Why is Veeky Forums so elitist...

Why is Veeky Forums so elitist? This place oozes contempt for people seen as inferior and worships IQ while some posters actively discourage "lesser" people from trying to get into science because, according to them, success is determined entirely by genetics, and some people are just born to stock shelves for the entirety of their lives while Veeky Forums posters are destined to genetically modify their children to be aryan supermen. It's very depressing...

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Veeky Forums in general is a very contrarian social website. Any board based on a hobby will always have a lot of complaining and circle jerking and opinions are from every direction. You should take everything here with a grain of salt, otherwise if you want a friendlier website go to reddit or facebook. Don't let this website discourage you from not following your dreams because it's mostly just a joke.

That's not elitism, that's just blatant shitposting.

These boards are normally frequented by introverts. Introvert people tend to put themselves on a higher position respecting others. In particular, this board is about science and maths, subjects that are culturally known as activities that require intelligence to learn.

like every other social group, /sci relies on confirmation and a minimal amount of thinking, by utilising buzzword concepts like IQ and genes that assert simply what would otherwise need an excess of interpersonal queries in order to obtain an accurate conclusion.

long story short, imagine a anonymous forum dedicated to intellectual discourse with its door left wide open on a busy street

A year or two this board was so slow and populated mainly by polite intellectuals. You'd rarely see even memes. The worst you'd see is the occasional dick-waving IQ posturing and once in a while an overweight neckbeard making a race/IQ thread but every reply would be an insult towards the OP. A good rule of thumb is that if you allow neo-nazis on your site, they will ruin it, which is what happened here. Free speech is just blind, naive idealism on the internet. You have to ban human trash from speaking, otherwise your site gets ruined. Moot realized his error on this issue and that's why he bailed.

everyone here is retarded though

This but unironically

>You have to ban human trash from speaking, otherwise your site gets ruined.
That's why we need to build the wall.

>Why is Veeky Forums so elitist?

90% of the time it's a math weenie btw.

>That's why we need to build the wall.

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>A year or two this board was so slow and populated mainly by polite intellectuals. You'd rarely see even memes.
Well aren't you the comedian
>Free speech is just blind, naive idealism on the internet.
So you imply it's a good culture IRL, but add anonymity by the way of an internet, and now it's shit? What's wrong, can't resort to ad hom properly?
>You have to ban human trash from speaking, otherwise your site gets ruined.
Ok, take a hike then, because you're in no way superior to even the stupidest, race baiting nazi if the fact that they're allowed to voice their simple thoughts freely here on /pol/ makes you mad.

Because most STEM individuals are struggling. If it is not in their studies/research, then it is in their failing social life as most people cannot balance everything.

To counteract this, we take to the internet where we can belittle people with no repercussions to inflate the fragile ego of an academic. Many people are like this in the real world, as well. You may know these people as dicks/cunts.

To keep people like you out

>It's very depressing...

Yeah...sucks for those filthy normies, but at least they can live our amazing and significant loves vicariously through films, books and science larping on facebook.

They've been on Veeky Forums since 2006...before Veeky Forums existed.

The problem is people bringing any kind of politics here, and that didn't start with /pol/s creation.

All political posts are anti-intellectual.

I don't know user. I'm published, in a good postgrad programme, already have a lectureship lined up and have a hot gf. And I'm still an elitist dick on the internet.

Maybe, deep down, I just really believe that many people are born inherently inferior to others and are incapable of studying STEM. Maybe I developed this from 3 years of teaching undergrads?

They're liars. Liars in that they do not possess half the IQ/talent/intellectual prowess that they would lead you to believe. They have a slightly above average IQ and years, if not decades of study under their belts. Then after all that, they hide that fact and tell people "yeah, I've always been good at math. You're either born with it or your not, bro." It's pathetic.

Well I [math]have[/math] always been good at math. I took calculus courses at 14 and started studying real analysis at 16. I finished my advanced math programme with a high mark of 94%...and I'm not even half as good at math as most pure math majors on this board.

Many people on Veeky Forums have similar background, and they struggle to compete at a postgrad level. So when a normal straight-A student comes wallowing into Veeky Forums of course we're gonna tell them they probably aren't gonna make it in STEM (because they aren't).

Most posters on Veeky Forums haven't even had their IQ tested. Only failures, underperformers and dropouts like you believe that it matters. It gives you comfort that you "could've" done something with your life. The truth is you couldn't because IQ alone isn't enough, many studies have prove that academic ability is primarily a heredity trait. You were always destined to fail.

>underperformers and dropouts like you
Nice assumption, fag. My math marks are better than yours.

It's mostly shitposting. The sad fact is that STEM is filled with redditors and it's infested with cancerous nurd culture which is not really liked around here, so we cannot really have that much lowlevel culture without entering that zone.

Yea I suppose that when you actually understand some concepts in STEM, and how hard they are, you usually get frustrated with threads with obvious highschoolers talking out of their ass which prompts you to call them retarded brainlets, but it's not all frustration. It happens a lot that people fall in love with certain subjects by reading handwavy books that romanticize certain subjects just to realize how much they fucked up in college, and it stems from this obsession of portraying just the weird and shocking facts, in a really incorrect way, so at least I understand that part of the "elitism".