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how does one get into the dating game? or else you're all just idiots in the mirror getting older

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Go to a party you fucking loser.

how can I get in a party as a loser?

every party needs a pooper that's why we invited you

Stalling in my bulk so I'm thinking of eating 5 eggs a day and drinking at least half a gallon of milk a day, is this sustainable for a couple months?

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21 years old. Aiming for Fronk mode.

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Noob here. Could I get a bodyfat estimate? I did the navy seal bodyfat test and got 17%

If there is top down lighting I can see my abs quite a bit better.

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6’2 245 in pic. Down 35 lbs from 280 in January, continuing to cut until 225~ or whenever I look like I’m under 14%. I think I’m around 20% right now.

S: 500
B: 405
D: 645

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wow that was fucking slick dude, nice

Could I get a body fat estimate? I’m thinking around 10% but I’m not sure...5’11 175lbs

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Good estimate I’d say. How about me? (I asked above)

Trying to bulk but im still a lengthlett.

148lb 5’9 Manlet 185 bench 200 squat 300 diddly 19 yrs old

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17 sounds right. could be less. you have a very wide torso that gives the illusion of fat but i dont see much subcutaneous fat on you.

absolute fookin gorilla m8. scary guy.

id say 10 or 11. nice shoulder:waist ratio. sculpture genetics. no homo

nice biceps boi

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190 lbs

currently started my cut

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Bodyfat is somewhere between 5% and 50%. Who gives a fuck, just eat and lift. You got the build for some insane fridgemode.

>Spinal Injury.
>At the time I was 190-200. I'd walk 2-4 miles to and from work and bus stops daily. (for work)

>God damn sciatica blows. Feels like your body is on fire at timws then suddenly a charlie horse.
Or like a rando nerve spasm and you wanna punch holes through walls.

Managed to keep my weight from rising through light exercise.
working on losing weight for the sake of my spinal injury.

>Down the line my leg just gave under me. Sprained my knee.

>Sprained knee put me out of business. (october - February)
>Fucking go to the doctor. Tell me I weight 230.
I damn near cry from disappoint.

Ask my boyfriend to help me lose weight. Don't take me out to eat. if we do I get smaller portions.

>Cut my portions, walk when I can.
(the pain I deal with, sometimes I need a cane to get out of bed.)

>(Last two weeks of February)
>I walk normally enough. Knee is better.
Spine still fucked.

>But I've gone back down to 200.
I know it's only 30 pounds of weight loss but I'm so excited.

>I really want to get to 175 as my next goal.

I know I can do it and that's what makes me so fucking happy right now.

Being 25 years old living with Sciatica blows but I'm hopeful.

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Is this post some kind of literary experiment?

Good job man. Stick with it.

Posted last thread before it got archived and someone called BS on me being 200lbs, do i really look that small?

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Lol am I Kylo ren mode?

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Shit tier posterior delts, work on em

forever mirin


5'7 170 goblin can anyone this size tell me if 5lbs less is gonna make a noticeable difference or should i try for 160

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McKenzie exercises and very light not to failure compound lifts

just cut until you're happy with how you look

jokes on you I never get invited to parties hahaha who’s the loser now?

lipomastia is the term

it's like puffy nipples, but if I touch them or it is very cold they get hard and look pretty good. It is acutally pretty common

What a fucking imbecile dyel soiboi. I eat 6 eggs a day when im cutting.

U look short bro how tall r u?

Yeah... U need to cut... U will look like a beast

Holy fuck you are literally me but with worse chest and better abs. You just gave me so much hope for the abs defition

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I've been feeling good lately, still DYEL as fuck but I'm motivated as hell

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Been lifting for 6 months on a deficit, worked my way out of fatmode, somewhere between skinnyfat and bear atm.

Is there even a way for me into ottermode if i keep cutting and lifting, or should i just embrace my inherent bearmode?

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On a bulk currently, my chests is lagging, anything else? Critique pls

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Just started a much needed cut, at 165lbs/5'6
Looking to cut down to 150lbs, aiming for 1800kcals but I may have to reduce it further

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very aesthetic

Why not
You only live once brah

Kinda pumped on a pic

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arms look decent, it's hard to critique your physique if you're wearing a shirt
keep cutting, there's lots of fat still there to lose
eat more and keep lifting, do incline db press if you don't already
don't drop your calorie intake too drastically when you start a cut, do it gradually and your stomach will adapt to your new diet


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Nice try manlet

5'10 202lbs

Do I look epic?

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I've got a shitty core so I hate being shirtless.
I just wanna make it

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You look okay but I'm pretty sure you'd look DYEL at less bf%

Absolute ape mode. Merlin

you look good man, obviously you don't have a six pack but I definitely wouldn't be embarrassed over it

>5'11 175lb somewhere between 15-20% BF who tf knows
>too skinnyfat to bulk without getting fat
>too dyel to cut without reverting to spooky skelly
Time to try a recomp I guess

Cut or bulk thru summer and build more mass before cutting

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82 kg
Baywatch mode

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guess this is just body dysmorphia, you know how it can get when you don't look like a comic book hero. I want to cut for summer cause I'm gonna be heading to the beach but I really want to get bigger and stronger so I don't know what to do.
Bulk or cut?

Why do u only train 4 of ur abs? You should train all 8

are you more concerned about having abs for summer? then cut, otherwise bulk

Say I'm heading to the beach in July/August, does anyone know when I should start cutting? I'd love to cut to about 10% but I don't really know if that's the right idea

you should have started last month

230 6'3, 21 y/o. Cutting for first show I think. Physique .

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6' 180 lbs

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how are the roids working out for you?

Pretty fucking good , helps me handle my depression, keeps me focused.

6'2 210lbs

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estimated bodyfat? I am 6'1 and weigh 168 lbs, and you look way bigger

ape mode activated

5’9 160 lbs natty but prob don’t need to mention that

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>”Are you an innie or an outie?”
>I can’t tell
How is his bellybutton so fucking shallow, user is confirmed test tube creation.

Idk I'm probably around 10%. Maybe 9 on a good day.

12 lbs of muscle can go a long way though so of course I look bigger than you.

>those fucking wrists

t. wristlet

18yo, 5’7” 140lbs
>at least I’m not a framelet

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Hello guys. I started 3 weeks ago. I gained 4 kgs already. Isn't it too much? Shoud I add cardio?

Th-that frame...

No leg mode

I guess so. Nice, I'm also prone to this lean type of physique so your body is a nice goal. How long did it take you approximately?

user is a confirmed rightie, you gotta start switching hands.

Have you ever been in an Institution? Cells.

5/2" 103lbs
too lazy to take a better picture

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fuck man im sorry

I have never been in an institution, what is this “cells” you reference?

I'll never be a beautiful Amazonian Stacey goddess

Manlet here

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Around 9 month of inconsistent lifting, still doing SS.
65 kgs/172 cm.

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Current body on left doing bro split for my first 5 months

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lmao, you have stats of someone who first tried lifting.


180cm 70 -> 80kg


you just got fatter maybe try lifting next time.

Do some strength programm first, then do whatever the hell you want.

You are exagerating. I doubt people in average start by benching 60k kg.

I mean I was benching his deadlift after 2 months on brosplit and weighting less than him. Program doesn't matter as long as you try hard.

>tfw manlet (5'10)
>tfw over 10% BF
>tfw weak
>tfw umbilical hernia so can't work deads or squat
>tfw cutting
>tfw i want it to end

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