Why didn't any animal evolve to have an organic hydraulic muscular system?

Why didn't any animal evolve to have an organic hydraulic muscular system?
Regular meaty muscles are terribly inefficient.

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gotta pump the hydraulic fluid for the hydraulic muscle system with some bad ass hydraulic muscles yeah boi

>Why didn't any animal evolve to have an organic hydraulic muscular system?

Can you figure out how to grow a highly fault tolerant and substantially redundant version of this system? Hell, can you even engineer one?

Spiders have hydrualic legs


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>Regular meaty muscles are terribly inefficient.
Please, tell me what the actual "efficiency" of a muscle is.

you mean like the Snaiad animals?

Why hasn't science developed terribly efficient microscopic linear actuators?

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Spiders are also light enough to land from jumping 50x their height without becoming a stain on the ground.

Larger spiders are very fragile.
If you have tarantulas, you have to be careful because a 6 inch drop can injure them.

turns out organisms deal with what is most practical for their size and environment than what is most efficient. if humans needed to reach high places, we would sooner evolve taller than evolve hydraulic limbs

Hydraulics aren't that efficient.

how bad are they

I learned this as a small child, poor OP has probably never even seen a real spider, let alone a dead one. City life Shity life

There are spiders in the city man.

tfw still cant fathom how these things can create such fast contractions

evolution a cool

Spiders dude


Because it doesn't actually solve any problems, you still gotta pump the fluid with muscles.


ATP Synthase

>an engineer that thinks he is smarter than nature, again

Life has created chemical machines of stupendous complexity for literally billions of years. Your limited engineer mind can't even begin to comprehend the variety of conditions in which these machines operate. Think before you speak, and before you assume any "rational" human gimmick is in any way better than the awesome works of nature.

literally anything that exists in engineering nature has already done before and better in some way