't respect them. They are like inferior, broken copies of engineers.

Let me explain: Mathematicians always contribute something to any research project. Even if they don't know any unique and applicable math fields, they contribute their unique thinking patterns and rigorous approaches. It doesn't always help, but they contribute alternative approaches. Chemists, bio*, etc. even fucking technologists have their own unique skills and knowledge. But a physicist? You can sum it by them thinking "mathematical modelling" -something any freshman engineering student is already trained to do- is a unique and transferable skill. Worst of all their knowledge of classical physics (and applied QM/QC) is usually lacking due to only doing a 3 year course. You have a heat transfer problem? They start by writing the full (and incorrect) idealistically linear PDE because they have such a shallow background in it and that's all they did. They are naive and often a burden, holding up project meetings or even entire projects while they catch up reading undergrad level textbooks. Physicists never truly recover from the holes in their education. They remain broken, imperfect researchers. They are only useful in their own fields; mathematical physics for obvious reasons, particle, astro and theoretical physics because no one else can do that.

I mean fuck, a few years ago a final year physics major was proudly showing me his final year """research""" project; a molecular dynamics simulation on a toy problem, something any second year chemical engineer had to write in between 7 other classes.

My hate is irrational because they are -quite fairly- paid less than other research team members and far less than engineers. Society already recognizes their inferiority, but the students posting on the internet who don't realize this yet are annoying.

At an internal level, I don't understand why a coworker would take quarrel with me verbally telling them to fuck off, when provoked (i.e. they're trying to micromanage me).


Good one

I was once a synthetic & catalytic chemistry specialist dating a girl studying classics and classical languages durning her and my undergrad [here is no our (not anymore)].

slightly autistic women make the best gfs. theyre introverted and retardedly loyal. but they're really hard to find because they're either taken already because even chads recognize their worth as gfs. if theyre not taken they are extremely shy (somehow more shy than the average woman which is saying a lot) and they will either never ever talk to you or make eye contact if they like you OR they will autistically orbit you until you ask them out all while planning out the rest of your lives together in her head

>while planning out the rest of your lives together in her head
Yep. Pretty much my gf. She pretty much already has things planned out. It's kinda nice.

>even chads recognize their worth as gfs
This 1000x. Every Chad I knew that went for a quality long term relationship went for a medium autist gf. I'd date any one of them, they provide great companionship.

I have a love/hate relationship with women in STEM. On one hand, I've met amazing (old school) educators who were women, who inspired me to do my field, on the other hand most of the women I studied with were full on retards, like every bad meme about modern women in stem. Fucking feminism.

lucky bastard. chicks like that make really good mothers.

don't let her fall for the career meme and send your kids to daycare. keep her pregnant and at home with the kids. make at least 3 babbies.

don't let her wait until shes 35 to start having kids either. if she doesnt ferociously want kids as soon as possible then you need to find a way to get her holding someone elses baby or toddler. when that happens it will light a fire inside her ovaries and she will become infected with baby rabies.

Accurate, but I wouldn't call highly introverted girls "autistic", they can still hold very decent 1 on 1 conversations if they're comfortable with you. Better than most people in fact.

My gf is also highly introverted, a certified genius and very talented musically and artistically. Despite being hot she was still a virgin when I met her because she never went out and her major was mostly full of girls and beta men.

i'm sure those things are all true user lel

Oh it's going to happen. Likely before she hits 30 as well.
Mostly my interactions with my nephew showed her that I get along with kids.

It was a nice feeling when we went out to the mall to walk for a bit and she pulled towards the kids clothes saying "you know, when we have children, I think I want to dress them like this..."

The way she talks about what she wants for the kids. Vetting the books they will be read, and spending holidays as parents. She pretty much has it planned that she wants me to be the "fun" parent because she believes that a strong presence of the father is important to them growing up.

She can get a little weird, but it could be because she's younger and has yet to deal with things. Time will tell, but I intent to make those daydreams of her's real.
Sounds like my gf to the t. She's well out of my league when it comes to book smarts. And doesn't like to talk much, but get her on a proper topic like tcgs or games and we can go on for hours.

Though it usually requires you to be the driver. Think about like this, they are great planning a route, but still seem to prefer you to drive. Which has worked out because I am more dominant than I actually thought. Or, it could be that all her moves were planned to make more controlling over her. Maybe.

I agree on physics student, but computer science students are also insufferable, both of those people tend to come from the "I fucking love science" crowd the most

t. math major

jews (rational hate though, they are thieves frauds and cowards)

CS students.
I REALLY despise them.

Also this, although there is a 1% of women who actually belong where they are, every single one extremely autistic.

thats cause physics students are superior to you brainlet

You have a deep understanding of the human condition.

my mother is a chemical engineer and shes probably smarter than you

>smarter then anyone

well she knows the correct usage of then and than

Yeah lol. Want to hear some more e-stats?

I'm also not the youngest lecturer in the history of my university, have 3 degrees in chemical engineering and also publications in math journals, former modelling contracts, 1000lb combined lifts, 5min mile jogger, 6'2", perfect hair and teeth.

These are all just hopelessly exaggerated e-stats, because obviously you're the best person on the planet and no one can ever be better than you. Definitely not some girl a fucking 4channer and obviously lying basement dwelling is dating.

Congrats on scooping her up user. Girls like that are relatively rare, but like you said, the real problem is that they don't come out much. They are very hard to find and rarely show interest. Before her I dated more extroverted girls. They have their benefits too, but I definitely think "austic qt" in this context is the ideal life partner.

>She's well out of my league when it comes to book smarts.
This is a good thing. She needs to be better than you at something, or you will get bored quickly.

>Though it usually requires you to be the driver.
True, and also a good thing in my opinion. It's more traditional and it makes the relationship easier.


I hate nu math faggots who think doing math equates to manipulating symbols like a bitch ass faggot. Yea algebra is useful, but it's also true by arbitrary definition and not by real shit.

I honestly don't have a good comeback.

most engineers because they are cringy soyboy faggots who subscribe to facebook groups like:


non american-anglophone here. What does "pre-med" refer to? Medical students that are not yet practicing doctors or people who want to follow medicine through another branch first?

well, my dad works at nintendo, nerd, what you gonna do about it?

Personification of arrogance and autism.
They all think they're hot shit geniuses, but actualy they're idiots with high tolerrance for dry subjects.
Their behavior in Veeky Forums doesn't help with that image.

Gullible idiots, living in fantasy worlds.

>mech eng
Wannabe tough guys.
In this cunt, its Increasingly flooded by shitskins.

>Personification of arrogance and autism.
>They all think they're hot shit geniuses, but actualy they're idiots with high tolerrance for dry subjects
literally one of the fags I get put in classes with every semester. We had physics one semester and he kept saying to the professor "well you're a physicist and I'm a mathematician" Nigger you're an undergrad, fuck yourself