Ancient Depictions of White People

Post how Westerners were depicted in different parts of the world

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not so ancient but posting anyways

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This is quite funny.

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Also not ancient, but they did a good job of capturing Matthew Perry's likeness imo

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A Song period illustration of a Tang Period Enyclopedia of a Roman person.

They apparently liked Bonsai (or Penzai, as it is called in Chinkdom).

Looks far off to be a classical Period Roman, but if you take into account Byzantines, its pretty spot on with their goofy hats and robes n shit.

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18th century Nigerian statue of a Portugese man. (Edo culture)

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>18th-century Chinese drawing of a Swiss mercenary and his wife. The accompanying description goes:

>Barbarian man of the province of Helvetia [Heleiweijiya sheng], of the Great Western Ocean [Europe], and his barbarian wife

>This country is a vassal of the Kingdom of Germany [Reermaniya guo]. The people are loyal and righteous; they always pay their debts. Their schools are built by their government, or by their public institutions. Their land, which is frigid due to the mountainous climate, produces gold and jewels. Their people are said to be masters of constructing buildings. Their women are chaste, simple, and honest; being very dexterous, they weave with their bare hands, scorning to use a loom. They make very fine cloths. The earth there produces gold, if you dig a well, you’ll find small pieces of gold. There are gold pieces the size of beans under the river. The mountains produce musk deer, deer and mountain lions. People raise cows for food.

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Damn intresting that is.

Got a source mate?

Tang Dynasty

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Unfortunately not; I found it on t*mblr.

Theyre very decisive on the looks

Welll, cheers anyways. Gonna look it up. If I find something I'll post it here.

It's an erotic album by Ota Nampo in 1820.Ōta_Nanpo

Sogdians aren't really "white people" by conventional modern standards. Tocharians might have been closer with their light hair and eyes though.

Thank you, made my evening a whole lot easier.

this thread has potential for interesting posts

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I've never noticed the mountain pattern armor shoulder boards. why?

Ahmad ibn Fadlan was an Arab dispatched by the Abbasid caliphate in 921 to the people of Rus on the Volga river. You can find a lot more of his writing online, but Wikipedia quotes this passage:
>I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Itil. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blond and ruddy; they wear neither tunics nor kaftans, but the men wear a garment which covers one side of the body and leaves a hand free. Each man has an axe, a sword, and a knife, and keeps each by him at all times. Each woman wears on either breast a box of iron, silver, copper, or gold; the value of the box indicates the wealth of the husband. Each box has a ring from which depends a knife. The women wear neck-rings of gold and silver. Their most prized ornaments are green glass beads. They string them as necklaces for their women.

>depicted as a manlet


some of the images that get reposted as Tocharians on these kinds of shitholes are argued to in fact be Sogdians. ancient DNA reveals that the Tarim basin “Europoids” already had substantial East Eurasian mixture in the bronze age, whereas some east Iranian people in the Pamirs even today have very little. the Chinese described red-haired people eveywhere, even on the Yenisei, and there is no textual accompaniment of those murals to prove tocharian identity

Siamese temple guard (dvarapala) in the form of a European. 1869

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Of course, there's no way to cleanly separate language and genetics. Many Sogdians were fair-featured. But the Sogdian language originates with the Indo-Iranians, who were generally not. They had migrated through BMAC and mixed with neolithic Iranians, before coming back into the steppe as Scythians, etc. Just like later Scytho-Sarmatian tribes had tons of blonde and red hair, languages spread faster than genetics or lifestyles.

Also the Chinese really didn't distinguish between any of these groups particularly well.

An account by the 12th century chronicler Usama ibn Munqidh;

>"I heard a similar case from a bath attendant called Salim from Ma'arra, who worked in one of my fathers bathhouses. This is his tale:

>I earned my living in Ma'arra by opening a bathhouse. One day a Frankish knight came in. They do not follow our custom of wearing a cloth around their waist while they are at the baths, and this fellow put his hand, snatched off my loin-cloth and threw it away. He saw at once that I had just recently shaved my pubic hair.

>'Salim!' he exclaimed! I came toward him and he pointed to that part of me.

>'Salim! You shall certainly do the same for me!' and he lay down flat on his back. His "hair" was as long as his beard. I shaved him, and when he had felt the place with his hand and found it agreeably smooth, he said: 'Salim, you must certainly do the same for my Dama'. In their language Dama means lady, or wife. He sent his valet to fetch his wife, and when they arrived and the valet brought her in, she lay down on her back and he said to me:

>'Do to her what you did to me.' So I shaved her pubic hair, while her husband stood. Then he thanked me and paid me for my services.

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Cigars and body hair

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I am 61.3% sure that's coral not a bonzai tree

China had da massive thing for coral and jade even though they're not even that shiny. Giant slabs of bronze as well.

japanese art at the time was full of nature imagery and geometric repeating patterns

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I notice they tend to give Europeans massive pointy noses and drooping eyelids.

fair enough

Bronze gets real shiny.

This tips it over the fucking edge holy shit

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African art

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They saw us as Jews then ?


The Niō 仁王 is basically an ancient Asian depiction of Heracles

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It's from the Huang Qing Gongtu (Qing Imperial Tributary Atlas).

It's an 18th Century atlas with maps and descriptions of "Tributary Peoples" (just foreigners really) commissioned by the Qing government.

Pic related, Ongeria People (Hungarians.

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Funny Frenchmen.

>Master Huang, how do we depict Russians?
>Put a bear in it and make everyone wear fur.

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I have a massive pointy nose and droopy eyelids. They aren't wrong.
Just the nose. Beside, Jews are usually stereotyped to have bulbous noses, while other whites just have long, sharp noses.

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>Luzon People Noble Couple.
Philippines confirmed for white.

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Maybe this is a metaphor? White sexual monkey = European

>His "hair" was as long as his beard.

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Were there any fujoshi at this time at Japan?

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>even the Japs knew back then the difference between Huezil and Portugal

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>Master Huang, how do we depict English people?
>Ever visited Canton? They're always fucking drunk. Draw a European man and put a bottle in his hand. Done.

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fujos are older than history itself desu

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Or it could just be a monkey jacking off, with no other meaning.

a monkey jacking off will always have meaning

the moment japan wins something, they draw porn of it.

Like, the actual adoption of the deity Heracles? Or a local equivalent of Heracles?

Alberto Barbosa

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This one is interesting: Mexicans.

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Both. Macedonians brought Heracles all the way to India. There, Buddhism absorbed his legend into something called "Vajrapani". From there, it spread through Buddhism into East Asia. A martial society like Japan ate that shit up like hotcakes.

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Black Slaves.

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Probably Spaniard elites.

Not really sure how they would have faired in 1820 tho...

The elite of Mexico is still quite Spanish rather than Mestizo.

>Idk how to draw blacks so I will make them asian but black.

Imagine being an Asian and seeing these images of far off exotic and strange peoples of Europe.

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neat. did the labors get absorbed as well?

Fujos have always existed, in every society, since forever.

That pretty fucking cool. What else do you know? got any good sources?

I find this of enormous interest!
I've looked and only see a wiki
is there anywhere I could read this book?

fascinating, I wonder what legends came the other way, dragons maybe

Its all in chink unfortunately

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Look at the other images, they made white people Asian-looking as well.

> Vajrapāni
Nah this existed before. Rather it is the iconography and image of Heracles which came to represent it. Same with the Greek depiction of the Buddha.

Dragons might have come from China, but not via the Greeks. They were adopted by steppe nomads like the Sarmatians and ended up in Europe through these (at the time of the Avars, we first see the real idea of the European Dragon emerge). Now there's dragon-like things otherwise, the whole IE serpent-slaying myth is an example of this. But the dragon-banners of the Parthians and the European Dragon of the Middle Ages probably comes from China in this way.

In regards to your other question, yes other myths and ideas came from the East to Greece. Philosophy is a big one, at least from India, as is Chess and the Panchatantra, though these came later. Indian and Chinese influence in Persian art and literature is definitely there as well but I don't know of any clear contributions to Greece off the top of my head.

>tfw the turkish man crossdresses as an Italian woman.

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How do you guys image what the guy who drew this is like?

>Sweden is also a vassal of Holland [???]. They show respect by doffing their hats. They carry around a whip to protect themselves. Their women do not respect chastity; they reveal their breasts and lewdly tie their skirts over their clothing.

Classic Sweden

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