What’s the verdict on fast, hard cuts (a kg or more a week) Veeky Forums...

What’s the verdict on fast, hard cuts (a kg or more a week) Veeky Forums? Am currently around 16 percent bf and need just a few more kg off to be happy with my physique

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I would suggest a calorie deficit of 500 for a 2-3 weeks with lots and i mean LOTS of protein and of course keep lifting. The healthier but slower way would be OMAD.

A calorie deficit of 500 would be a pound a week, no? Also what’s the best way to calculate TDEE?

Find a calculator on the internet that considers your bf

Any suggestions

People overestimate how much muscle you lose even on a total fast. Cutting should be like Brannigan's law, hard and fast.

So a kg a week would be fine?

Like nofap's love?



Don’t do this OP you’ll lose too much muscle, a pound a week max

TDEE calculators are good for a general estimate, but the amount of data you input is very limited and the results have a fair margin for error.

The most accurate way to calculate your TDEE is to track all your meals, exercise and bodyweight (at the same time of day, preferably in the morning) over an extended period, obviously the longer, the better.

A timespan of a month should give you accurate numbers. If you lost weight, take that as 3500 cal/lbs into account, gaining weight should be somewhat similar.

This will give you your TDEE much more accurately than any calculator ever will.


This is the pussy option. Get snake hugo and fast for 7 days take three days on and fast for a another 7 and boom you're done

Fake news unless you're under 12bf you won't lose any strength

Whatever you say brainlet

Kg a week is possibly a tad fast

We already know that the body does not consume muscle while fasting, so why are you guys so afraid? Unless you are already an extremely buff guy and have to keep fueling your shit loads of muscle, you will not lose any muscle mass

So a kg a week is fine then? Very confused


Yes, unlike other people I provide some some backup on my claims
idmprogram dot com part 14 they address this question

My bad it's part 15

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Right looks sciency enough, I buy it

Drastically changing your weight is terrible for you, should only be done once if obese.

Only if you are fasting, if you are calorie restricting you will destroy everything.

I only want to lose 6-8 pounds


The point is that bulking and cutting is stupid and bad for you.

But since that is not so drastic, just do an indeterminate fast, 5-7 days.

I don't think you will destroy everything, but it's way way better to fast then to make your body cling for calories and never entreting fat burning mode

OP don’t do this if you want to lose all your muscle

Stop spreading misinformation

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So you’re saying I can lose 3kg if I fast for a week?

No nigga, I'm saying that you can fast (and lower bf) without worrying about losing muscle mass

How quickly does fat tend to fall off on a fast?

I have no idea

Depends on how fat you are and how previously fucked your endrocrine system was. Also, don't drink coffee.

>Also, don't drink coffee.


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Around 16 percent bf

It's 100% shit for you in just about every way and very little of it has to do with the caffeine.


as to your question O - your deficit will depend on your cut length. you can do extreme deficits for a week or 2 in a mini-cut without the body feeling like needs to start giving up muscle. if you plan on dieting for more than a month, 0.5-1% of bodyweight is best - any more presents measurement difficulties and is needlessly drawn out, and any more for that length of time is risking muscle loss that could have been avoided otherwise.

[citation needed]

You lose no muscle while fasting so suffer needlessly with extreme caloric deficits? You will just feel always hungry

He has no evidence for his no coffee shit.

He's parroting an unemployed canadian manlet like a good little cult member

>We already know that the body does not consume muscle while fasting

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if this is the best way of cutting then why are bodybuilders not doing it?

hard cuts are fine for short periods. not eating anything at all is a FANTASTIC way of having shitty workouts, lifting piss weights, and losing strength and muscle.

i'd like to see your evidence. some chart made by some nobody isn't evidence.

No coffee is for healthmaxxing, not just fat loss.

Because they are on a huge amount of anabolics and don't want to accidentally cannibalize their own organs probably.

oh look, it's the old "no because steroids" argument.

there is no drug that will beat proper dieting, proper training or proper recovery. if you're eating and sleeping like shit, drugs will not be effective.

the only guys i've ever seen who are into fasting are the always the ones who want that hot new way of doing X and Y because some twat on the internet said so. never seen anyone ripped or strong who is a champion of fasting and i probably never will.

post evidence

thing is its very hard to fuck up proper dieting training or recovery so big boy doses of gear still seperates you from the massse

>very hard to fuck up proper dieting or recovery
holy kek, stop. you need to educate yourself, it's very obvious from your posts that you really have no idea about cutting weight

Bodybuilders are not taking dosages even close to what amateurs are taking, they are taking grams of the stuff daily and most of them unironically have test in the 30000 ng/dl range. I'm pretty sure if they refrained from eating it would nitrogenize their organs due to the massively increased protein synthesis.

>I'm pretty sure

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Nobody's tried it, so I don't actually know.

Nobody's tried it because it's fucking retarded.

Yes I agree, taking grams of anabolics and not eating would be really stupid and possibly fatal, hence why nobody's tried it.

Not eating period is fucking retarded

>gook makes some videos telling people not to eat
>people actually listen
why is it that, when mountains of evidence exist for something, the alternative route needs only the slightest hint of validation and then people jump on it as the superior route?

seriously, what is the name of this phenomenon? because it's happening right now ITT

Now see, there's quite a lot of research on that, most of which proves your statement to be very inaccurate.

Fasts are the only way I cut now, seriously fuck eating below maintenance for fucking months like a cuck, I can literally fast 10 days, lose like 2 reps on my bench press and 11lbs of pure body fat, not to mention the hypothetical gains I get not spending 5x as long cutting.

Don't let /fast/ hear that kind of talk

>11lbs in 10 days
that's called water. i lost 16lbs in about 2 weeks last time i did a hard cut and at least 10 of it was water because i'm not a retard who doesn't know how to diet

Don't drink coffee during prolonged fasts because your cortisol is fucking redlining and you want to do everything in your power to keep it as low as possible. For me, I eat ketogenically for three days prior to fasting so I'm already in ketosis when I start, after that I can literally do my entire cut in one go


not an argument. time restricted eating is by just about all accounts incredibly healthy.

enjoy zero test

Yeah you're fucking dumb as shit though hey

t. guy who's never dieted for a shiw

prolly just a dude who bought into the hottest new diet meme

If you have a lean physique, post it and tell us what you do
If not, continue your shitposting

post your fasted, shredded physique my dude
Anything under 48hrs is fine if you're not DYEL
Anything over 48hrs if fine if you're really fat

>losing 100-250g of lean mass a day
no thanks

Quads confirms user's opinion
go back to your containment general

A screenshot of somebody's website absolutely does not qualify as evidence.