Anyone here ever witnessed a heart attack?

My dad, in his late 40s, just had one a few hours ago, he's now in the hospital getting stents installed.

I'm still horrified. I'm sweating and shaking. I knew it was coming sooner or later, his diet consists of only meat , eggs and other fatty stuff.

How do you prevent this kind of shit from happening to you? I never wanna experience this shit.

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You know the answer. You just don't want to hear it. So I'm only going to say it once:


>father has heart attack
>posts it on Veeky Forums as fast as possible

>his diet consists of only meat , eggs and other fatty stuff
good bait

Don't be fat, don't smoke, don't eat too much meat, vary with vegetal protein, have a diverse diet in general and do exercise and always drink water, the rest is just luck and there is nothing you can do about it.


>typical user, few to no real life friends, Veeky Forums is support system
>experiences unsettling family emergency
>hours later, comes to Veeky Forums for comfort, consolation and advice on improving health

Sorry this happened to you, user. I assume by your presence on this board, you get regular exercise. Avoid saturated fats. You're probably too young to need to get your cholesterol regularly checked but it's something to consider later on.

Thanks, I literally have no one. You're right.

My dad is the only type of support I have, and if god forbid anything ever happened to him, I would completely break.

I'm really sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope everything turns out well, user.

I bet he drank sips.

Get him on the meat and veggies diet.
Intermittent fasting is key
Keeping him active is also key
Cut out all junkfoods and all excess sugars, that includes too many fruit.
Learn to deal with stress better and go to sleep at a good hour every night
As for exercise, he should talk to his doctor about what he can do.
But basic calisthenics, stretching, and long daily walks are easy and have amazing results.

He should also drop down to very low bodymass levels and look into both infrequent 1-3 day fasts and intermittent fasting.

>vegan bait thread

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Look up peer reviewed studies on pomegranate juice, magnesium, and nuts.
Stay strong brother


If you're serious user, look into Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's research. He's the only man to reverse heart disease in thousands of patients without drugs.

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I have been having heart issues for 10 years now. At first I was terrified and anxious all the time.

Eventually I stopped caring, living your life in fear is worse than death

>anything ever happened to him, I would completely break.

Once this immediate issue is over, start working on this in yourself. You can't let yourself be so tied to someone else's fortunes like that. It's unhealthy and bad for you in many ways.

Don't become a cocaine abuser. It's notoriously cardiotoxic and the heavy vasoconstriction does your brain no favors.

My dad had a triple bypass a few years ago after several heart attacks.

He was drinking booze every night for decades, so I would say don't do that.

How old was he when he got his first heart attack, and how old is he now?

He had the heart attacks in rapid succession when he was 69. He is 72 now, his ticker should be good for another 10 years or so at least. Does remind you of your old mans mortality though, I should spend more time with him.

So does fat cause cholesterol and atherosclerosis and heart disease?

Yeah, I've seen a heart attack before. My father. We were going to some show he wanted to see.

And then we weren't.

hope your dad recovers well user, keep your head up shit like this happens in life you just have to get through it. as for avoiding heart attacks it depends on what the main cause was
cardio helps
not smoking
not drinking too much
a read some shit somehwere that said having muscular legs helps to combat heart disease because it helps to pump the blood back up into your body
don't over indulge in shit
make sure to get enough mono unsaturated fat

basically listen to what the hospital tell your dad to do and do that, they'll give him advice for recovery all of the advice they give him will be to not put strain on his heart so that advice will work to prevent too

>He is 72 now, his ticker should be good for another 10 years or so at least.

I'm so sorry bro

Thanks man, I was scared shitless when he had the heart attack. I need to really start to depend less on him.
Right now, though, I cannot fathom a life without him.

Based retarded vegan stealth-poster

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>scientific fact is bait

I like how you are subtlety admitted to being a vegan bait poster

>his diet consists of only meat , eggs and other fatty stuff.
Fuck off with your fake story, veganfaggot

should've went vegan baka

No, just saturated fat.

Wrong, Cardio is not the problem, doing cardio at extremely high, unsafe intensities are the problem if you have a known cardiac problem. Never exercise with chest pain, if you have an ischaemic heart problem do cardio at a safe level below your anginal threshold.

Doing cardio have nearly non-existent effect on heart disease. These people just like too much dairy and bacon it gets you sooner or later. Usually sooner than one would expect

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All of your advice is correct except the cholesterol.
Check your cholesterol and triglycerides once a year. If you have very high hypercholesterolemia (over 350 units), then no amount of cardio or healthy eating can help if you don't know that you have it, because you'll probably only reduce it to 275ish.

Hide fake vegan posts

How much is too much meat?

red meat once a week max

okay fine, i'll go vegan. I think I can feel my arteries starting to clog

I thought you were trolling me at first, wtf I can't believe this is true. I live in a country that has more cows than people, I'm supposed to eat at least two cows per year to maintain the economy flowing, how the fuck am I supposed to eat only 200gr of red meat per week? This is bullshit

how do I start a vegetarian/vegan diet?

Just eat chicken like all of us do

fish and chicken my friend

Fuck me I'm gonna die

I read vegetal protein as vaginal protein, this nofap business man...

Happened to my dad around the same age.

Reflecting on it now I realize how close he came to dying.

He's 63 now, and I hope he makes it at least another 10.

Being without parents seems like it would suck.

>was overweight
>woke up with chest pains
>freaking the shit out
>went to the hospital
>bp/hr all fine, they didn't know what it was
>embarrassingly remembered halfway through that in my drunk stupor last night i pulled muscles in my pec by holding onto a trampoling with my arms behind me and slipping on wet grass
>went through the motions quietly and went home with life-threatening cringe levels
ended up losing 60lbs that year and down to fat-ish, it freaked me the fuck out and i never wanted to threaten my health ever due to my weight

oh also, one of the best people in the world, my bud's dad vince has had a couple heart attacks even though he has been cutting weight for the better part of 2 years now
god love the guy, heart of gold and trying his best but his heart's just had too much damage and it's only a matter of time until it's ded for good


Damn. Sounds awful. I'm sorry.

Life is so cruel man

>How do you prevent this kind of shit from happening to you? I never wanna experience this shit.
don't eat fat and fructose.

Stop drinking jackass

heart of gold but heart continues to fail him?

Possibly heart of copper mate

if you're making an electricity joke i swer to god

that was years ago, and i only drink once or twice a month m8

Fuck, I eat fast food almost every day too. I thought saturated fat was good in moderation, and I get no mayo fries or sweets. I really need to change my diet once I get a job

The more fat and meat you intake, the more cardio you have to do.
The less you intake, the less cardio you have to do.

Just the way it is m8.
Men are ticking time bombs when it comes to the heart and veganism really does not stop it.
Fat is needed to control blood pressure.

Lower stress, focus on relaxing forms of cardio, don't be as angry. GG now you just have to hope you don't have genetic heart problems.
>t.genetic hypertension user
>nothing can fix it, just can stop it from getting worst

Good lad. the number of people here who think getting shit-faced drunk is cool is astonishing

yeah, afaik there's just really no need for sat fats, we're all gonna make it breh
it's a sincere problem here in Canada, getting drunk to the point of being incapacitated isnt cool or fun
im pretty damn sure it leads to at least half of unwanted/single mother pregnancies too
im no straight edge, I'll have a draw and a few beer, maybe some gin if im going to be there a while, but I couldn't deal with doing that all weekend every week

Get a coronary calcium score done, its basically a cat scan on your chest. I had one done and found out i got sky high calcium score of 600 in my left anterior descending, which is the widow maker. On statins now to try and keep it from getting worse. In my early 30s but got the heart of a 60 year old man already.

Least I'm still very early twenties. I can probably bounce back. Can't say I like yard bird or fish nearly as much as beef though. Why does all the good shit have to be bad for you?

literally cardio

brain reward nonsense 2bh, after a while you get used to it
it was pretty easy for me to lose a lot of weight just by removing high sugar foods and cutting out late night snacks, and at least walking a bit and you'll be mindfucked at how easy it is to lose weight if you're already fat
oh also fuck pop, no need for it, i just go for tea if i have a legitimate craving so a sweet drink

>0 results
Remember when this board was called "Health and Fitness" lol? Glad they changed it.

If you are young, Fish Oil works as well.

good shit bruv. I've dropped 60lbs of fat myself from June last year, over half of that since Christmas between diet and strength training. It is surprisingly easy if you're careful about empty calories and simple carbs

>healthy food
>no cigarettes
>regular cardio

I love u user T.T we gon make it

>only meat , eggs and other fatty stuff.
Ah yes, 50's science is best science

What the fuck is up with amerifags and their tendency to get terminally Ill so early? My father is 55, fatbuild, smokes 1.5 packs a day but doesn't drink and doesn't really exercise and never had a mayor health issue in his life.
Wtf do they put in your tap (that you love so much) that you get heart attacks at fucking 40?

Give him ten more years. You'll regret being snobby

Make sure they monitor him for stroke - my dad had the same thing happen, came home a few days later and then had a stroke and died that night.

54 overweight ,belly fat, chest pains for ten years.. eat mostly sat fats and proteins.. am I gonna make it ,anons?

do you eat a ton of goat and sheep milk cheeses?

Take the Sauna pill

can hot showers do in lieu of an actual sauna?

>posting on Veeky Forums
you're not going to make it but it has nothing to do with your diet

Don't think so user, saunas increase your heart rate and apparently 15 minutes per day in a sauna can lower your risks of Heart related death by 40%. Not only heart benefits, but releasing heat shock proteins are insanely good for your gains.
Look up Rhonda Patrick and Finnish studies on Saunas. Also screencap this when they correlate sauna usage with lower cancer rates

some memes do get old..


what's the difference? heat on the body is heat on the body in fact I'd bet hot showers are even better than saunas just as cold water immersion is better for what cold does of benefit than mere cold air exposure,

Silly Vegan go peddle your cult lies somewhere else

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>i only drink once or twice a month m8
Either stop drinking or just use it as cooking flavor with wine. Just don't drink them recreationally. Get priotities straight.

I like how the vaccine shillers stuck that "EVIL ANTIVAXER" thing in there.
Like polio, small pox will come back or one of the artificially constructed flu viruses that were pourposely released into the wild will become a super flu right out of the fucking stand unless one of the flu vaccines, which actually did't stop one single case of flu last year and even gave millions the flu in the first place, is given to her kids.

Become a vegan.

>s diet consists of only meat , eggs and other fatty stuff.

I thought that the "fat is bad for ya" theory was BTFO years ago, no? Ansel Keyes was a fraud and dietary recommendations from the government were all bullshit. OP's dad's heart attack came from somewhere, but it wasn't his from his plate.

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Vegans never have heart attacks.

is there anyway to reverse heart disease?

I have seen a lot of heart attacks since I work as a paramedic. Mostly it is old people or fat people who gets it. Others are just genetically disposed to it but they are few and far apart.

Eat moderation, work out and get some fish oil.
This is literally all you have to do

thanks for the tip fellow vegan

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Not if you don't change your diet.

I expect nothing less from the retards in this thread..derp derp eat vegan..derp derp vaccines are bad...derp derp my essentail oils will protect me from polio.. stupid fucking a hamburger and cut your damn hair

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>yeah, afaik there's just really no need for sat fats, we're all gonna make it breh

completely fucking wrong. why has this board been invaded with mom science?