How do you feel when this kid is more in shape than most of you fags?

How do you feel when this kid is more in shape than most of you fags?

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fuck off with that shit, faggot

>seeing abs means youre in shape
i would love to see this kid try to bench 1pl8

i've splattered diarrhea with bigger morsels than this twink

10/10 would rape

I'd feel good because I like it when people are fit.

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true but still being lean is most important

why do i look twink legs so much? Im straight but i love them long feminine legs. reminds me of victoria secret models

>being lean is most important

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Who cares how much you bench or deadlift. These are stats you tell people that lift. Looking lean af for normies and for most people will mean you lift a lot even if you dont. Remember social gains mean as much as the gain you make at the gym and having a sick body at the beach will help you. Having a bloatmaxxx body while benching the earth willl give you none.

I think you are biased because you are fat by default. Being skinny isn't better. I'd rather be a fat, social party animal than a skinny wallflower.


this is what an average european looked like in ancient greece, there's nothing especial about this.. he just doesn't spend all day in front of a computer like every other modern man.

I don't know why but you people have such a stupid view of what the human body is supposed to be like you think looking like this guy is something worth of praise, look at my picture, that's leonardo davinci, and it's a self portrait.

Just don't be chronically sedentary, don't eat sugar and do some small manual labour here and there and you're good, jeez.

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>Leonardo da Vinci
>Ancient Greece
>That's a self portrait
bro this post is wrong on so many fucking levels how did you even do this

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Aesthetics. Your fat powerlifters look like shit even though they can lift tons.

That has to be bait, you can't be THAT wrong.

>me on the right

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damn, she looks like THAT?


It's really not if you have no muscle. Lean + no muscle will have less definition than >15%bf + muscle.

being lean + a tiny bit of muscle > fat/chubby but super strong if you're after grills

is it just a random creeper photo
or is the guy a competitive swimmer or something

10/10 user

Kek. Saved卍

top kek
came looking a reference to Pablo and my expectations were overcomed

Has she stopped lifting?

How do I get my skin tone like this?

he's got some chest and shoulders but this looks like tanned and skinny to me
I was skinny as a kid and had an 8 pack not working out at all.

Comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy user. Be happy with yourself by always striving for a better you

>no middle ground between twink and bloat
>not looking so jacked people assume you bench 4-5 plates if you feel like it
>assuming everyone here is sitting around dreaming of ways to talk to girls

Anyone have that pic of the gay olympic swimmer? For educational purposes...

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I bet the the skin on his beck smells fantastic, especially when he is getting fucked. I would fill up his intestine with weeks worth of my sperm, reassuring in the process my physical dominance.

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You could always just cut and look much better than the former guy

Love me some cute twink ass

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everyone should be healthy.
i'm in a race against myself, nit some random kid

(Post more)

>b& for this
was it really worth it?

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he won't be posting more for a while

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i dont understand the attraction, it doesn,t look like a man, and it doesn't look like a woman. why do you like it

I doubt anyone has a static IP and doesn't know how to proxy though.

Probably the androgyny? Tomboys are also great, just not gay as fuck.


I would love to suck his cock.

>can't see deleted posts
Look at him and laugh.

in general there's kind of a threshold. Past, say, zyzz tier leanness and muscle mass it doesn't add much to your attractiveness to women, nor does it subtract, unless of course you're after a powerlifting woman. So if you want to get huge do it for yourself.

>tfw I could easily overpower this boy and rape his ass