Redpill me on Cross/fit/

Redpill me on Cross/fit/.

Is this really as terrible as the viral gifs would have us believe?

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It's only popular with women and soyboys

Crossfit is the reason your local commercial gym even had a squat rack.

You only see the worst of the worst. Cross fit is fine if the coach has some knowledge. You won't get jacked, but you can help your mobility and probably explosive strength. Probably has more athletic benefit to it than any strength gains desu. Never done it so this is just from what I've seen

It's great if you want to increase your chance of injury by 500% for absolutely no benefit other than "I'm having fun while working out with meme excercises done in shitty form! lel XD"

crossfitters are a bunch of cunts

Just take a look at the average clientele. If a gym contains mostly out of shape middle aged women and no one lifting anything above babyweight stay the fuck away
Goes for any gym

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There are rare ones with a decent setup. Not ideal but people like being part of a group.

The rest are examples of a program actually being worse than no activity because of the injury rate.

I've been going to gyms well before CF became popular and I've never seen one that didn't have a squat rack.

>tfw you dont know this feel
my local gym doesnt have a squat rack ;_;

But they recently increased the number of racks and platforms, right?

Don't take this the wrong way, but do you visit a gym in a low-income area? The common theory is that crossfit (along with sites like reddit and generally more access to information) has led the more informed consumer (which generally means higher IQ and hence higher income) to want less machines and more free weights in a gym. So the higher income the area, the less machines

It's a good way to hurt yourself. The point is usually to use weights to do cardio, in theory it isn't a bad idea but your form quality is the first thing to go when you're aiming to increase rep quantity.

if you have a good coach (ie one who was an oly coach before being a crossfit coach) you can achieve a high level of fitness and endurance

but you'll still be small, unless you roid

>do you visit a gym in a low-income area
this is actually a gym that specializes in high incom areas. They have a members cap to prevent it from being crowded so I cant even visit it atm. But then again they doesnt have a squat rack so it doesnt matter.

Yes. My school's gym has an area where Crosshit is allowed and a studio where women go and do meme female exercises that seemed akin to it. I literally see backbreaking tier form and exercises on the regular. They tried to take that shit to the university's pool but fortunately it was on my off day so I didn't have to share the water with those cretins.

bitches and betas do it because it gives them a sense of community and being "a badass" well until they destroy their rotator cuff or knee

>So the higher income the area, the less machine
literal imbecille

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Hey guys so i don't give a fuck about crossfit to be honest it's pretty meme, but I like me a wheyfu are there a lot of wheyfus that do cross fit thinking of joining one just for like once a week to get me a wheyfu excellent place for the high-T Chads who post here to pick up puss?

If you like fridges then go on ahead.

can't tell if bait or just retarded

Don't look at instagram, look at the photos from actual crossfit gyms. 95% of women there look worse than women at your regular gym like Gold's

Anyone remotely big on CF is on steroids, no exceptions. I've met this fat chick on tinder, she was bragging about doing a 350lbs diddly, i guess its a lot for women but she is 200+lbs and does var.

Just think about the level of mental retardation of people involved in crossfit.

I remember that thread.

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i`ve been doing for the past month and i can tell you it's nothing like what Veeky Forums is saying

each movement follows almost the same pattern of moving your hips which also correlates to the movement pattern of oly lifts
people confuse this with exagerated momentum but it's actually hip power, something most people here doesn't have

everything has a progression and requires you to strengthen your core muscles and legs ir order to advance (not talking about kipping pull ups), you also increases your ankle, hips, and shoulder mobility gradually

endurance is key, all hiit workouts are pretty tough, all workouts requires you to slow down the next day and rest your CNS

The only real complaints i have is a lack of biceps exercises and lats exercises, but i know lats reduces your shoulder mobility and can fuck up snatches and cleans

also, front squat almost everyday

so basically oly with unnecessary acessories?
Seems retarded

it's not oly though, but it demands you to learn the principles of oly

if you want to oly just stick with it
if you want to learn how to do handstand walks, rings stuff, endurance and shit, then do crossfit

cult for shallow people

>>Replying on Veeky Forums
>>Cult for shallow people

That's a pretty big if


Anybody have a webm/gif of the girl with the dipping belt and I think 1pl8 trying to jump onto the pull up bar

Local gym has crossfit. They had a class last week while I was in the same room working out.

>50-50 girls guys
>tweenies with flashy bright colored outfits, UA/gymshark etc. all around, girls wearing makeup, half of the guys shirtless
>""trainers"" shouting instructions and blasting loud shitty music
>workout consists of rounds of doing alternating sets of 10 65lbs-jerks and 10 of those quarter-rep swinging pull-ups
>doing it as fast as possible is all that counts
>form is non-existant
>five people do this while the other ones shouts words of encouragement non-stop
>timer rings
>they applaud themselves
>group photo
>whiteboard filled with their "routine" and instagram tags

I'm not a bitter person usually but god damn these kind of people make me sick.

Crossfit seems like fitness for normies. Large group activity with attention-seeking exercises.

Sure the movements have progression but your raw strength progression will be fucking glacial compared to proper programming. It's got some fun stuff but if you have specific athletic goals outside of Crossfit it's pretty trash

When you see those kinds of people, think about what they would otherwise be doing and then internally congratulate them on not doing that.
Maybe even ask a few of them why they do CrossFit and how they got into it, then maybe convince them to get into a 5x5 if they genuinely want to get strong.

sure it doesn't follow a conventional strenght program, people just train, try their PR once, train for a couple months, and when they realize their PR is way higher than before

what people don't realize is that the volume in crossfit is really high, the number of reps makes you train your muscles despite the cheating technique, and the stronger you get the more reps you do and the volume increases as well (volume is the principal muscle growth driver)

You can check the Workout 18.4
it was overall 45 reps of 225lbs deadlift, 45 reps of handstand push ups then 45 reps of 315lbs deadlift and 150ft handstand walk

And this is a World Open workout, everybody around the world who wants can try it, not only the professional roided dudes
To be able to deadlift 45 reps of 225 and 45 reps of 315 you need to have a pretty strong PR of at least 500lbs.

Of course most people can't finish it in time (9min cap - the professional dudes make it under 7min), but it does shows that you get pretty strong doing crossfit, and i'm sure by the numbers here most here can't even finish the 45-225 lbs

And before people talk about form, if you do fuck up your form, you won't be able to finish the workout, form is crucial

It's really high intensity, not just on your muscles, but also on your joints (e.g., ligaments, tendons, cartilage). While working out to failure with low resistance is a thing for muscle workouts, you should never train to failure with your joints.

Muscles heal fast. They're usually back in action two days later at full strength.

Other tissues, not so much.

In most sports, you can be competitive if you train consistently for six months, because they depend things that you can adjust quickly:
Fit cardiac muscle
Fit skeletal muscle
High VO2 Max
High Lactic Acid Threshold

Crossfit does a lot of gymnastics style workouts that intentionally use disadvantageous form to increase resistance with body weight. In gymnastics, this is fine because progress is slower and there's more focus on safety and developing the necessary strength in all parts of the system behind your ability to move: muscles, ligaments, and tendons. There's a reason gymnasts start young and train for years. For example, in men's gymnastics, an Iron Cross on the still rings is a B level skill (on a scale of A to E, E high), and it takes a few YEARS to develop the tendon and ligament strength to do it. To Crossfit's credit though, I've never heard of them trying to push anything higher than A level skills. They do reach higher impact, though because they do them at high velocity and to failure instead of focusing on perfect form and letting speed follow when it can.


He's actually correct. Remember that rich people start the trends and the poor follow. Crossfit (along with Rippletits and Mehdi) has made barbell training the default again as opposed to the machines that dominated in the 80s and 90s.

All the same, using gymnastics style exercises under your own weight is appealing to both gender groups. Generalizing here, women like it because of the misconception that you will bulk up iff you lift heavy weights and men like it because of the misconception that more pain is better, and training to failure at high speed under your full body weight will do that. Finally, it appeals to everyone because it's convenient: you get your cardio and resistance training done all at once, and because everything hurts afterwards it simply must be effective.

The truth is that gains are earned at the gym, but made in the kitchen.

If you want to gain body control strength that you find in gymnasts, you want to do actual gymnastics or bodyweight fitness routines that are based on gymnastics progressions, instead of just using the same exercises. It'll take more dedication, but your joints will thank you and your results will ultimately be better. If you want a strong, efficient cardiopulmonary system, do cardio. If you want to get strong muscles use high resistance. If you want to get better endurance, use lower resistance for longer.

cute girls

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It's terrible, but it's also the best thing to happen to fitness in the past few decades. Crossfit basically saved Olympic lifting from dying in the US, and it made gyms buy squat racks and be cool with deadlifting and overhead lifts again.

Even 5-10 years ago, you can find forum posts about people who were yelled at for doing a standing barbell press! Nowadays, that would be unthinkable anywhere besides the most podunk shithole gym. Commercial gyms have bumpers ffs. As terrible as many Crossfit boxes are, you can thank them for the shift in attitude.

Damn this is all really retarded.
>if you do fuck up your form, you won't be able to finish the workout, form is crucial
Have you ever lifted a weight with good form before? That takes time, even Olympic weightlifters who focus on form religiously need time to set up.
Also to focus on volume solely is an incredibly myopic training philosophy and will not lead to a significant increase in strength.

>>Matched with a fat chick and intended to fuck her.


Better off to just go do some work on a farm.

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crossfit is awesome for meeting hot grills. holy fuck I did it for a year and a half in college and god damn...
as for fitness its okay. I actually really liked the flexibility and cardio I gained from it. its pretty much snap city else wise. I blew out my elbow pretty bad doing high rep snatches at 185lb.

I don't know about squat rack, but I keep a membership to my local globogym because it's cheap for plain access, and the hours are better than my lifting gym. Crossfit getting popular did make them add in 2 "olympic" platforms (they are actually just small DL rubber ones) and a bunch of rubber plates and shit. Before that, I think they had a no DL policy because they didn't want the crashing iron to scare the normies. They always had some kind of racks, don't know if they were smith or not. I didn't do free weights until after they remodeled, so I'm not sure.

Yeah look at this total soyboy.

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*results not typical
It's pretty much the same tier of having a geared bodybuilder advertising a bowflex acting like that's all you need to get that physique

every crossfitter that is roiding looks like someone natty after 2/3 years of lifting, and women become literally golems

>thinking this is achievable natty

So this what you look like if you roid and eat soy?

It's like you don't know what you are fucking talking about or something.

Its almost like anyone can look like they lift if they take steroids for a few years

>soy beard
>open mouth
>shades to hide obvious prey eyes

yeah no crosshit for me thanks

The memes are on the same level of the ones you get from normal gyms. Morons doing moron shit.

Many of the coaches actually care about your form and don't want a bunch of injured people suing them. The exercises are just high volume/time. It's good to lean you out since you don't lift heavy except occasionally. Your cardio will go through the roof. There are bad coaches and bad lifters. I'd say 80% are just fine, most keep an eye on HOW you lift. It has introduced a LOT of people to power lifting and free weight exercises. It's a fun atmosphere working out with a group. It's SUPER over priced. You will not get big with it.

Spoiler, most of the "pro" crossfit people do routines that have almost nothing to do with crossfit most days.

It's got some negatives (kipping pull ups) and quite a few positives. It hurts the fee fees of gym rats who wouldn't dare try anything new. But it's not the best way to spend your time if you're not already decently fit.

t.crossiftter for two years when I was tired of the same ol same ol at the gym.

I haven't done it in like 4 years though.

Oh's that easy...for some reason I thought you still had to work out while on roids...the things you learn

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Holy fuck Ive never seen it summed up as eloquently as this. I could never convey why I can't stand the people I know irl who do crossfit. This is it exactly.

>he said posting on Veeky Forums and going to the gym where bros mire themselves in the mirror and the girls internally scream "look at me in my tight spandex."

Nice brain you have.

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if you're not going to the gym full headset never staring at anything but the bar you are probably the brainlet. If you are distracting yourself at the gym you'll never make it.

Nice faggot cope that literally makes no sense. Try to think logically for once in your pathetic fat boy teenage life.

>replying with nothing but ad hominem

come on now user, you sound like a crossfitter

Implying ad hominen isn't a valid response to moronic statements. Also, nice reddit meme, retard.

look at his fucking traps
there is no way anyone could achieve that natty

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>handstand walks
fuck me, I've always wanted to do shit like that. If I can't just find a gymnastics thing I'll have to look into this. Thanks, user

You're fucking retarded.
Point out a single natural "famous" crossfiter.

They don't exist.

good point, i take that back

i worded it badly. I meant to say crossfitters that roid look like absolute shit and even a natty can look better

I know there is plenty of evidence showing that it's been beat before, but the crossfit games has a pretty aggressive drug testing protocol from a quick look at the site. How do you really beat it? Did this guy juice for a few years and then take a year off and lie? I'm still a natty, and don't compete, so I don't really know anything about that stuff.

>but the crossfit games has a pretty aggressive drug testing protocol
there is no way they have the resources to come even 25% as close to how expensive and stringent the olympics drugs testing is and the olympics is PACKED with PED users
its just cycling. you get on the juice and then get off the juice a month or however long it takes before the actual games so your piss is clean
either that or they use old steroids that they don't test for anymore (like tbol was used in sochi games i believe)

>taking anything but discussions about fitness on Veeky Forums seriously

UFC too
every fighter is on the juice but only 1-2 get caught every now and then because they fucked something up
and the UFC tosses tons of dosh at drug testing

I know the olympics has people that get by, but I'd always assumed when you have the science and resources of a nation behind you, it's a lot easier to beat the testing then if you are some random semi professional guy doing this while on PTO from Hobby Lobby or some shit.

all countries probably do the state sponsored doping like russia fair enough
regardless UFC is still a great example

My only time in a box was a total cliche
>walk in 8pm on a week night
>the only common denominator was 4-6/10 Asian women; everyone else just seemed like a normal sample of people
>ring bell at desk
>wait 5 minutes
>5/10 Asian girl walks by
>are you waiting for someone
>yea, is anyone working the desk right now? I’d like to talk about joining
>I’ll see if I can get someone
>6’3” ~210 pound guy rolls up; wearing a beanie and one of those large beards that is so popular among city folk these days
>hey do you have a couple minutes to talk about membership?
>*looks at watch* I’ve got 1:30
>cool. I’m user and I’m thinking of joining the g-
>did you email?
>just sign up through email
>oh, I called but no one returned my call
>email is better
>ok. What I was wondering is, can I join the gym but just kind of work out on my own? I’m not really interested in the classes
His face became somewhat contorted at this point
>no. You have to be in a class. There might be 30 minutes of free gym (is this fucking preschool?) on Sunday afternoons
>ok. Thanks anyway.

Still pushing the injury meme like it's 2014 I see.

I know you’re trying to sound like a smartass but you’re just revealing how much of a dumbass you are. There have been studies proving that steroids alone will make you bigger/stronger than a natty training efficiently for the same period of time.

crossfit is branded circuit training which is very good for you

I only base my assumption on the stipulation that repeated use of poor form leads to injuries and CrossFit is where poor form is the norm.

>"Do you mind if I come in to the yoga studio and do p90x?"


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Studies huh...good to know..Don't think I would have believed you unless there had been studies. Please tell me more.

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"The group that took testosterone without exercise gained just as much, if not more, muscle mass than the people taking a placebo and actually working out."

Roids are magic. This chick working out at my gym started taking var+test and in like 6 months she was getting shredded with huge legs/shoulders/arms/trap while doing meme lifts with baby weight, for like half an hour max. She doesn't even train arms or traps and her arm is big and veiny as fuck. Her traps are popping out of her shoulders.

I don't think that's right.

Lol brainlet, btfo.

Lance Armstrong never once tested positive

Not even once

It's overpriced for what it is because you are paying the hipster tax. It's a good program for any regular jerk off that wants to be "in shape". You aren't going to be stronk (functional strength is a meme). jacked, shredded, or anything else like if you focus on other things. The other major issue with it is that there are so many bad trainers, and so many noobs doing it, they can't accurately asses how bad the coaches are. There's a lot of money to be made in coaching crossfit, so it draws people that don't actually have a passion for it.

Functional strength

The 'crossfit' that the people in the games do is fucking great.
The shit they teach at local box's is just exercising until you are tired.

It really depends on the people at your local place. Some people have legit training and certifications, some are idiots. Just like personal trainers.

He asked to use the equipment outside of a class.
Not if he could set up a boxing ring and start trying to fight the asian ladies.

Lesbian cute girls. Women who are into crossfit are interested in women. Sorry bro.

Digits confirm.

Hypothetically combining Olympic lifts, cardio and gymnastics could result in a good style of training

In reality CrossFit is marketed to people who follow trends and don't go to the gym
So this leads to stupid gimmicks, ridiculous fees and a high rate of injuries from housewives trying to do Olympic lifts they dont understand as fast as possible

>Learn the principles of oly

Good joke user