Quitting Sugar

Is it healthy to quit sugar entirely/mostly?

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define sugar

Inb4 brainlets try to tell you that you need to eat sugar to build muscle

sugar is 50% fructose. Fructose is really bad.
There are plenty of low calorie sugar substitutes
It is a very good idea to quit sugar and it is easy to do.

Added sugar, yes. Sugar from fruits and such are more easily handled by the body because they are accompanied by fiber which slows its absorbtion. Sugar without fiber can overwhelm the liver and force it to convert it straight into fat instead of properly using it to replenish glycogen stores or for glucose requiring processes.

glucose, fructose, galactose

refined and artificial sugars YES you daft cunt.

refined sugar, sure. stevia and real honey are good sugar substitutes.

are you sure about that

"Anything that rhymes with gross" was an add campaign on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s to try to get kids to be able to identify and eat less added sugars

what's so bad about "refined and artificial" sugar compared to sugar found in fruits and milk? That's just naturalist BS. Orange juice has more sugar and calories than soda.

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>Reduce sugar

Great move. Good for body recomposition, as you won't spike your insulin levels or store sugar as body fat.

>Eliminating entirely
Not smart. It's good to have some readily available carbs pre and post workout, from all I have read. It's just being smart about it.

yes absolutely. you mean simple sugars and not complex carbs (rice, pasta, bread) right? carbs are an important part of a balanced and sustainable diet but cutting out simple/refined sugars will only help you

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it doesn't matter, unkless you have a n actual deficiency or illness that causes you problems you don't need to worry about this stuff

Orange juice is worse than soda, it's just sugar water with added citric acid

Me on the right

pls explain

humans don't need carbs
we are a hunter-gatherer species
just eat some fruit/veggies

no ull die thats what everyone did before we invented sugar we all died

fruits are what primarily?

>we don't need carbs
>just eat some carbs